Possible Verizon Purchase Order – Thunderbolt Arriving 23rd, Selling 24th


Over on our forums we’d briefly seen had what appeared to be a Verizon purchase order that shows 18 units of the HTC Thunderbolt arriving on February 23rd with the Verizon rep for that store claiming they’ll start selling them on the 24th. The $569 price is apparently what Verizon pays for the device so don’t worry too much about that figure.

The image has since been removed and you’ll just have to take our word on it, sorry folks.

Lots of rumors are claiming the Thunderbolt is delayed past the 24th, but based on that glimpse I’d say the February 24th is still looking pretty possible. We’ll let you know if things change, but for now I’d continue to keep your fingers crossed and wait for further evidence before jumping to conclusions.

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HTC Thunderbolt Delayed Again?

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  1. Hmmm, What to do, What to do

  2. For Verizon’s sake I hope this is accurate…..

  3. wonder if the price will stay 569

  4. This looks so fake its ridiculous

  5. is it delayed again or not. damn somebody get their facts straight pleeeaaaassseeee

  6. verizon never announced a release date people. i was at my local verizon wireless store and the reps over there didnt even know when the phone was coming out. we will all just have to wait and see. I know it is soon because verizon has a page dedicated to it on their website saying “coming soon”. i want one badly but if the price is really $749.99 without contract then i will have to take a pass on it.

  7. Not sure how is can be delayed when a offical date has not been provided from VZW or HTC.

  8. I played with the INSPIRE today and if thats any sign of what to expect from th Thunderbolt. This is going to be amazing!!! The HTC INSPIRE was soooooo smooth. The new sense is so much fun it will keep you busy theming and the widgets are great!!!

    Im just praying that the data plan is still $30 unlimited because if its a dollar more a month i wont get it!!

  9. The date plan will stay at $30/month. If I decide on the TBolt I will try out LauncherPro and find out what Launcher works best for me.


  10. I want a 1-year contract.Anyone hear any prices for that?

  11. @Cree if you use launcherpro you lose all HTC Widgets!!!! Trut me the new sense is smooth as silk!!!! Launcherpro has no use on this phone.

  12. Nyreyn said this right… I hope this is right for verizon’s sake

  13. $569 is the Verizon full retail. The $749 price you speak of is just for Best Buy. Best Buy has the highest full retail value on all of their Mobile phones than any other premium retailer or corporate cellular store.

  14. On again, off again. It is like a roller coaster ride. I think I’m going to hurl.

  15. Does anyone know what the best way to get this on the 24th would be for a corporate account? I have been waiting to switch over from AT&T and will be flying out west on the 25th and would really like to have my new phone for my extended weekend.

  16. If you guys want to see the up to date info on whats going on regarding the launch date of 24th and the supposed “delay”, i suggest you head into the forums here to see

  17. I called Verizon customer service the other day and the guy said he had never heard of the Thunderbolt. I guess he hasn’t seen the ads on CNN.com or in the middle of primetime shows on major networks. Derrrrr

  18. who cares about the thunderbolt…its a freaking evo….theres much more anticipated phones ( bionic, revolution )…im getting a bionic!

  19. have fun with MotoBlur, and its NOT an EVO, its a Desire HD, the EVO has nothing that Desire HD has and here’s a comparison video to prove it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-3MOvuPFvU

  20. bionic sux. motoblur sux. It’s ugly.

  21. From what I’ve heard, the 1 year contract price is $320. Also, Iowchef, The TBolt’s processor and Ram are much better/higher than the EVO, with the former almost doubling the benchmark for the Evo’s processor.

  22. My friend work at verizon and told me that is coming the 28th

  23. The thunderbolt has the 2nd gen processor….evo has old one. Thunderbolt has more ram!!! Better front and rear camera. New Sense UI. Better quality body.

    The Thunderbolt beat the BIONIC in every speed test!!! Just becuse its a tegra 2 doesnt make it faster…..all it mean is it can run more programs at the same time.

  24. Can I do the 1 year contract, and still use my last new every two credit?

  25. I think the phone doesn’t work. I think Verizon and HTC thought it would work, but they are having all sorts of small problems and they’d rather not release the phone until things are fixed. IF they CAN be fixed.

  26. Tyler, htc has shipped the phone. They sit in Verizon’s warehouse waiting on Verizon to get off apple’s ****

  27. I don’t think you know what you talking about (23) the reason for that is that if they release the Thunderbolt, apple might be out of business. They want to make sure they sell those iphones that just made it to Verizon..I don’t think a lot of people want the iphone anymore, not with HTC around!

  28. You are right (4). That shit couldn’t look more fake. Whoever came out with that shit is stupid and an idiot!

  29. LMBO @ Tim242, you hit it on the nose

  30. @tim242 That is exactly the answer!!!! APPLE know just how to screw all of there competitors!!!

  31. WHOBIDY DOBIDY…who gives a flying bat fecal matter dropping. Im going to Sprint. Verizon has good service but so does Sprint and I like their prices better too. Verizon is peeing the bed with this Thunderbolt release date fiasco.

  32. if u think the bionic will b better ur dumb blur sucks and its slower and its not an evo its much faster i already preordered mine at best buy just waiting for it to come out

  33. Call me a dummy but …if it doesn’t say Droiddddd! I don’t really want it…pluss Moto has a better keyboard

  34. I do hope the call quality is better than the Incredible. My G1 had much better call quality than my Incredible.

  35. I think this is in favor to Apple, Verizon has millions of iphones and they need to sell those firts. If they relise the Bolt. many ppl will return the iphone and that will cost lot of money to verizon and his new toy. what verizon want us to do is. get tired of the wait. and get the iphone, ( i work for apple btw )

  36. Mensah: You are a dummy. Droid is just a marketing term. Two htc phones are Droids. One, being the Eris. That should tell you something.

  37. wtf..give us a fucken release date already..its not hard..we are like a week away and the release date is still rumored..its bullshit

  38. I’m still hoping for the 24th but have resigned myself to waiting longer, just to expect the worst but hope for the best. My local Best Buy never offered it on pre-order, so I couldn’t put one on reserve. My Verizon store, while not having a release date, does have signs up for it everywhere, a cardboard display with pamphlets, a display model behind the counter, and they even gave me an extra window cling (although what I’ll do with it I have no idea). They were so happy I came in to ask about something other than the stupid iPhone.

    If Verizon sits on this too long, they’re going to lose sales to the Atrix, despite At&t having the crappier network.

  39. Fail….This PO looks fake. Ther isn’t even a space for a tracking number. What kind of shipment manifest wouldn’t have a tracking number? Answer: a fake one! With that said, I hope they release this damn phone soon.

  40. the small verizon stores say the 1yr contract will be 100.00 more than the 2yr price

  41. ugh…. i don’t know if this is real. It’s like chasin the effin dragon man. It’ll come when it comes I guess. I assume now the 24th, but who effin knows. This is exhausting. I’m expending a lot of energy hating my current phone because my new phone is on the brink of release. COME ON MAN!!

    On a side note, TO ALL THE “Why Thunderbolt?”, “It’s a verizon evo”, “it’s not even a dual core” people, STFU. TBOLT people want this phone because it’s bad ass and it’s available now (well sort of anyways). We are the people that can’t wait for fucking quarter 2. At this rate, the bionic will be released sometime in November when all the pages of this blog are filled with people ranting about quadcores not being released yet.

    Suck it. I want my TBOLT and I want it now.

  42. want merge.

  43. well,as someone who has personally used the thunderbolt, I like it. while I was looking toward the bionic for dual core, the thunderbolt is nice. skinnable sense, cute chrome kick stand, large screen. i may have to retire droid x.

    on a side note, the xoom is awesome too. yeah, used that one too. by all means, carry on with the rantings based on rumors from boy genius..lol.

  44. Yaaaaaawwwwwnnn,,,wake me up when they anounce/launch it…This rumor mill is getting old.

  45. This thing needs to hurry up. I’m running out of time to return this Dinc to Best Buy!

  46. LOL (4) THIS IS THE FAKEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!?!?! I could have made this in 7th grade, think about it everyone. Look at it closely and tell me you couldnt make this yourself. 569.99? Not true at all. They have no information on order number or ANY of that on this. Oh and they only ordered 18 of these devices? RIGHT. Stop freaking the hell out everyone its going to come out soon and as for this picture..christ you gotta be kidding me lol!

  47. I spoke to a Verizon rep at a store earlier this week. He confirmed that it will be out “this month.” Guess that doesn’t necessarily mean the 24th, but he was fairly certain it would be out by the 28th. He said they were already fully stocked with accessories.

  48. FWIW, local Vz store AND National Vz Winback group both advise the Thunderbolt will be available Feb 24 (talked to them 2/17).

  49. Yeath rumors is 28th now. It started as a release date of February 14, then 17, then 21, then 24, now 28th, the 28th will show up and then they might say oh, it’s on February 28th of next year!!! I’ll believe the date when I see the Thunderbolt in the stores and in my hands!

  50. Hey all…I went in the Verizon store yesterday here in Tallahassee and spoke in detail to one of the CSR’s. He said its possible the Thunderbolts will be there monday…I just e-mailed him this morning to confirm. I will post his reply later…I have been with Sprint a long time now and just cant deal with the signal strength when I really need the phone…The Thunderbolt looks awesome, but the real attraction will be the coverage and signal strength of Verizon. I also hear they are rolling out the 4G LTE here in Tallahassee in March..bonus..!

  51. The $569.price is logically for direct buy not a contract price…I’m sure the 2 year contract price will be between $199. and $249.

  52. I’ll give Verizon this weekend. No Thunder then I re-up with ATT and the Moto 4G.
    Not my problem they are stuck with old iPhones no one should want.

  53. I work for verizon and all I know is the original release date was march 17 my boss said it might have been moved up but from what I know we get ours in on the 23th this mount so I’m not sure it could be anywhere from the 24 to the original date march 17

  54. U know I love the way this whole rumor is goin on. So I work for verizon wireless and there has been no release date of the phone. So all these dates gettin thrown around mean nothing. I have the HTC incredible and am looking forward to getting this TBolt and honestly all the rumors of release date is making me want it more. I’ve nvr wanted any other phone so bad. The rest of the lte phones ehh they coo but HTC is on point. I’m hoping 24th

  55. If you get them on the 23 of march why would they sin in store for almost a month that don’t make sense. Wouldn’t u think?

  56. I just don’t understand why Verizon has not announced it yet! If it is on 2/24, then they should announce it today. Don’t they always let you order it on-line a few days before the release? 2/24 is only 6 days away.

  57. Come on OP! Purchase orders on their own mean diddly. What mattters is the PROMISE date on the PO.

    My guess is 2/28. Make it so, Number One!

  58. I am a little miffed that Best Buy has a higher retail price for this phone. Its BS and should be the same any store you go to. Oh well…

  59. Also, the 2/23 is a place holder date “ETA” means estimate and NOT promise. You folks posting this stuff from middle school? ;)

  60. The handling of the release of this phone has been an epic fail. Im going to switch from AT&T to VZW for this phone but this is really not inspiring any confidence. I sure hope their service is far better than the release.

  61. It should be clear that Verizon had to guarentee sales of the iPhone4 and due to lackluster sales they are extending the window that it operates without the Thunderbolt as competition. I, for one, was looking forward to switching to Verizon from AT&T. But, if they are going to play these games I am off to Sprint.

  62. That is a photoshopped RQ4 invoice. I guarantee you Verizon corp. does not use RQ4 to do their ordering.

  63. The Thunderbolt looks awesome except that its thicker than Evo. But hey! this is 4G LTE phone and not just advanced 3G Atrix from ATT and its better than the spotty Sprint WiMax Evo 4G.

    Good things always come to those who wait. I’ve used it and it rocks! That will be my next phone this February replacing my Droid X. I’m done with Motorola, their UIs are just horrible. I liked HTC better.

  64. UI will just keep on waiting and i will have the phone believe that

  65. Give homage to the granddaddy of 4g the HTC EVO 4G on SPRINT.. We started it all and today 9months later everyone has followed our lead. The Htc Evo 4g and Sprint set this TREND not anyother carrier and not anyother manufacturer. We current Htc Evo owners welcome our NEWEST member to the HTC FAMILY. REGARDLESS of CARRIER android lovers are MARRIED TO THE PLATFORM AND TO GOOGLE… So the TORCH has been passed from my beloved HTC EVO 4G the granddaddy to the HTC THUNDERBOLT the son… Look out now for the HTC PYRAMID for tmobile and the upcoming HTC INCREDIBLE S for Verizon these will be great devices. Since sprint now has issues with CLEAR and will switching to LTE Soon this maybe the PERFECT EXCUSE FOR SPRINT NOT TO COME OUT WITH THE HTC EVO 2… This is not kool

  66. You need to sign A two year in order to cash in that New Every 2 credit

  67. Lady @ 2brothers (verison store) said hers come in on the 21 and i could get one then we’ll see

  68. Hey (58) if they don’t find people like you to buy the damm phone, then they would lower the price.! I say don’t buy from them!

  69. Verizon LTE and Android lineup is going to decimate anyone who even tries to beat them. They are lightyears ahead in development and have practically unlimited funds to make it even better…oh and the TBolt wont launch til the 24th at the earliest…14 days after iPhone launch so you don’t have half a million people returning them when they realize they just made a bad purchase…go HTC

  70. Boy, talk about leading up to something! There has been so much hype on TB that has everyone just drooling for it. Including me! Verizon knows what they are doing and I wouldn’t be surprised that no matter what date it is realeased, there will be 3 months on back up orders.

  71. Wonder why they are now saying that Skype Mobile is being removed from the phone? Doesn’t that kind of kill the main reason for getting it??
    “It would appear as though the closer we get to the release of the HTC Thunderbolt the further we get from the device we were originally promised. The Thunderbolt, Verizon’s first 4G LTE device, was originally announced at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Since then we’ve discovered that while it is a 4G LTE device for data it will still use CDMA for voice. Now, it seems that as we get closer to launch more features are being removed.”
    “So, no Skype video, no channelized voice…”
    So what’s the point of buying then??? Wait another year for a better phone? Will it not multi-task? UGH

  72. Stopped in yesterday at Best Buy and they said the 28th for release. The salesman said they received a text on it this week. Not sure if Verizon will go earlier though.

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