Zinio Brings Hardware-Accelerated Magazine Reading to Your Tegra 2 Tablet [Video]


More Honeycomb apps are always a good thing, right? This time, the folks at Zinio have brought us a hardware-accelerated application optimized for performance on Honeycomb and Tegra 2. The company says they have 100,000 magazines from 4,200 different publishers in all types of languages and available to purchase in a variety of currencies.

Content can be synced to a number of other platforms, including PC, Mac, and iOS and soon to be Blackberry, Windows 7 and WebOS. To sweeten the pot, Zinio’s giving away the latest editions to three popular magazines – ESPN, Harper’s, and Popular Science. Sounds like a deal, if you ask me. The application itself can be had for free from the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Who cares about a magazine app with hardware acceleration. I want some Ice Cream Sandwich, that’s the only hardware acceleration that really matters.

    1. it does matter to the average user who compares it to an ipad.  Glad to see that devs and hardware manufactures are working on making a better android experience.

      1. All i am saying is i don’t see many iPad users switching to Android when the OS doesn’t support hardware acceleration. It’s a step in the right direction, but one app isn’t going to make that big of a difference.

  2. WTF I thought these tablets had hardware accel??  No wonder the shit is still choppy everytime I go Demo one.  

    I don’t think I’m buying shit else until Ice Cream Sandwich unless the Hercules turns out to be real, then I’ll deal with hoping to get ICS cuz those specs are too good to pass up on.

    1. Yeah that choppiness is dissapointing isn’t it?

  3. I use Zinio and the latest update really improved performance to the point its fun to use now. Great app lots of magazine selections for very cheap!

  4. Won’t install to my G-Tab with G-Harmony 2.5 AOSP on it :-/. Oh well, will maybe see if I can side load it.

  5. I use it all the time on my transformer 3.1, it rocks…

  6. The constant glitches in the demonstration are not impressive.  We know this is “okay” for Android, but heaven help anyone who compares that “acceleration” with an iPad.

  7. Picked it up this morning after reading the article… is there more than one option in the market? I’ve never used it before but I’m finding it kind of laggy — if this is the upgrade then the original must have really sucked balls. (wifi xoom, stock, memory card less than 50% full).

  8. Looks like they might jsut be onto something dude. Wow.

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