USB Mounting Achieved on Galaxy Nexus; High Praise for Battery Life Due [Forum Talk]

With much of the world still without the Galaxy Nexus, many of us want to hear as much as we can about the phone. A couple of tidbits have sprung up from the official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release thread at

First up, Paul from MoDaCo, the same guy who brought us the ever-so-useful UI tweaks, has achieved USB Mounting. This will allow you to plug up many things to your Galaxy Nexus using a microUSB male to USB female cable, including wireless mice and keyboards as well as flash drives.

This sort of functionality is oft-desired on tablets and it’s no less cool on phones, especially if you plan on hooking yours up to a TV or monitor and using it as a makeshift PC of sorts (though the MHL port wouldn’t be available for HDMI mirroring). [Twitter via]

Secondly, Joshua Topolsky from The Verge has been using his Galaxy Nexus and has something very promising to report regarding its battery life. He says on a pretty heavy day of usage he was able to squeeze out 17 hours of battery life and still have about 13% left.

While battery life depends on whoever’s using their phone and how much they’re using it, it sounds very promising. If you already have the Galaxy Nexus be sure to tell us how battery life is working out for you. []

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  • Timbo1

    Cool, of course battery life will be better on GSM and HSPA+ over LTE, so it will be interesting to see the battery life on Verizon…….once the bozos there finally release it.

  • Mr_Incognit0

    This is great! Now come to the US…

  • sc0rch3d

    it may just be too early in the morning for me to get this…. :) how does USB mounting help achieve a long battery life? or is this 2 different tidbits posted in 1 article?

    • Big R

      2 tidbits in one article.  The USB tidbit is in regards to external storage for things like music and movies (my opinion). 

  • sado

    Aren’t Logitech mouses using bluetooth? If that wasn’t Paul, that could even be fake then :D Also, isn’t the proper name for that functionality “USB host”, not “USB mounting”?

  • David Mathisen

    Why does “Paul” have such a girly mouse?

    • John


    • YourLittleBrother

      Your mom gives them out.

  • veccster

    I love the option to use a usb mouse and keyboard.  I have a microsoft combo that uses one dongle for both.  It’s large and not portable but I’m hoping to win that Logitech keyboard offered up yesterday!

    If only LogMeIn could figure out how to enable the use of a keyboard and mouse….

  • Big R

    Battery life without 4G LTE is useless.

    • selonmoi

      Only if you choose a carrier with a crappy 3G network (which you somehow managed to convince yourself was good until they launched LTE).

      • NotRelevent

        You do know that (at least in the States anyway) the majority of the country is still 3G right? So that could go for pretty much any carrier? 

        • lordofthereef

          I think you missed the point here.

  • Guillermo Martinez

    It kinda cool to see using a mouse and keyboard on your smartphone. I really do hope that Samsung Galaxy Nexus will not fail consumers with its reported extended battery life.

  • Longboardandroid

    “Secondly, Joshua Topolsky from The Verge has been using his Galaxy Nexus
    and has something very promising to report regarding its battery life.
    He says on a pretty heavy day of usage he was able to squeeze out 17
    hours of battery life and still have about 13% left.”
    I believe it’s just two things in one article but hey new info is new info!

    • abqnm

      lol Would you rather have a new article ever time another G-Nex story comes up?  Condensed is fine with me.

  • Jbo

    Yeah that’s definitely USB hosting not mounting. USB mounting would be either mounting the device’s internal storage to an external device such as a PC, or mounting a removable storage device such as a flash drive to the phone.

  • John

    QK – the article was clear as mud.  is the USB hosting plug and play ready out of the box or did the user have to tweak something? “achieved” seems to imply there was some effort involved.

    • Jdog25

      This +100

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Well I didn’t see anything on his forum and he didn’t mention any specifics. Just posted a quick pic. Not sure if he had to do anything special.

    • Kane Dudley

      Hi John.

      Just looking at the phone, it seems to be running some custom ROM or ‘tweak’ as you can see the Search button at the base of the screen. (much more likely to be a tweak but meh, thought I’d mention it…)

    • cas_e

      It’s a custom kernel to have USB hosting. It’s on XDA and probably the MoDaCo forums as it was Paul who made it.

  • Hopeisfleeting

    ” If you already have the Galaxy Nexus be sure to tell us how battery life is working out for you.”
    Also if you already have the Galaxy Nexus go F yourself.


    • killik

      I will receive mine Friday #yeahIAmAnAss

      • Jdog25

        I “should” have mine on next Wednesday from Handtec.

        • tsunami1609

          When did you order yours from them? I ordered one from them yesterday and I don’t have a date yet.

          • Jdog25

            Saturday, I have been reading their blog and emailing them. With their new ship dates and with the option I picked for shipping then mine should be here on that day. I am updating all this info on here:

          • Hopeisfleeting

            You lucky sons of bitches are days away from getting your phones while I sit here getting Sanduskied by Verizon. Just isn’t fair.

          • Bill Siembida

            but they are getting the 16gb and paying way more for it , and its on a slower network . i would rather wait 2 weeks and get the 32gb on vzw and have donload speeds of 16 and up speeds of 6 mbs like im getting on my htc rezound 

          • Jdog25

            Not that much faster and we haven’t heard about how fast they work on T-mobile yet. Here is some light reading about Verizon’s LTE:


    • Jdog25


    • Chris Sullivan


      I am thinking about buying over seas and running it on either AT&T or T-Mo

  • Days Inn

    Mirror the Nexus Prime, then Ill be impressed.

    • Jdog25

      What do you mean?

  •!/psychomaniac189 psychomaniac189

    battery life also depends on carrier

    • Jdog25

      Yeah Josh is using it on 3G+ and I’m sure LTE will kill that battery a lot faster.

  • brent awe

    “Secondly, Joshua Topolsky from …. ”

    “notice the “secondly,”  which in writing is refered to as a segway, used to change from one topic to the next.  weird.  If you want to either critique or flat out bash the article, theres an above poster who was more on the right track, as to not enough detail about “mounting”, and also that mounting, in terms of linux which android is based on, more means to mount a storage device so that your device can access it logically, and this, rather, is more along the “usb hosting” lines.Write on, Quentynn.

    • ozyman666

      Well, it’s segue. A Segway is a two-wheeled vehicle.

    • Cipher Zero

      It’s “segue”, not “segway”. Segway is a two wheeled self-balancing personal transport device.

      • WrinkledForeskin

        1 T (tesla)+D->n(14.1 MeV (megaelectronvolts))+alpha(3.5 MeV (megaelectronvolts))

        • Cipher Zero

          Actually, D is deuterium, T is Tritium. It represents a binary nuclear reaction involving deuterium-tritium fusion which releases a neutron at 14.1 MeV, and an alpha particle (simply put – a helium nucleus – two protons and two neutrons) at 3.5MeV. I’ve used this screen name on and off since the 1990s as an inside joke among some friends, and it somewhat stuck. A few old college buddies use Disqus, so I use this”name” sometimes.

  • J Dub

    Is this on wifi? 3G? 4G?

    • Jdog25

      He has the HSPA+ model aka 3G+. He also reported that while in the same areas he gets up to 2.5mbps data on the iPhone 4s(same) and his Nexus is getting up to 5.5mbps while on AT&T. I am sure that T-mobile will be faster because I have been getting 5.5mbps since I had the Nexus One and that was a regular 3G phone.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    So does this mean we’ll be able to use the phone as a USB mass storage device?

    • selonmoi


      • NotRelevent

        …but with proper software USB Mass Storage devices can be connected to it if it works like my Xoom does.

  • fluffy

    Of course Bluetooth mice and keyboards have been supported in Android forever. I really wish people would just buy Bluetooth instead of encouraging manufacturers to keep with their proprietary locked-in standards.

  • Aaron soles

    Well since they seem to emphasize on folding in the pic maybe this could be a new EVO tablet/phone that can fold to fit in your pocket or fold to a tablet then phone.

  • Jdog25

    Crawl back in your hole and die b*tch!


    I’m getting around 10 hours of moderate use out of mine, it’s such a beautiful phone.

  • Viper

    Battery life isn’t the best – but i blame the OS for that – when u have no wifi/bluetooth/synching on and you keep the phone on stand by my phone discharged only 10-15% in 2.5-3 days. As soon as I start my services the phone doesnt last even 10 hrs even though I talk on it for 5-10 mins.


    I had a Nexus S before this and I find the battery life to be a big improvement. Partial down to new battery i guess but im sure its still better by quite a bit.

    Also, has anyone managed to use the HML yet? any vids of it rigged up to a HD tv?

  • Ryan Suos

    Is the Galaxy Nexus coming out for T-Mo? I’ve been holding off on getting teh SGSII

  • izi

    How cool is that?!!!

  • Ash Elsayid

    Just got my Galaxy Nexus today…Using it on T-mobiles network. DAMN i love this phone. All that really sucks is the lack of a proper way to transfer files between a computer & the phone…..