K-Mart to Offer Sprint’s Original Galaxy Tab for $100

While this is far from everyone’s most wanted tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab could be a nice device for those who enjoy simplicity and who don’t want to spend half a paycheck on today’s monsters. If you’re one of those people, K-Mart has a great deal on Sprint’s Galaxy Tab – $99 after a two-year agreement and mandatory data plan, and no mail-in rebates to be had. Unfortunately, this K-Mart offer doesn’t state if this is a permanent promotion, but be sure to call around and ask. Let us know if you find out more. [SprintFeed]

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  • Chahk Noir

    It’s not really $100 then if it requires a 2-year contract. I picked mine up a couple of months ago when they were on sale from Woot for ~$280. No data plan, just WiFi. It’s still an awesome tablet. Best thing – Samsung released the official 2.3 upgrade last month.

    • Jody Schoolcraft

      Yeah I bought myself the original TMo Tab thinking it would be the first to get the update for $320. Then liked the tablet so much that we got my mother in law the Sprint for $300. Needless to say she got the update and I didn’t. Of course mine was rooted when I got it, but never did anything with that and the TMo’s memory is internal.
      I would suggest getting off contract for under $300.

  • lordmerovingian

    Well if you’re someone who was going to get the data plan ANYWAYS, then this is not a bad price to start. Ofcourse over the 2 yrs you end up spending ~$820 more or less.
    I have a VZW Tab, reason is because they have a PAYG $19.99 plan (1GB) that can be turned on or off month by month with no taxes or activation fees. Sprint charges an activation fee and their’s starts at $29.99 i think.

  • randy cowles

    the nook has resolution and much thinner, I have one its pretty nice

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X7K3KWEW34TCAE6VNBRE6U54OU Not R

      Yeah, but it’s still a reader with no microphone. You can’t dictate all sorts of useful things. I can, and I don;t need to root it

  • Antony Hamm

    you can get a $20 1GB plan, which for most wouldn’t work, but I will be on campus in a week and they have school wide wi-fi so it could work. Only problem is I haven’t seen any sign of this deal either on the Kmart site or at any of my local stores, so I can’t get one even if I wanted to…

  • http://twitter.com/dcwill1987 William Irick

    Go to verizonwireless.com online. I just got one for 19.99 pre-owned after last new every 2 upgrade. 69.99 before up grade and 30 plan. Just a thought :-)