ASUS Teases “The Next Transformation” [Video]


Looks like we’ve gotten our first official peak at the ASUS Transformer 2. ASUS posted a teaser video showing off “the next transformation” of their tablet series. It very much is a teaser as they didn’t show much, but right away we can see that it’s extremely thin and will have a detachable keyboard dock like the current Transformer does, except it has a new design. There’s also a camera flash on the back. No idea when we’ll see the rest of it but we hope it’s before Thanksgiving rolls around. Watch it above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow! Looks like my Asus Transformer mated with my Asus Seashell. o.O

  2. WOW! *replays the last part of the video over and over.*

    I wish they made an android phone with a slide out keyboard :'(

    1. You mean detachable? There are plenty of slide out keyboard android phones

      1. I think they mean Asus speifically.

        It would be nice if Asus made an Android handset with a keyboard.

        1. No he meant a phone transformer. Like. Removeable keyboard. Snap on keyboard.

          1. You’re entitled to your opinion I suppose. But only Ellianth can say what Ellianth really meant, what you have there in your comment is just like my comment above it. That is to say, a speculation.

      2. Detachable would be sweet :D

  3. Looks like a new dock as well.. would be nice if it was compatible with the original dock

  4. From what I have heard so far the Transformer 2 will still be running on the Tegra 2 chipset. Why would I want to drop the 400+ bones on the same hardware as what I am typing this comment on now?

    1. Because that’s what Android fanboys do after they call Apple fanboys iSheep for buying every new Apple product?

      1. As dis-proven by the comment you’re replying to in the first place…

        1. Except the iPhone 4S does have a new chipset… so… confused…..

    2. What rock have you been under for quite some time now? Transformer 2 will be rocking Tegra 3 aka Kal-El.

  5. hopefully they get rid of that ugly brown color scheme

    1. +1! Hard to tell but it looks like this one has a little more black and aluminum..

  6. Looking rather sexy

  7. Now that looks like a nice piece of kit.

  8. check out the tags, Ice Cream Sandwich

    1. Check out the tags, honeycomb.

  9. My next tablet.

  10. come to daddy!

  11. The nazely “Asus” at the end kinda killed it for me.

    The unit itself is looking rather nice though.

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