Jun 24th, 2011

While it’s not clear what sort of victory Apple might garner in their case against Samsung here in the states, where they claim Samsung’s phones and software look far too similar to the iPhone, they aren’t just waiting around for a US judge to rule. They’re trying their hand against Samsung using their South Korean division, according to Bloomberg. The lawsuit was filed on June 22nd, 2011 but no details of Apple’s claims could be recovered.

There aren’t many details yet, but we figured Apple needed to do this considering Samsung was countersuing them in many other countries, including Germany and South Korea. It was also necessary to take the fight to the shores of Korea because their version of the Samsung Galaxy S II is what looks most like the iPhone. Here in the US, Galaxy S devices forgo the middle physical button for a set of four capacitive buttons.

We’re not sure if differing designs in the US market had something to do with Apple’s needs to take this thing to the streets of Seoul, the city in which they’re headquartered. One thing is certain, though – Apple is hellbent on this and won’t give up. Apple has already been granted major patent where they’re afforded bragging rights to gestures on capacitive, multitouch displays – much like the same technology inside many other Android devices.

It’s not yet clear how that victory will affect Apple’s competitors, but some are suggesting Apple will just settle out of court with all major patent infringers and license it.  [Bloomberg]


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