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Can’t wait to get your hands on some stock Android fun made by Motorola? Best Buy has Virgin’s Motorola Triumph available for peorder. As we already knew, this thing will only run you $300, but takes away MOTOBLUR and has some very good specs for the price. It’ll have a 4 inch display, a 1GHz processor inside and comes preinstalled with stock Android 2.2. Can’t say there’s much to complain about if you need a good smartphone on a PAYG carrier. Head over to Best Buy now to preorder yours. [Thanks Kitty!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. wow….$300. thats….a little steep.

    1.  compared to the $150 i paid for Virgin Mobile’s last Android smartphone, which was the LG Optimus V.

      1. The specs of the Optimus V don’t really compare to this. I am surprised at just how cheap this device really is. I mean similar phones (spec wise) go for $400-$600.

    2. What did you expect? Try getting a similar phone off contract and you’d pay the same. 

      1. Try double the price.

  2. I think it’s steep too but it’s way better than the Optimus. Optimus is an nice option and this is nicer. I think the real savings are in the plans of Vmobile my friends. I would do it today…

  3. Price seems fair to me, not sure how good the service really is though.

  4. I agree with Richard and B2L. It’s worth atleast $500

  5. what are you guys talkin about? thats a good price especially if its from virgin mobile,
    especially with the snap dragon 1ghz processor, 4 inch touch screen and a 5 mp camera with HD recording AND a FLASH this is at good as it gets for us prepaid monthly users

    i cant wait till i get mine next month :D

  6. Here is an update. I went to a Best Buy here in San Jose and they had no IDEA what I was talking about. I have never pre ordered a phone so I went to the store. They cant do it in the store like most other pre orders where you buy the prepaid BB card than get the device. You can order it at bestbuy.com and pay the $299 and they will ship it directly to you..

  7. 1200 Minutes, unlimited text/web for $45/mo.  I was happy when I paid $200 for the Samsung Intercept.  This is a nice addition to the Virgin line up

  8. Does anyone remember the Motorola I1 that came out on Boost and then Nextel? That phone with some seriously outdated specs was going for 449.99, so a phone with these specs going for 299.99 is a steal. If I was a no contract kind of guy this would definitely be my next phone.

  9. For what you get how can you complain I mean really people.All of us (including myself) want things for nothing or dirt cheap. But, realisitically this price is more than fair. Finally, Virgin US gets a flagsdhip device. Now if Virgin US could get down with Virgin Canada’s line-up ooohwee, we would be doing awesome.

  10. I can’t believe people are complaining about the price.

    Had this very same phone been on Verizon, Sprint, Tmo/At&t it would have been 199.99 on contract and anywhere from 450-600 bucks off contract.

    300 dollars is great.
    A big, high res screen….No blur and A front facing camera? Let’s be realistic people. this is definitely a steal. 

  11. Pre-ordered mine today. Cant wait!

  12. I just dont get people just saying you will save so much money than
    using other company. But u gotta keep inn mind that virgin mobile does
    not have as good signals as verizon or att. Also 25 dollars doesnt mean
    everything is unlimited. 300mins is not that much

  13. $300 for a piece of plastic with some electronics in it made in asia. Way way overpriced. You people obviously have money to throw away.

  14. $300 for a piece of plastic with some electronics in it made in asia. Way way overpriced. You people obviously have money to throw away.

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