Rumor: EA17 for Samsung Epic 4G Coming Feb. 21st, Fascinate’s Froyo Feb. 22nd


Remember when we were expecting all of this stuff to come out before 2011? Remember how each rumored date kept slipping away? Get ready for another random date from the rumor mill – February 21st is the day to look forward to the Samsung Epic 4G’s Froyo update.

Android Central received the tip and an image of the phone’s About screen with the build number EA17. They claim it’s ready to go – which will have a bunch of you scratching your heads wondering why they just won’t release it. They also claim the Fascinate’s will be coming the very next day.

Unfortunately, this rumor is just that – no leak to be had with it. All we can do is hope XDA, SDX, or SamFirmware can track it down and get it up on the internet for all to enjoy if it does indeed exist.

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  1. I hate Samsung.

  2. I second the hate.

  3. It’s about darn time. Another Samsung phone. Quothe the raven, never more.

  4. I truly do not believe this at all. Any if us would be stupid to think that we are actually getting this update. This is the last samsung phone that I will ever buy.

  5. When I turn my phone on the morning of the 21st or 22nd an I have an ota update I may believe this

  6. Got froyo.. done with these guys… when this phone is done no more samsung for me.

  7. Just glad I never bought the Captivate on AT&T network. waiting for my Atrix.

  8. You guys are crying over a stupit update! I hate you guys bitching about this. Get over it! I can’t believe people do this shit.

  9. Ill treat this like the weather from the michigan forcasters. Ill believe it when I see it lol

  10. Good one Curt that’s the only way to treat this f*in update I would like to have flash sooner than later tho lol

  11. This screenshot of this EA17 build seems to suggest that it is still a test build and not a final build. Take a look at the hardware version. It ends in 4. Final Hardware versions end in 5’s which means this still isn’t final. The 21st is still about 2 weeks away which will give the time to finalize this build n release it on the 21st, given this isn’t just another release date rumor.

  12. I agree with George…
    Screw samsung, I’m gonna pay full retail for the kyocera echo! Hell yeah!

    Ack! Thinking about leaving sprint after 12 years and going to verizon!

  13. The reason why people are crying is because there are a lot more apps requiring Android 2.2 these days, like the new Youtube app. Don’t blame them for crying. They bought a top of the line phone expecting it to keep up with the times. I mean look, the Nexus S is just a Galaxy S, but it has 2.3 on it. Why can’t the Galaxy S phones get 2.2? /awaits Samsung Fascinate Official Froyo update (not leak).

  14. When it happens it happens!

  15. Wow…
    Root ur phone. Custom Rom. There u go…

  16. If they really care, there are so many stable FroYo ports available for all of the US SGS devices. Just install a ROM.

  17. My wife upgraded to a stable leak of Froyo for her Epic in early December I think it was. Took maybe 10 minutes to do. There is an occasional problem but no worse than 2.1. I guess you guys & gals can just keep waiting.

  18. do you people stop and think it isn’t samsungs fault – it is the carriers

  19. The update would be nice, but I hope to god this fixes the broken capabilities of this “flagship” device.
    1. GPS-more accurate than 30 meters would be nice.
    2. The battery drain from constantly polling for GPS towers instead of only CDMA.
    3. The useles bluetooth.
    4. The ability to output audio to docking devices (especially the one samsung itself released for the phone that was a glorified charging cable that turned your audio off.)

  20. The current ROMs are good, but the real payoffs will only come once the devs get the kernel source code AFTER an official release.

    Hulk, It’s my phone and I’ll cry if I want to.
    I paid top dollar for a device that was crippled before it came out the gate.(see above)
    You would cry too if it happened to you.

  21. Does this site olny allow one comment? I swear my previous comment disappeared when I posted another…

  22. Hulk,
    It’s my phone and I’ll cry if I want to.
    I paid top dollar for a “flagship” device that was crippled before it got out of the gate.
    1. GPS is busted, no better than 30M
    2. Bluetooth broken.
    3. Constantly polls for GSM towers instead of only CDMA, resulting in +33% battery drain.
    4. Wont work with docking devices, even the one Samsung released for the Epic.

  23. Listen to Stockline, it is not difficult to learn to root your phone and install a custom ROM. You don’t have to be at the mercy of Samsung or any carrier… I am not very tech savy at all and I did the research, found step by step tutorials and successfully got a fantastic 2.2 Rom running and am getting updates every couple of weeks. Stop your bitching for $%^& sake! LOL!

  24. Charlie Brown.. Lucy is going to hold the football for you this time for real.

  25. bOYS AND GIRLS, This is the Official Froyo Leak for Samsung Epic 4G it is not a custom ROM. Load it get Froyo and when the Official, Official update comes in 2013 you can still update it without any problems fear not! Its Great this is what @Stocklone is talking about. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=861253

  26. Looks like all this site lives on is rumours.

    So blatant that the title itself declares it a rumour.

    Could be, may be, can it be that, it was overheard that..these seem like the only way to being an article in this site.

    I will stop visiting this site from now on for wasting time.

    There are so many better sites which give proper concrete contents. So nice to read and actually enjoy.

  27. I’ve been running a Custom ROM since Dec, so I’ve had 2.2 for a while. But here’s my thing, Gingerbread is out and running. Devs are building apps for it. Ice Cream is around the corner. If you’re going to push the release of an update, then at least give us the best update. I want Gingerbread and I don’t think we should have to wait for 2014 to get it.

    Apple does have us on OS updates. There’s only 1 iPhone. It’s always running the best version available. Google, you need to require the same thing. You wanna load our OS on your phone, here are the rules. We update Android, you have 6 months to comply. If not, we cut our agreement with, you owe us 3 billion dollars, an we punch you in the face. Clear and simple. No more phones getting left behind. This will force the carriers and manufacturers to standardize the software additions they make so that they can update Android in a timely fashion.

  28. Its not samsungs fault its the carriers. The rest of the world has had it for half a year

  29. Suggestion for Andrew and cry: get a new f’n phone! My Galaxy S has none of those problems. Stop your whinin and man up. If you didn’t return your phone after the 30 days that’s on you, not Samsung. That or you’re just another Samsung hater complaining about a stupid software update when their are more important things to worry about in life. But you’re probably one of those idiots I see with his face buried in his phone 24/7. Yeah, that’s probably it.
    I’m so sick of people whining about this.

  30. Toastnjam-

    Nobody is crying – people are just frustrated because they purchased a top of the line phone and entered a contract-and the phone isn’t being supported –
    A con artist would have a field day with you

  31. Try the Fascinate Froyo Leak. It’s easy and it works quite well.

  32. I bought the epic when it first came out. Was told the update was weeks away. I love this phone. No complaints. But when I see cheaper, less sophisticated phones getting better versions of the software, when my phone is supposed to be top of the line, sorry but I’m going to be upset. To all of you jackass trolls saying to suck it up and root, ROM, and kiss your ass, why should I have to do that? Why should I have to do anything to update my own damn phone? I should be able to get the update in a timely manner, from the people paid to do so. So, no, I won’t just flash some beta ROM. However stable. I didn’t pay xda hundreds of dollars to give me an up to date phone. I paid sprint and samsung, with the assumption that my phone, supposedly better than any droids or htc phones, would stay better. My phone is great – I love it. It can go a hundred miles an hour. But when the software only let’s me go 65, what’s the point?

    I shouldn’t have to answer to you trolls as to why I don’t just quit bitchin and upgrade it myself. That’s not my job, is it? Pretty sure we all paid someone else to do all of that for us. So if you like your version of 2.2, great, wonderful, fantastic! And if you’re satisfied wth it then even better. That doesn’t make you smarter, in fact that makes you the idiots.

    You paid full price for a bluray player that can only play dvds, because they promised you they’d fix it asap. You got tired of waiting, so you rigged it yourself, voided the warranty, and now watch blurays happy as a clam. Great for you. You paid full price for something that wasn’t finished, and decided you’d rather finish it yourself.

    Me personally, I pay for something, and I want to get what I pay for. Because that’s what I paid for. You should want that too. You don’t and snub your nose at me like your smarter, why? Because you did it yourself? You shouldn’t have had to. And the fact that you did, and that makes you feel good about yourself, and don’t realy care that they made you do it says a lot.

    I don’t make phones. I don’t make software. I don’t make upgrades. And I especially don’t upgrade millions of phones. I paid someone else money – lots of money – and I pay someone once a month too to take care of all that for me. So yeah, I’m going to be pissed when they aren’t doing a good job of it. The fact that you aren’t mad, and instead yell at me for vocalizing what should be ALL of our frustration makes me wonder what else you’ll let people get away with.

  33. I got tired of the foot dragging and delays by Samsung. I bought the HTC EVO 4G for me and the HTC EVO Shift 4G for my wife about ten days ago. Sorry Samsung! For the Epic 4Gs other family members have, please know that not only do they hate being treated like second class customers, we all now harbor a resentment strong enough to justify retaliation! So, HTC got our business! So, no more anything made by Samsung for us.

  34. Aidan makes A LOT of great points. I really really like my Epic, but the froyo update delay is frustrating.

  35. I love my Epic 4G…I loved it with Eclair, and I am now using midNIGHT 3.2 BYOR and I love it. It’s benchmark scores are twice as fast as Eclair, and you can tell how fast and snappy the phone is. Here is a list of the things I like best that Froyo was needed for.

    1. Chrome to Phone – Huge time saver and way more useful than I thought it was going to be, and I thought it would be useful, lol

    2. Flash 10.1

    3. The apps that needed Froyo for enhancement… Gmail, Youtube, Winamp (there is a station I like on Shoutcast and Winamp required Froyo for Shoutcast)

    4. Google Docs – being able to edit Google Docs on the go. The reason I wanted a phone with a keyboard was for doing long emails and editing documents and spreadsheets. The on-screen keyboard is OK, but takes up a lot if real estate.

    5. Moving apps to the SD Card – I am an app junkie and I need the space, lol

    There are more things, but those are the most important to me. It is was like I got a new phone for a second time. Some of the other things I think that help make the phone better that are not Froyo “items” are the Gingerbread Keyboard (really, really good, better than iOS in my opinion), ASOP Lock Screen, and the EXT4 file system.

    I still liked the phone when it had Eclair, and I wouldn’t go back and buy a different phone, it is nice hardware, awesome 5-row keyboard, and it’s AMOLED screen rocks and everyone who see’s it immediately compares it to their own back lit LCD screens, and develops a serious case of envy, lol.

    I am old enough to know that companies will be companies and will always make and break promises(Apple customers have to put up with a company that said their alarm was fixed in November to have it happen again in January and tells them they are holding their phone wrong). It would be nice if they always kept their promises, but they can’t. If companies were 100% honest, no one would buy their products just like if politicians were 100% honest, no one would vote for them. It would be nice to think we still would, but if we would….wouldn’t there already be 100% honest companies and politicians, lol :-)

  36. i have always been a samsung loyalist until they just havn’t released updates for my phone its so aggeravating im running the dk28 version of 2.2 on my epic with very few issues but it is so aggeravating that samsung keeps making promises they can’t deliver on i hate it if you are going to release something just do it instead of making your consumers continue to wait and get aggeravated with the company

  37. I do have a couple of questions:
    Why do we have to wait till the 21st if its out now, just release it!
    Once I do get Froyo on my Epic can I change out some of my dock icons?

  38. Asked about any pending Froyo release at the local Verizon store here (in the back where the technical staff are). Most gave me blank stares. One echoed what’s been said online already. They’re clueless.

  39. This date is BS, it wont be out until April at the earliest! And if they find a problem it may never come out at all.. EOL so sorry…

  40. Hey Dan and David (if not the same person) the douchebag, it’s the money grubbing faggots at Samsung’s fault, NOT Sprint’s fault. Looks at Samsungs other delayed OS updates on OTHER carriers. The proof is in the pudding, so-to-speak. So before you open your fat pie-hole, get your facts straight first next time…

  41. Hey Dan and David (if not the same person) the d0uchebag, it’s the money grubbing f@ggots at Samsung’s fault, NOT Sprint’s fault. Looks at Samsungs other delayed OS updates on OTHER carriers. The proof is in the pudding, so-to-speak. So before you open your fat pie-hole, get your facts straight first next time…

  42. HAH, I love reading these posts. they make me feel… i don’t know superior for not thinking that someone always owes me something. “I’d like a cheese burger, where is it?” If everyone wants to buy top of the line phones when they first come out, get the ones with the newest software. Epic came out with 2.1, anyone in too much of a hurry to buy the new phone and not waiting out the next update has nobody to blame but themselves. I updated from 2.1 to 2.2 with no problems, and there really isn’t that much of a difference other than that little .1 changed to a .2. I guess if you are on your phone constantly you want flash, but I’m sure most of us have laptops and computers for our main flash interactions. Also, can’t compare ANY android updates to iphone updates. Android is open source, which makes everything harder for developers. iphone has the ease of all phones being the same.

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