…But How Does Ice Cream Sandwich Look on a Tablet?


Answer: Pretty darn good. The folks over at This Is My Next (or The Verge, or whatever they are calling themselves these days) were tooling around in the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK where they found they could emulate the screen size of their choosing. Shifting to 10-inches brings about an interface that is decidedly Honeycomb-esque in appearance, an expected result for an OS with a goal to unify the tablet and smartphone branches of Android code. The Ice Cream Sandwich enhancements aren’t lost, however. Tablets will surely benefit from an improved camera, new swiping actions, and a plethora of other enhancements brought about in the OS update. A few more screenshots in the gallery below.

[via TIMN]

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  1. Good…now get an ICS build for my HP touchpad!

  2. This is relevant to my interests

  3. Come on Samsung i need this on my 10.1 make with the update

  4. If you didn’t get an ASUS I wouldn’t hold out for seeing an ICS update to your device anytime in the near future :P ;)

    1. Why, it that because the new Transformer will have a quad-core Kal-El and ICS?

  5. My XOOM will get it first!

    1. That’s funny!

      1. It actually will. It’s a developer device, so it should be the first tablet to get ICS.

      2. Why is it funny my XOOM gets all the updates first. Think of it as a nexus tablet.

  6. So what is the first new gen tablet to ship with this stock?

    1. Probably the Transformer Prime or the Xoom 2

  7. I bet as soon as the Galaxy Nexus is released an OTA update will be given to the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy devices!!

    1. ICS will be pushed to Xoom first — it is Google’s OS test bed device. Once it flies there, Google will start to release to other manufacturers.

      1. But Google offered Galaxy TAB’s 10.1 in it’s latest Google IO for about 5000 developers, so it should be available soon also for the TAB… I just hope the TAB 7.7 (100% OLED screen) will bring ICS from scratch

  8. You’re all wrong! I’ve been rocking a messy drippy Ice Cream Sandwich all over my Etch-a-sketch 1.0 since I was two! :P

  9. My transformer better get it

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