T-Mobile Tweets About Galaxy S 2, Likely Nothing More Than Accident


When @LorenzKong asked @TMobile about whether or not they’d get the Samsung Galaxy S2, T-Mobile’s response seemed pretty cut and dry:

And T-Mobile probably WILL get the Galaxy S2, afterall, one of the original Galaxy S highlights is that it was simultaneously announced on all four major American carriers. That being said, T-Mobile quickly deleted that tweet and followed up claiming it was nothing more than an accident:

I believe them and appreciate the #longday and #timeforcoffee hashtags – definitely a light-hearted admittance of error rather than remaining mum like many other companies do. The most likely scenario is that the TMO tweeter mixed up the Galaxy S2 with the Galaxy S 4G – probably just seeing Galaxy S and responding – resulting in a bit of confusion.

So no, T-Mobile hasn’t announced they’ll have the Galaxy S2. But yes, they likely will in the future. And no, that speculation isn’t based on the tweet above. And yes, they are getting the Galaxy S 4G. Also yes, #timeforcoffee for me too.

[Via TMOnews]

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  1. As a sprint customer and current htc evo 4g owner it is very vital that htc and Sprint produce the new htc evo 2 4g. It should be announced at CTIA IN MARCH 2011 along with the rumored htc pyramid for tmobile. Since the Incredible S has already been announced at MWC and with the Droid X 2 soon to be announced it only makes perfect since that the Evo 2 4g makes it’s appearance at ctia. If not then it will be clear that SPRINT HAS FALLEN BEHIND THE CURVE AND MIGHT BE IN SERIOUS DANGER OF LOSING CURRENT HTC EVO 4G OWNERS WHO MAY DECIDE TO SWITCH CARRIERS FOR TMOBILE OR VERIZON/AT&T. As of today 2-18-11 the Motorola Atrix 4g on At&t as well as the announced Samsung Galaxy S2 at mwc along with the Lg optimus 2x and Lg optimus 3d as well as the htc infuse 4g ARE THE BEST DEVICES ON THE MARKET. They are this YEARS TOP TECH TOYS and everyone wants the best. It appears to me that the SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 and the HTC PYRAMID and the LG OPTIMUS 2X are all headed to TMOBILE and if that is the CASE A FLOOD OF PEOPLE WILL BE LEAVING SPRINT IF…. NO HTC EVO 2 4G EXIST… Current Evo 4g owners ARE WATCHING THIS VERY CLOSELY

  2. Well spoken Richard… I am one of those customers who is watching closely and will be jumping ship if Sprint does not announce something very soon.

  3. Well I don’t think galaxy s2 will be announce until June or july for t mobile. Anyway I don’t really see the point for the vibrant 4g but whatever. But I will be getting the galaxy s2 on the first day. Like I did with my vibrant and g1. Rock on t mobile

  4. @Richard..I completely agree with everything you said. I wilk likely get the galaxy s2

  5. I spoke with T-Mobile customer support yesterday and the lady told me she had handled the upcoming Vibrant 2. It WILL be coming to tmo.

  6. I’m not sure what’s up with the current trend of using caps in the comments, or switching carriers because you want to cry about not getting the phone you wanted on their network. You know Sprint rewards you for staying true to the carrier and I definitely appreciate it, unlike other people who keep saying “If theres no EVO 2 I’M LEAVING SPRINT AND GOING TO VERIZON. SCREW YOU SPRINT” You guys need to chill out and stay with a carrier you want. If you want a Droid go to Verizon, if you want stock Android go to T Mob. You want the Atrix 4G with a ton of locked crap, go to ATT, but if you want the granddaddy of 4G with great service and a wide range of phone, go with Sprint. It’s not that difficult but seriously, don’t go playing the 2 year game with carriers because something better will always come out to the carrier you left. I’m sure that’s something you carrier abusers can relate to.

  7. Old news for galaxy s 4g.

  8. First off love tmobile now dat thsts out the way lets disect theese two tweets “pricing and availibility to follow then srry not anouncing nothing today” we already knew the GS 4G was comming hell theres already a sign up page so they wouldnt have to reiterate that secondly no anouncments today leads me to believe it IS comming jus not now otherwise y add that comment so logically we can deduce tmobile is gettin the S2 jus not yet

  9. I talked to a Samsung rep today & he confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is coming to T-Mobile. He didnt have a release date though

  10. On the evening of 2-16 I sent this tweet to TMobile “Will you get a version of the Galaxy S2? Any idea when? Will the ATT version work on TMO?” I received a reply tweet around 1500 Pacific on 2-17 the following from CJ at TMobile “Yes to both:) ~CJ”.

  11. @Curry… Not sure what your DRINKING BUT LET US ALL HAVE SOME OF IT.. http://www.pcworld.com/article/219901/sprint_wimax_lte.html#tk.rss_news

  12. Lol@ curry man who the fuck are you to tell anybody what and how to spend their money? Lmao this dude think these carriers got feelings something. I don’t jump carriers for phones. I also been on tmo since my first phone. But come on man! Just do you…

  13. Would be a mistake for T
    mobile not to carry the S2.

  14. @mr.walker: He’s an adult with a reasonable opinion and the ability to write coherent sentences. Unlike you.

  15. It’s not inspiring, interesting, relevant, noteworthy nor unique to post comments that say “If (insert carrier name) does not get the (insert phone name) that will (insert favorite phrase of doom).

    Just yesterday someone posted on another site words to the affect: “If the Samsung S2 is not fully optimized it will be a big fail like the Samsung Galaxy S was.” Clearly the idiot just wanted something to say and was desperately looking for a place to use his fancy word… “optimized.”


    Oh look, my cat started to walk on the keyboard. Her comment is more inspired than yours.

  16. go with the Samsung Galaxy S2 to enjoy the amazing applications with the Android , v2.3 Gingerbread operating system. The dual core 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor can give you two times better downloading speed, fast browsing and enjoy the amazing watching experience.

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