Motorola Droid 3 Could Launch July 14th According To Leaked Best Buy Screenshot


Looks like the guy over at DroidAttic have managed to snag this screen shot of an internal page on Best Buy’s computers showing a possible shipment of the Motorola Droid 3 arriving on July 13th. According to Best Buy employees, this typically means the phone will launch the very next day. While not much other info was given I’m thinking this falls into line with rumors of a summer release for the device.

With its full slide out qwerty keyboard and dual-core processor, the Droid 3 is sure to make it onto a lot of Verizon customer’s shopping lists. What do you guys think? Will you be picking this up or will you continue to hold out for a dual-core LTE device?

[Via DroidAttic]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Holdin out for the Bionic!

  2. No LTE no sale.

  3. No LTE? GTFO! Not going to be plunking down my hard earned cash for this thing. 3G is so 2008.

  4. Gotta have LTE, if it did this definitely would have been my next phone. Too bad.

  5. I’m all over it.  LTE isn’t that big a deal for me since I’m not going to be a mobile hotspot, won’t be tethering (both extra cost premium services) and don’t stream a ton of videos.  Keyboard is a big plus.

  6. I’ll pick it up the day root is achieved. No 4G, no problem as red doesn’t even have my area on the 2012 map yet.

  7. I still believe and its just a gut feeling that this device will have a pre release date like most of the other big devices released in the past year which is usually two maybe three weeks before launch date.

    1. Pre sale is usually like a few days before not weeks if they hhave one.

  8. wtf is LTE?  lol.

  9. Hold out for Dual Core LTD

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