Apple Takes the Legal Battle Against Samsung to Their Hometown, Seoul


While it’s not clear what sort of victory Apple might garner in their case against Samsung here in the states, where they claim Samsung’s phones and software look far too similar to the iPhone, they aren’t just waiting around for a US judge to rule. They’re trying their hand against Samsung using their South Korean division, according to Bloomberg. The lawsuit was filed on June 22nd, 2011 but no details of Apple’s claims could be recovered.

There aren’t many details yet, but we figured Apple needed to do this considering Samsung was countersuing them in many other countries, including Germany and South Korea. It was also necessary to take the fight to the shores of Korea because their version of the Samsung Galaxy S II is what looks most like the iPhone. Here in the US, Galaxy S devices forgo the middle physical button for a set of four capacitive buttons.

We’re not sure if differing designs in the US market had something to do with Apple’s needs to take this thing to the streets of Seoul, the city in which they’re headquartered. One thing is certain, though – Apple is hellbent on this and won’t give up. Apple has already been granted major patent where they’re afforded bragging rights to gestures on capacitive, multitouch displays – much like the same technology inside many other Android devices.

It’s not yet clear how that victory will affect Apple’s competitors, but some are suggesting Apple will just settle out of court with all major patent infringers and license it.  [Bloomberg]


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  1. Apple is so retarded. They’re suing one of their biggest manufacturer’s.

    They’re CEO is a greedy, tyrannical dictator. 

    1. Samsung is no longer there manufacture, Samsung was making there displays, but no more is that happening,last I read.Apple.was going with Sharp for there displays.

      1. their not there (says the guy who refuses to capitalize properly)

        also doesn’t samsung still manufacture the chips inside the izombie product lines.

        1. yep

      2. Last I heard they were using LG for displays and something happened with the iPad 1 or 2 and Samsung came to the rescue.

        I already knew they were using LG for the iPhone 4 displays. Unless that changed too.

        I could be wrong tho…

    2. No one can touch Samsung they are like the biggest even in the mobile industry now. These kind of pathetic ways are the only way for Apple now. Can’t touch them, even with their 20foot iPole stuck up the judges a$$

    3. Seem Apple can`t keep up with the market, that`s why they`r suing everyone,

  2. apple is a fucken lunatic.

    1. like you.

    2. He will never make it as a CEO with that attitude….or even middle management. Business, like sport, requires you to try your hardest to compete.

  3. I really don’t think it is accurate to say that Apple has a patent on any capacitive multitouch display.

    I have some experience with patents (though I am certainly no expert) and I have read the claims for patent number 7,966,578 which you are referring to.  And it sounds to me like that patent is just claiming using a multitouch gesture to scroll a frame within a webpage without moving the rest of the page (for example “hold” the webpage in place with one finger and use another finger to scroll the frame).

    Any other use of a multitouch screen would not be covered by this patent.

    If Apple really did have a patent that covered any capacitive multitouch display it would be really easy to invalidate in court by showing that prior art existed.

  4. Not to be pedantic, but recent patent issue didn’t involve Apple winning any sort of case. They were just finally awarded the patent by the USPTO that they filed for over 3 years ago.

    The implications of that patent are being heavily disputed right now, and it is in no way clear that they have “exclusive bragging rights to capacitive, multitouch displays”. If they do try to litigate against competitors using that patent, /then/ there will likely be a case and the patent’s validity and scope can be examined in court.

    I know you guys linked to the PCMag article in your post on that, buy you might want to check out the Ars article at

    1. doesn’t mean patents can’t be disputed based and eventually negated.  Just because someone is awarded a patent doesn’t mean it can’t be contested.  Idiots file patents for stupid crap all of the time.  Apple just happens to be the biggest offender of stupid patents.

      1. Indeed, I was in no way offering support for the validity of Apple’s newly awarded patent. I was merely clarifying that they did not “[win] a major patent case” with regards to it as the article says. The fact is that there has been no case yet, but there very well may be and the patent may eventually be thrown out.

        I personally agree that the patent system is badly broken and in need of a massive overhaul. IMHO software patents should all be thrown out outright, and *especially* ridiculous “interaction patents” like the one in question here (and I say this as a software developer myself).

        1. I actually see nothing wrong with the very specific patents if Apple gets to keep this patent. Even pinch to zoom.

          Wasnt swiping gestures used before Apple? Who has the patents on the generic gestures? Are companies licensing for that? Are there any patents for the generic gestures? I’m thinking out loud here but it makes you wonder…

          Folks might have to find another way to zoom or pay if Apple wants payments. Damn near every mobile phone maker was sued by Hopewell Culture Designs for using double tap. Including Apple.

          If anything, Samsung and/or LG need to patent that tilt to zoom and swipe in their new Android UI’s. I’m about to patent swiping the screens while blowing on it.

          Note: I had to mention this…when typing pinch to zoom above I typed ipinch to zoom by mistake…thought that was funny…lol

          I agree about the patent system tho at the same time.

    2. Yep.  From what I understand their patent doesn’t cover the entirity of capacitive, multi-touch displays, but rather a webpage with a frame inside.  When you use a single finger to scroll, the entire webpage moves along with the frame.  When you use two fingers to scroll, only the contents of the frame are scrolled.

      Phandroid can’t seem to wrap their heads around this.  Would rather add to the media hype of disinformation.

  5. Apple is going to lose this case with flying colors. Asians are extremely prideful nationally. Apple going into South Korea and trying to sue one of their largest manufacturers will be absurd to them. They honestly will feel like this is a slap in the face. They will throw this case out the door.

    1. So question is is which one is valued more, respect for property (ip being property) or national pride. Lucky for Samsung that the western countries put intellectual property above national pride, otherwise Samsung as well as some notable other companies would have no chance. Note that some companies such HTC and Sony at least and add to the industry by trying new things. That’s good for the industry and good for consumers.

  6. Samsung has so much political influence in korea that apple has no chance of winning any litigation against samsung in korea.

    1. Korea is nothing without Samsung.  There is no way they are winning this and they know it.   In fact, it’s pretty much a slap in the face for Samsung for Apple to even try.   It’s like Apple is saying “We know we’re not going to win, but fuck you anyways, Samsung *slap*”.   It would be great if it got turned down and Apple was then sued by Samsung in Korea for its practices. 

      1. Samsung is the biggest manufacture in Korea but “Korea is nothing without Samsung”? are you fking kidding me?
        Have you heard LG, Hyundai?

    2. I guess this means Samsung can get away with anything. That’s good for those who don’t believe in intellectual property rights and good for companies who ignore them. No wonder Samsung is one of the worlds biggest companies….with those business ethics and all!

    1. considering iphail’s built of sammy parts how is it they’re copying??? apple cant build their own shit therefore they’ll always be copying someone. pulldown notifications yea blowjobs idea all right ….the next great invention ..oh wait i can do that too …already

    2. Looks similar to me….I don’t know if they have a Lego ate case or not but I hate copycats because it is pure laziness. I don’t care who wins this case but I hope Samsung suffer with less sales for being a lazy competitor.

  7. I can’t wait for the eventual Apple meltdown. I just hope Steve Jobs is around to see Android destroy his evil empire.

  8. Ummmmm… How does the Galaxy SII look anything like an iPhone? I surely that is a typo?

  9. While Apple sells products to its customers google sells its
    customers to products. Android dorks are like religious zealots who resort to
    logical fallacies to prove their religion is better. IOS is a much more mature
    and stable platform than Android and therefore does everything  better than any Android phone. And most loosers
    buy an Android just because it is cheaper and no other reason. Besides isn’t
    Andriod just an illegal piracy of  Linux
    and Java and Iphone UI? People who really care about open source should hate Android
    just for the reason that it steals credit from Linux and Java communities.
    Google fans make no mention of the fact that it remotely reads users mail and
    serves up ads that are correlated to the content.
    Like that? I don’t. But then as Google’s Eric Schmidt put it, if you have
    nothing to hide, why are you averse to having your personal files read by all
    and sundry? Had someone asked Schmidt if he was willing to sleep with his
    partner in public, he probably would have backed down – but then the Google
    faithful only stand in awe when such pronouncements are made. For them, Google
    can do no wrong. Even when it sends Google
     Street cars
    to steal personal information from unsuspecting wifi users. Google has criminal
    charges filed against it for this.

    Actually the only people who love Andriod are those who love to steal music and

    applications and find it difficult to do that on IOS and therefore complain
    that it is a closed platform. Apple promotes innovation and rewards its
    innovative developers, who have made billions while Andriod developers make
    next to nothing.

    Andriod is a platform by the thieves, of the thieves and for the thieves.

    1. I think you meant to say “google sells it’s customers as the product”, and yes, like any advertising company they do sell the customers as the product. As they say, if you are getting something for free then you are the product.

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