Walmart, Amazon Offering 8-inch VIZIO V-Tab for $300


If you were ever wishing for a tablet to accompany your internet connected VIZIO TV, you’ve caught a break – the 8 inch VIZIO V-Tab is now on sale for $300 at both Walmart and Amazon. While this thing isn’t going to be desirable to most of you, VIZIO’s integration with their internet-connected products could be worth shelling out for it. (And you’ll get all of the other functionality of modern pre-Honeycomb tablets, as well). A 1GHz processor 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage won’t turn heads in a crowd of tech geeks, but it shouldn’t be half bad for what VIZIO intends for its users to use it for. [Laptoping]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This was on sale at Costco when I was there yesterday. Quite a few people looking at it.

  2. Really the only thing special about this one is that it has the capabilities to be used as a TV remote. IMO after playing with this one, one of the Acers, and the playbook, the Acer destroys the other two.

  3. Why does it look so dark, mysterious and ominous?

  4. why couldn’t they just come out with an app? lame

  5. never mind it probably has an ir in it.

  6. What we want is a 7inch tablet $250.00 price point, 2 core 16g

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