Rumor: Sprint Bringing Epic 4G 2, 4G Galaxy S II in Q3


After the launch of HTC’s EVO 3D, a follow-up to by far Sprint’s most successful Android device, we imagined news about their Samsung-based products would start trickling in. First up, the Epic 4G 2. No, it’s not going to be a Galaxy S II with a keyboard, if This Is My Next’s rumor is to be believed. Instead, it’ll be a souped up version of the original Epic. Inside will be a single-core 1.2Ghz processor and we’ll likely see Gingerbread. We’ll be on the lookout for a keyboard, of course, and the camera is said to be 8 megapixels instead of 5. But don’t expect too much more than that.

Remember that Samsung Within, aka the Galaxy S II? Well, TIMN has heard of a 4G full-touchscreen Samsung. Not very descriptive, but we’re betting it’s the Within. In fact, I’d bet my arm and two of my teeth that it’s the Within.

Both of these devices are said to be headed our way in Q3, which actually starts in roughly 7 days. The original Epic 4G was available in late August, but it’s possible we could see the Galaxy S II much sooner. We’re hoping we’ll see it much sooner, anyway. [TIMN]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I hope that’s wrong, why are all the keyboarded phones getting shafted? From the droid 3’s lack of RAM to the supposed lack of dual core in the epic 2, and the utter lack of keyboard phones when compared to the torrent of slabs- WTF phone makers?

    1. mt4g slide?

      1. Touche, sir, but how soon will the 3/4g on that be useless if AT&T&T happens, and what of the other 3 carriers? All 4 have more than 1 bleeding edge slab out or soon to be out, but few and far between with keyboards

    2. You hope what’s wrong?  Why wouldn’t the Epic 4G have a keyboard the 2nd time around

      1. I hope that the single core in the Epic 2 is wrong, should have been more clear.

        1. Oh wow yeah single core would be stupid.  @quentyn kennemer neglected to mention single core as the rumor origionally stated tho.  

    3. Phones with keyboards are more expensive to make, so they must cut costs to make the phone price comparable.

  2. Salivating has commenced…

  3. NO, it is not the within.  YOu think they totally revamped the SGSII to fit a giant 4G radio for the states? lol

    1. Yes.

    2. Wouldn’t be the first time a Galaxy S has been reconfigured to suit a carriers needs.  Would it?

    3. exactly the epic was the only 4g galaxy s with qwerty so why wouldnt its even in the fine print from samsung when they were advertising the thiness of the GS2 that its dimensions could vary due to carrier or region but wasnt there a leak a while back of a 4g samsung device that was maybe midrange at best anyway wishful thinking but we probably wont see an GS2 til september (holy run-on sentence!!)

  4. If the Within drops with a 4G radio then maybe there’s hope for the Function having an LTE radio!

  5. By Evo 4G…Hello GS2!!

  6. im glad they arent putting a keyboard on the sgs2 (within). every samsung android phone for sprint has had a keyboard and im sick of it.. i want a thin and lightweight device 

  7. A shame that shitty Sprint (ironic name) is getting these.   What a waste of hardware on a shitty carrier.  True story broskis.

    1. Well it may be shitty in your area, but works great for me nukka!

  8. Besides the Photon dropping next month, somewhere is the HTC Kingdom and LG Optimus B.  Not bad. 

  9. Ugh. It might be possible that Ice Cream Sandwich is released by the time they sell the SGII in the States! My patience is wearing thin. Give us some official dates [insert U.S. carrier] already!!!

  10. Where’s my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II?  I want it NOW!  *mad*

  11. I like Samsung phones and all, but Samsung makes HORRIBLE keyboards. I mean, i tried one and my fingers almost died. I’m sorry, but the G2 and HTC makes great keyboards. Sorry Samsung, but you shouldn’t make another QWERTY phone. Just sayin… And I mean the landscape one, not the portrait style one. Hmm…

  12. I’m just hoping Sprint gets the Nexus 3 (or whatever it will be called) Q4. If it comes with the rumored tegra 3 it will be a beast (and worth waiting for since plenty of games seem to be limited to Tegra).

  13. Holy crap this is becoming confusing. Just release the GS2, call it the GS2, have one version of it that will work on all carriers (please refrain from telling me that can’t be done). Make it the version they’re selling to the cute Korean girls in all the pictures and stop all of this nonsense. Oh, and please do it by this coming Tuesday. 

  14. Galaxy S2 is starting to sound like vaporhardware the amount of time they’re taking.

  15. It’s kind of disappointing that the Epic seems to be going from Sprint’s flagship phone to a budget phone. Seems almost like a downgrade. But, if the Epic 2’s screen gets an upgrade to Super AMOLED Plus I still might get it.  

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