Sprint Event on January 10th (CES) Being Held to Unveil Something


Sprint has something new up their sleeves and they’re gearing up to showcase whatever it is. Media outlets have begun receiving invitations to an exclusive event on January 10th, 2011, the day CES kicks off. There’s no telling what they’ll be showing over a month from now but we’ll have a hell of a fun time guessing. Leave your thoughts on what they’ll be announcing in the comments section below.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully it has something to do with the Galaxy Nexus on an improved network that can go through a building.

  2. “EVO 4X” with a Qualcomm S4 chip.

  3. The galaxy nexus will be old news by then. I’m guessing a new EVO with LTE

    1. i hope you’re right.. but i think thats coming in the summer time. 

    2. I would still get one regardless. I want to try the Google Experience and don’t really want to wait another year for that to happen. It’s been months and the 3VO still doesn’t have a solid AOSP version.

    3. It might be one of the inbetween Evos, like the Shift or something, but I doubt they’ll put out the Evo 3.  

    4. Nexus won’t be old news until the next Nexus. Sadly, nothing can compare, because all the rest come with bloatware and manufacturer skins. I guess there is always the root option, but for people that use the phones as they are, the anything less than Nexus shouldn’t even be called Android. 

      Maybe with a quad core and 2gb of memory htc sense will finally run smoothly without UI reloads every time you close an app??!?! Doubtful.

  4. Short of actual 4G coverage, there is nothing they could announce to excite me.

  5. Galaxy Nexus on their new LTE network … or EVO 4Q LTE

  6. Something with a keyboard, please! I’m dying over here for a new high end QWERTY!

  7. QUAD CORE!!!

    1. Reminds me of the new Transformer’s folding screen cover.

  8. Better coverage, I’m dying Sprint I need better speeds!

      1. hmm thanks a lot

  9. Galaxy Nexus? LOL! I wouldn’t touch a Galaxy Nexus in mid January. By that time HTC will have a none hardware button unit coming designed for Ice Cream Sandwich that will blow that Samsung away.

    1. If that’s true, it will have HTC skin over the ICS, making the whole thing worthless. HTC’s determination to put Sense on everything these days is getting irritating. After going through the nightmare that is the HTC Sensation, i’m not sure i’d ever buy an HTC phone again.

  10. its going to be the ZTE tablet…..

  11. The dates for the first 4g LTE rollout, plus a few 4g LTE devices including the galaxy nexus, evo LTE, and possible be the first carrier to offer iphone4g. I could care less about the iphone, but it would be a major announcement, as it would bring even more customers to sprint.

    1. And their 4G LTE will probably be as fast as every other carriers 3G.

      1. Drink haterade much?

        1. When I’m surrounded by towers and get a max dl speed of 300k on a good day, yeah. Best thing I ever did was tell Sprint to kiss my ass, pay the fee and go to a provider that actually works. 

  12. “Media outlets have begun receiving invitations to an exclusive event on
    January 10th, 2011”
    This date has passed. “)

    1. yea these guys are terrible with typos lol 

  13. Quentyn, did Phandroid get an invite to this event?  Don’t you guys only get invited to events if it’s android related?

      1. Cool.  Well, now I’m excited.  It would be great if it were the Galaxy Nexus with LTE.

  14. They already got the iphone 4s

  15. LTE network and Galaxy Nexus

    1. Get real.  Galaxy Nexus will be old hat by January.  

      I suspect HTC will announce some kind of Nexus killer that will first be on Sprint. However in Sprint/HTC fashion, it won’t actually be released until June.

  16. Kyocera Echo 2 – now with 3 screens!!!

  17. lte, lte, lte…

  18. It’s a new phone with an old school rotary dial

  19. Samsung Galaxy Note (probably named something else) with LTE.  

  20. Probably to announce LTE launch date, then follow it up with announcement of no more unlimited data n switching to tiered plans. Sprints already screwed me enough, so this wouldn’t suprise me

    1. lte us “”””””supposed”””””” (did I use enough air qoutes?) to be launched 2nd quarter of 2012 so that seems possible, however here in good old indianapolis we are getting skipped on 4g altogether by this big fuck up with clear wire. I should have signed on with att…. the only thing that keeps me here is my evo 3d…(also fuck the iphone.)

  21. HTC Evo 4D…. Now with Time Travelling Feature…

  22. More than likely it will be a combination of the LTE and also the ipad2 on sprint. The iPad is fairly likely since they just added the iPhone.

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