You May Be Experiencing 3G/4G Issues on Verizon (We Know We Are)


A few of you guys have sent emails asking what’s up with Verizon’s network today. Your phones are going in and out of 4G coverage. That didn’t sound too bad – 4G tends to do that sometimes and Verizon’s network is still relatively new with a lot of Thunderbolt customers now eating broadband speeds. But when the 3G network goes down, we start worrying. We’re still here in Orlando at CTIA and our coverage efforts have been interrupted by this speed bump. We obviously feel your pain, but just sit back until we can learn more about the situation from Verizon themselves. [Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. First….I am too in Pittsbrgh

    1. Ron = First fail

    2. @Ron.. yea I thought it was the storm yesterday in Pittsburgh. But I guess not.

  2. This was expected with the first LTE phone on the new LTE network. Thunderbolt users are the guinea pigs for Verizon. That’s the reason why you don’t have to pay extra for 4G so far .

  3. I travel and its been very hard to run slacker radio due to all this.

  4. Last night in northeast Ohio I lost 3g coverage for almost 2 hours.

  5. Is verizon ever going to acknowledge the sych issue with MS Exchange 2010?

  6. No! Verizon’s network has issues? Its not perfect? Dont we pay a premium to get access to their precious network? This can’t be true! I mean I see hundreds of ads every day that tout their superiority. Oh sorry, for awhile I was believing the hype like the 94 million who worship at Ivan’s altar. Reality check anyone?

    1. Please, tell us how you really feel. Or at least include something constructive.

    2. Agreed. Verizon ain’t all that, as far as i can tell.

  7. The truth will come out soon AND EVERYONE WILL BE BETTER FOR IT.. Verizon has not been upfront with there thunderbolt customers nor have they addressed any problems with the device after purchase. It’s nice to know sprint understands 4g technology and makes sure there handsets work accordingly.

  8. I went into Verizon today because of my gps and 4g data issues. They swapped me to another device, and switched me to a new sim card. Now my account is locked, and I can’t activate my new device for 24 hours. Since then, there’s been an alert issued to all Verizon technicians to not switch SIM cards on accounts, as this will lock up user’s accounts for a period of 24 hours. NOTE: IF A TECHNICIAN TRIES TO SWAP YOUR SIM CARD, YOU RUN THE RISK OF BEING LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT FOR 24 hours. NO DATA, NO SMS, NO PHONE.

  9. Trouble, trouble with VZW, can’t happen, keep it up and it will be off to Guantanamo Bay!

  10. Chicago. Noticed the issues at 7am. Speeds seem to be capped on thunderbolt at 5mbps all day. Not just my phone but a few other unrooted people too. Used to get 17mbps….now down to 5. I only hope they are not putting 5mbps caps on.

  11. Not experiencing any issues in NYC.

  12. I have been the last 2 days been experiencing data issues with Verizon. Not sending texts ect. I am in Nevada I too thought it was the storm.

  13. No problems in Portland, OR. Getting 9Mb Down, 26Mb Up at the moment.

    1. David – Are you out near PDX? I thought Portland didn’t have 4G yet except right near the airport?

    2. You are not getting 26Mb up….. period. If your test tells you you are it is lying.

      1. I just tested my T-bolt in Tampa. 9mb down and 25mb up. Read it and weep.

  14. Verizons been having tons of issues for the past 48 hours, the local store is telling me their systems are overloaded by overwhelming Thunderbolt sales. They’ve been holding a few of them for me for the past couple days and I’ve gone in twice now and been turned away as they can’t activate them… they’ve sold out of every batch they got same day so far.

  15. I am in Minneapolis, and have just 3G on my thunderbolt all day. WTF Verizon, come on!!

  16. In So Cal here. I have been having a lot of connectivity issues to my work’s exchange server yesterday and today. It’s unable to connect, more than it can connect. Perhaps this is this issue. That’s all I notice though , when I’ve got my phone on, I’m mostly looking at work email lately.

    The weather channel widget seems to died on the toolbar too, by just saying 0 degrees. Then it recovers after a while. Feels like connectivity is intermittent.

  17. There was a system outage yesterday which has sent a ripple effect through the different services. No word on what happened. I’m in SoCal and haven’t experienced any issues other than logging in online and if you dial #min etc it would get forwarded to a rep.

  18. In indiana here. Last two days have had texts not received and phone calls to me that just ring for caller but I get nothing on my side

  19. chicago here- switched to 3g late last night for a half an hour, but that was it. other than that its been amazingly fast.

  20. Phoenix here, have not seen any problems or issues. on my TBolt

  21. i honestly think it’s just a data overload. They are probably getting way more data usage than they originally thought. the outage probably won’t last long, for if it does it will cost them dearly. as for the cap, that too will cost them if they keep the cap on their 4G services. after all, what’s the point of having 4G if you put a cap on it? it’s supposed to be as fast as your home internet.

  22. Issues in Moreno Valley Ca with 3g

  23. hahahaha…t mobiles 4g is faster and and doesnt have any issuse….loosers…

  24. Up until the last couple days, the 4G speeds on my Thunderbolt have been absolutely amazing… and I didn’t even think I’d be getting 4G in my area, so I was kind of surprised when I turned it on for the first time (I live in Central Jersey and the coverage on Verizon’s map looks like a pin drop in NY, so I really didn’t think it would extend out this far). I hate to sound like a salesman, but I honestly didn’t think it would be this fast either (and I also didn’t realize how big of a jump in performance I’d be gaining by switching from the Droid1, so everything is a much better experience now). I’ll go so far as to say I’ve been contemplating dropping the internet portion of my FiOS service and using the mobile hotspot for my laptop or PC instead.

    That was, of course, until the last couple of days, when my coverage has just been completely garbage. And I don’t mean the service is slow… I mean it’s actually non-existent. I’ve been trying different apps, switching between wifi and 4G, and even rebooting my phone over and over, but I haven’t been able to figure out what’s going on until just now when I came here and read this story. I’m actually a little relieved to find out the problem isn’t on my end and hopefully that means it’ll be fixed soon. I can’t say I’m surprised that Verizon’s having some growing pains with their 4G, but this is really frustrating for us, so I hope they do something to make up for it after it’s been fixed.

    As long as it goes back to the way it was before, I’ll be happy, but now I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to drop my internet service.

  25. Oh, and I know you’re not the brightest commenter, Richard Yarrell, but you should really learn the difference between “there” and “their” if you’d like to be part of the discussion. How can people take you seriously if you can’t even pass a 2nd grade spelling test?

  26. I’ve been having issues with my 4G data card, In and out, a lot of out, been traveling had issues in Columbus,Oh, Minneapolis, Huntington WV, Seattle. Sat March 26 (Seattle) down pretty much all day, Thursday March 31 (Huntington) down most of the day. Yesterday, April 5, home in Mansfield Oh down again. Did get this month’s access credited to my account

  27. We live in a remote part of New Mexico. Since Aug 2010 we have been able to use a Verizon 3G USB modem. So well in fact that I purchased a amplifier/booster for inside the house and have been using the modem daily for my job and doing VOIP.Also, I upgraded to a 4G modem and purchased another and went with Verizon’s 10GB plan per month. March 22nd the signal disappeared COMPLETELY. We had a HUGE wind and dust storm the day before so I figured they could fix whatever had broken. NO GO! Verizon’s response was ‘ you live in a non-coverge area. You are 24 miles from the nearest Verizon tower. The signal only travels 20 miles. The tower is performing as expected. It is a MIRACLE that you had a data signal for the past 8 months.” In other words……..you are SOL. SO SOLLY! I am furious but what can I do. Back to satellite which has the expected latency issues. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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