Honeycomb Statue Takes its Place in Front of Building 44


Rather unceremoniously, the statues paying tribute to Android and its various sweets-inspired code names have added to their ranks. Honeycomb has now been immortalized on the lawn in front of Building 44 on Google’s campus. The statue features the Android robot and a bee perched on a piece of honeycomb, making this statue particularly unique among the bunch. The displays for Froyo, Donut, Gingerbread and the rest of the gang up until now featured only the food item in question without any embellishments such as robots or insects. You have to hand it to Google’s playful sense of humor when it comes to these things.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. As much as I love Andy the “android.” He looks like an alien not a robot. Oh well.

  2. lol thats cool!!!

  3. What about AOSP??

  4. I thought the statues are only supposed to go up when the new version is finished (ahem).

  5. @Captbackslap – It was released on the Xoom. I wouldn’t say finished, but it’s officially out there.

  6. jmax, androids aren’t necessarily supposed to look like robots. :-p

  7. Do these just replace one another when a new OS launches or is the entire lineup out on the lawn somewhere?

  8. Yawn…. at least Android the robot or alien whatever you wanna call it, doesn’t look like that little weird mascot Win7 phones use. Wouldn’t want them to come up with something original.

  9. @Bela

    When I was out there about a year ago, the Android was there, along with a Cupcake, a Donut, and an Eclair. Oh, and a Nexus One. Don’t know if that’s still the way they do things. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/27314068@N06/5487027143/

  10. @Bela – The old ones stay up. You can just about see the reflection of Gingerbread in the window.

  11. It would be cool if they doused Andy with a bucket full of honey. But that would attract real bees and that wouldn’t be such a good thing.

  12. yeah i can almost make out him screaming “NO! Not the buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons!!!”

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