Feb 17th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:56 pm

Over on our forums we’d briefly seen had what appeared to be a Verizon purchase order that shows 18 units of the HTC Thunderbolt arriving on February 23rd with the Verizon rep for that store claiming they’ll start selling them on the 24th. The $569 price is apparently what Verizon pays for the device so don’t worry too much about that figure.

The image has since been removed and you’ll just have to take our word on it, sorry folks.

Lots of rumors are claiming the Thunderbolt is delayed past the 24th, but based on that glimpse I’d say the February 24th is still looking pretty possible. We’ll let you know if things change, but for now I’d continue to keep your fingers crossed and wait for further evidence before jumping to conclusions.

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