Debuts Device List, Releases Test Version for Samsung Vibrant

CyanogenMod is rocking the morning wire on this fine Friday. Firstly: they have a new phone portal that will show you a list of their officially supported devices. It’s a portal that’s much appreciated given the difficulty in finding out which devices Team Douche officially supports outside of most popular HTC devices. You can find that portal here.

They’ve also released a test version of CyanogenMod 7 for the Samsung Vibrant, the first Galaxy S phone outside of the international version that has received such an honor. We don’t expect a stable release to come about for quite some time – if ever – so don’t download this if you aren’t the type who can’t stand a bug or two. Everything you need can be found right here. [via Android Central]

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  • No_you

    The Experimental CM7 works great, I haven’t found any bugs. But of course, that’s on my Desire.

  • Joe

    CM7 works great, but I downgraded back to cm6.1 because I don’t like Gingerbread. I think Gingerbread is really ugly and I think Android took one step back with Gingerbread.

  • MT

    Joe – Even if I didn’t like the color scheme, or the “look” of Gingerbread, The software enhancements are still worth having it installed. Significant battery improvement, built in overclocking (no more setcpu), enhanced app management, etc….

    You can always add a theme, or use a different launcher if you don’t like how it looks.

  • club

    cm7 has a theme manager so if u dont like the look u can apply or make a theme

  • lbaxter

    CM7 works great on the OG Droid. Can’t wait for the final release!

  • jf

    What no support for the g1/dream? looks like it is just to old.

  • tyler

    bricked, i think i did something wrong … That link shows a pic of what my vib is doing. at least i got a the GS 4g yesterday

  • Brandon

    GingerBread is meant to be faster and have better battery life, who the fuck cares what it looks like!!!!

  • Kenneth

    Bugs aren’t that big on the release there’s patches already on xda. But I’m using bionix 1.3 stable.

  • JeremyS

    What version of the linux kernel is CM7/Gingerbread running? 2.6.32 (33…37)?

  • Gymrat

    @jf Check out yoshi rom for the mytouch 3g/G1. I am running it on my G1 now it is a CM7 based rom and its been running very well for me.

  • swehes

    Running CM7 on my Samsung Vibrant and it is running great. A few bugs ran into like the camera but that was already in there. I’m not having any problems with my WiFi however which is great. :)

  • Kaik541

    @tyler you aren’t bricked, you can use ODIN to restore to a stock firmware (you probably didn’t follow the instructions properly, which is why that happened)

    @JeremyS my phone is running on CM7

  • Adrian

    CM7 doesn’t work with Gameboid on my Legend :(

  • Christopher

    “first galaxy S phone outside international version….” Except for you know, the Nexus S.

  • Ghost

    been running cm7 all day. its great no problems camera works once sound files are pushed and wifi seems fine.

  • Lucian Armasu

    @Adrian did you root Legend before or after 2.2 update?

  • TheDonXR

    I put the CM7 Nightly on my OG Droid and now It will last all the way through the day with moderate use and still be on 40% or better battery by the time I get ready for bed. Huge battery improvement on CM7! Oh yeah and the copy paste is 1000 times better…

  • samir

    where do i go to download CM7? can someone help me please