Dolphin Browser 7.0 Brings Dolphin Connect, Smoother Interface


Our friends at Dolphin have updated their Android browser to version 7.0. The biggest change is Dolphin Connect, a feature that’ll allow you to sync bookmarks, gestures and preferences to the cloud. With this, you can switch ROMs or phones without having to set all of your browsing needs up again. New changes also include a smoother interface and enhancements to Webzine. Unfortunately Dolphin’s only initially offering the update on GetJar, but all of it will be heading to the Android market on Oct. 23rd. Get the download here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. GetJar? Seriously? [facepalm]

  2. GetJar sucks something wicked… I’ll just download the apk somewhere else.

  3. doesn’t work on tmobile g2

  4. GETJAR is absolutely CRAP.
    Just a lousy bunch of links to pages that have links to pages that have links.
    How/Why on earth did Dolphin choose this load of rubbish for an exclusive download? And you also have to download the Getjar app before you can download Dolphin v7. Wait 4 days, it will be worth the wait!

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