Feb 18th, 2011

When @LorenzKong asked @TMobile about whether or not they’d get the Samsung Galaxy S2, T-Mobile’s response seemed pretty cut and dry:

And T-Mobile probably WILL get the Galaxy S2, afterall, one of the original Galaxy S highlights is that it was simultaneously announced on all four major American carriers. That being said, T-Mobile quickly deleted that tweet and followed up claiming it was nothing more than an accident:

I believe them and appreciate the #longday and #timeforcoffee hashtags – definitely a light-hearted admittance of error rather than remaining mum like many other companies do. The most likely scenario is that the TMO tweeter mixed up the Galaxy S2 with the Galaxy S 4G – probably just seeing Galaxy S and responding – resulting in a bit of confusion.

So no, T-Mobile hasn’t announced they’ll have the Galaxy S2. But yes, they likely will in the future. And no, that speculation isn’t based on the tweet above. And yes, they are getting the Galaxy S 4G. Also yes, #timeforcoffee for me too.

[Via TMOnews]

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