Rumor: Froyo Update for Epic 4G Still On for February 21st; Sanyo Zio, Too


The Froyo rumors just keep on rolling, don’t they? BGR’s saying that the Samsung Epic 4G’s Android 2.2 upgrade is still on for the 21st. We’ve heard that one before, but that was build EA17 – EB13 is the latest and all signs point to it being final. They’re also saying the Sanyo Zio should get its 2.2 upgrade on that same day, and that it’ll roll out over a 5-day period. Sweet! Let us know if all this ends up being true.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What about my Transform…..

  2. Wow! That would be great, considering that I’ve already made up my mind to say fek Samsung and Sprint, and switching to the Atrix. I truly HATE Samsung and Sprint for how they have handled this update. I will never buy another product ever again from either company. And I will do everything in my power to prevent my friends from using their products too.

  3. @George

    I totally understand why you would leave Sprint for AT&T, who handled their Captivate update SO MUCH BETTER

    Not to mention they had way more time to do it than Sprint did, butI guess the grass is always greener with this stuff

  4. Lol @ Redandblack

  5. What about the Transform?

  6. @george

    At&t has worse rep for phone updates and they install the most bloatware of any us carrier. And if you end up with a defective phone they will tell you its not their problem you have to take it up with the manufacture. They did that to two of my friends with their capitivates.

  7. @George

    Hmm and the Atrix is coming with 2.2 right? Oh, and you get one phone and get all upset so your going to switch carriers?

  8. I’m not leaving sprint just because of the phone. I’m also leaving them because of the change of their premier program. With att I’ll still be able to upgrade once a year on their family plan. I’m aware att’s reputation, but I’m happy with motorola’s reputation. Besides, the atrix is gonna kick a$$.

  9. But I like sprint :( I do not really blame sprint! I mean I guess it would have been nice to be kept up to date on what was happening with froyo but I think its samsung that really dropped the ball. It would have bee diffent if it were just sprint but it was every us carrier. I love this phone to death but I am not a fan of samsung. They are going to have to do a lot to win me back. They have 1.5 years to change my mind about them or it may be another phone for me. Hehe as for sprint, I am still amazed how when I need to talk to a real person at customer service. I am connected in less then 6 mins to someone who lives in the U.S.! Try that was Verizon. Tell me how that works on AT&T. Hehe I really don’t know. LoL

  10. I just had my tech friend from sprint confirm this is true.

  11. No mention of 2.2 for Captivate. Shocker.

  12. The froyo update has been out on hacker sites for months. If you wanted it badly enough you would already have it.

  13. I’ll believe it when I see! I’m glad I got the evo I’m running cm7 and its amazing!

  14. Getting samsung to update their phones is worse than pulling teeth

  15. So gingerbread next week right? Lmao

  16. haha the zio really. thank god i didnt get the transform. optimus s 2.2 out of the box i love it. waiting for 2.3 which will be here soon.

  17. Sprint gave us the best version of the Galaxy S. It’s the only one with both the front facing camera and camera flash out of the US models, and the only one internationally to have a keyboard for gamegripper use.

    So go ahead and enjoy your AT&T locked phone that only lets you use market apps, not to merton that the captivate will probably be the last Galaxy S phone to get froyo. Hell, I bet U.S. Cellular will release froyo for their Mesmerize before AT&T releases it for their Captivate.

  18. I love my Epic with 2.2 on it! Anyone who wants to sit back and complain is just stupid. Man up and instal Froyo yourself if it’s that important to you!

  19. Guys,
    Learn to root your phone, stay with sprint (cheapest) and be happy.

  20. Every carrier and manufacture has there issues theres no arguement about this if spend anytime reading the forums. There is something to said for the galaxy s phones and it goes beyond the carriers and samsung, trust me it did not help. But there seems to even be a lack of support from the mod community for galaxy s phone; nothing from cyanogen and team whiskey supports only a few of the galaxy s phone.

    I hope @george gets what we wants from ATT with the Atrix. The Atrix looks like a great phone but if ATT holds true to slow to no updates, chocking the phone with bloatware. (they choked the life out of the captivate with all the bloatware). If they do this then it will kill the Atrix before it gets started especially if Moto locks the bootloader. So to all future Atrix owners I wish you the best seriously no pun intended.

    And before I hear all the just root, flash mod hey Im all for it; its just not for everyone. I dont think google had bad manufacture UI,s or carrier bs bloatware in mind for Android.

  21. Every day that passes without an official 2.2 update from AT&T for my Captivate, the closer I am to saying “Screw this” and learning how to put it on there myself.

  22. Okay so saying that this is actually true. How can I get rid of DK28 and download the “official” 2.2 update for my epic??

  23. There is absolutely no excuse for Samsung or AT&T for not at least giving a ball park estimate when Froyo will be available for the Galaxy S particularly since it has already been superseded by Gingerbread for other phones. When my contract runs out, I will definitely not go with a Samsung phone again due entirely to their poor to nonexistent customer support.

  24. My epic has ran cyanagen just no c7 it will come with the froyo source code its aosp remember and ask for saying there is no development on the gs is just obsurd I am running frankenstien and it kicks ass It lets you build your own rom samsung kicks ass

  25. There are still phones stuck on Eclair? Really? My OG Droid has been running Gingerbread for over a month now and each new build is getting better and better.
    I honestly will not 1) buy a Sammy, 2) only upgrade to another vanilla Android phone. Come on Verizon, let one of those new Droids not be locked down!

  26. 8==¤

  27. I love the cyclical nature of these rumors. Inevitably it starts with a “my buddy knows someone who knows someone” XDA rumor post, gets picked up by the various Android based sites (Phandroid included) referencing the XDA post, then it filters down through the other tech blogs which post it as fact and might reference Phandroid and the like, filters through a couple of more where the sources get muddled some more, and then inevitably gets picked BACK up by Phandroid as a new report based on a different tech site. All of these articles can be pretty easily traced back to that first rumor post.

    I just love that this is a re-report of what’s essentially the same rumor that was posted here several days ago.

  28. Don’t think that the Transform doesn’t have Froyo. We’ve had a build going for a pretty long time now, don’t think we’re just sitting on Eclair waiting for better days.

  29. Tmobile is cheaper than Sprint

  30. Samsung hired a representative to communicate with the XDA forums. A week after he’s hired we actually have the new source (even before the build’s release). I see this as samsung taking measurable steps to address the bad PR over it’s slow roll-out of 2.2.

  31. @Alex – TMobile might be cheaper than Sprint for you, but everyone’s usage varies. For my family, Sprint has the lowest monthly cost hands down. Mostly because of the mobile to mobile free calls between carriers.

  32. Update for Epic 4G pulled, people. Pulled by Sprint and Samsung. No more updates until further notice. Update has many bugs in it. to fix them, Epic 4g users will need to HARD RESET the phone. My advice: AVOID THIS UPDATE AT ALL COSTS!

  33. Too late, got the update and downloaded it. It is not the best but its something. I love my Epic and I don’t want to give it up!

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