– A Portal for Bootloader Unlocking, Kernel Source Downloading and OpenSense SDK

I can imagine – HTC’s new developer portal – is going to get a whole lot of traffic from here on out. They’ve launched the new portal in anticipation of the bootloader unlocking tool that they confirmed would be here starting this month.  Along with that comes the kernel source we’ve enjoyed before over at as well as the OpenSense SDK that will allow developers to tap into various HTC Sense elements and APIs. The previous developer site no longer exists (it forwards to but we aren’t too bummed. Check it out if you want, but most of you won’t be interested until that bootloader unlock tool is ready.

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  • Michael Christopher

    I just unlocked my bootloader with that beta revolutionary unlock tool…. easy as pie…. It also didn’t give HTC Documented of the event…. allowing them to void my warranty.

  • Brian

    I will tell you what that website looks legit… I applaud htc for this hopefully every company comes out with a site like this

  • Jesus

    I just want to get my 2.3.3 evo 4g unlocked so I can install cyanogen mod

    • Michael Christopher

      Well… then do it! But beware….. The cyanogen team only has a beta ROM available right now.

  • warpet

    There goes your warranty

  • Chrisrj8084

    I am waiting for the Desire GB source code to be released so I can finally get a stable GB Sense n my HD2

  • EarlyMon

    Is this a relaunch or something? I like the tie-in to – but I started visiting over 2 months ago…

  • Saleenfiend

    Why would you use HTC when you have a perfectly fine way to acheive the same method and keep your warranty? Although, I am glad about the source being available.