Motorola Atrix 4G to Receive First Update, No HSUPA Support Included


An update is in the pipeline for the Motorola Atrix 4G, but it is unlikely it will provide too many exciting changes for the dual-core Android smartphone. Though AT&T has caught much flack for their disabling of HSUPA support on the Atrix, the carrier is still not ready to flip the switch that will provide upload speeds more true to the 4G rates being advertised. Irritating call quality issues are also not planned to be addressed in the latest update, as Moto did not want to the larger problems to delay the release of the update.

If you are an Atrix owner and want to sign up to test the beta of the upcoming update, you have until Friday at 12PM EST to register. No word on when the update will launch for all.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. It is att, they do it with smoke and mirrors

    1. Ah well what can we do :/

  2. And I thought Motorola doesnt update, support their phones….

    Yea thats directed at Milestone users. Like I said before, Samsung and Motorola could do better with updates and support. We cant call out one company and let another get a pass when they are almost mirror images of each other:

    Motorola overseas – bad support…… Motorola in the US – better support
    Samsung overseas – better support…..Samsung in the US – bad support.

    Now that I look at it…there are exact mirror images of each other when it comes to support…lol

    1. Motorola is indeed bad with support in the EU. We got froyo for the milestone this or last week :/

  3. Honestly why have a Atrix on At&t when you can get it on sprint and be able to use the device like it’s intended to be used no features excluded. Plus unlimited use on sprint. The Atrix 4g will be on sprint very soon just like the Nexus S 4g what a great time to be on sprint.

  4. If the Atrix or the Bionic are the phones you’d love to use, but you can’t stand the Motorola Bootloader Policy
    Join the movement to have the phones unlocked:

    They gave us assurances they were working on it. Now it’s time for results:

  5. I really never have any poor call quality. you guys keep bashing AT&T and their network. Jeeze. I’m still enjoying my Atrix 4G with my apps and great security phone

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