Webtop Coming to all High-End Motorola Handsets (Bionic Included)


One of the features that really sets the Motorola Atrix apart is its ability to dock into Webtop mode, opening capabilities that bridge the gap between smartphone and desktop computing. When this functionality was first unveiled alongside the similarly specced Motorola Droid Bionic, we immediately wondered why it wasn’t available on the handset. When questioning one of the product development leads at Moto’s CES event, the typical PR answer “We are only talking about the Atrix today, we can’t comment on other devices” smelled suspiciously of the functionality making its way to other devices. Sure enough, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has confirmed today (via a Morgan Stanley investors report) that Webtop will feature in all of Moto’s high-end handsets from the second half of the year forward.

The function wasn’t initially announced for the Bionic due to timing, and may still not make it to the handset at launch. We assume future updates would bring the capabilities if that is the case, while other smartphones that remain unannounced should get Webtop out of the box. That has to be encouraging for many who see Webtop as a key reason they have considered getting the Motorola Atrix. We’ll have to wait and see if these other devices will match the power of the new AT&T handset, however.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Firsties

  2. anyone know whether or not we will be able to put this onto other phones?

  3. And how does the 512 DDR compare to the atrix 1GIG.. i though Atrix was given 1GIG solely for the webtop stuff? So Bionic falls behind?

  4. As OEMs look for a way to differentiate their line of Android devices from everyone else’s, lets go with things like this rather than custom homescreens, apps, and locked software.

  5. The browser should be Chrome for the Webtop.

  6. @Alex Agree 1000%

  7. @chris

    That’s what I was thinking as well…

  8. Anyone know if we’ll get the Bionic before the world ends in 2012?

  9. Now, if they can just update the software and/or firmware for the lapdock and make it a bit more USABLE,and thus, more DESIRABLE, I’ll be on board. I was going to buy it full price but all the reviews I’ve read about the software just not quite being there put me off.

  10. why? so you can call your mamma and tell her you won’t be home for dinner? lol

  11. Just make it use the Honeycomb UI when it’s in the laptop dock. It fits so well. Just look at Asus’ upcoming convertible laptop:

  12. Didn’t they say the Chart they displayed was wrong on the part about RAM the Bionic has 1Gb too

  13. Bionic is MUCH better looking than the Atrix and it has a bigger screen. If it has 1GB of RAM, then it is easily the better phone.

  14. @ugh Motorola’s own website says Bionic has 512MB RAM.

  15. @ugh Let’s hope it doesn’t have 1Gb, as that would only equate to about 125MB. Definitely not enough! ;) Just kidding. In all seriousness, though, the official spec sheets from Verizon and Motorola still say 512MB, so I would lean towards that for now.

  16. They can still change last minute to 1 GB of RAM

  17. Motorola should have integrated it when all things are ready… I think it will give them marketing edge because of those surprises

  18. yeah I don’t get this webtop linux stuff. Well, at least it’s more functional than chrome OS

  19. It doesn’t appear to be a ‘real’ linux. You know what I mean, the linux that can run openoffice, gimp, blender, etc

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