HTC Planning Two Additional Flyer Tablets for Summer, Will Sport Android 3.0

If anybody is interested in the upcoming HTC Flyer (or Sprint’s HTC EVO View 4G counterpart), you may want to consider holding off on picking up the new Android 2.3/2.4 tablet. According to Digitimes, HTC is only prepping small runs of the initial Flyer in anticipation for new two new version to launch this summer, both with bigger screens and the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. As you may well be aware, the chief complaint against the current Flyer is its use of an Android OS designed for mobile smartphones in a field of new tablets using Google’s Honeycomb operating system designed specifically for slate devices.

[via CNET]

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  • Jeremy Pettibon

    Yay Honeycomb! (And yay Disqus!)

  • OutstandingO

    I don’t understand what HTC’s motivation was by trying to push the FLYER first instead of going Honeycomb 1st

  • greg t.

    i’ve been holding off on getting a tablet to see what htc’s first 3.0 entry would be. guess i’ll start saving my pennies.

  • jer

    Great we’re overrun by spamming idiots


    But Isn’t The View/Flyer That’s Going To Be Released Soon WILL Get The Honeycomb Update?

    I Rather Go With The 7 Incher Because It’s Truly Portable!

    • Anonymous

      True but if there is one with a dual core processor, then it might be worth waiting for.

  • Pedro Joel Alméstica Ayuso

    If there’s a 9 inch Flyer w Scribe tech and Honeycomb I’m in!!!!!!!!!!

    • slbailey2

      This is what I want!!!

  • Anonymous

    This made my day, or night actually (in Sweden) ;D ! I will go a long way to get my hands on a 10″ tablet with Scribe. I can even consider the suicide mission of selling my girl-friends shoes in order to get some extra cash just to buy a Android tablet with a Scribe-like technology. Lets hope HTC dare to sqeeze in Scribe and some way to connect a hdmi cable

  • Neil

    Whoa! Deja-vu with the comments

  • Seahawk

    So far Lg is making the best tablets.