Feb 28th, 2011

Our latest bit of Motorola XOOM news comes from the category “Things that Shouldn’t Surprise Us.” Answering a question posed in the Motorola Support Forums, one Moto rep has made clear that a rooted XOOM will be ineligible for the free hardware upgrade to a 4G LTE radio down the road. But before you start slandering Motorola for the decision, it should be known that another rep speaking in the same forum thread cleared the matter up a bit, stating as long as the XOOM is running the stock firmware that it shipped with, the upgrade process should go off without a hitch.

We take it this has a lot less to do with Motorola purposefully shunning the root crowd and more to do with the necessary firmware that will be flashed to the device alongside the hardware installation of the 4G radio. Otherwise it would be pretty difficult for Moto to get the proper hardware drivers running on your custom ROM. Still an interesting and important thing to note if you have been tinkering with your XOOM’s software and plan on taking part in the free 4G upgrade.

[via AndroidPolice]

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