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How to Root the Dell Venue

We still have yet to hear of this thing outside of India and South Korea, but the Dell Venue has been rooted. We’re sure a good chunk of our reader base doesn’t have this phone, but for the sake of anticipation, we’ll inform you guys anyway. A quick download of the drivers needed and a Superoneclick root application is all you’ll need to get started. XDA has the instructions you need here. [Thanks, BonBonDude!]

  1. Download the driver file from Dell. (A Windows-based PC is required.)
  2. Connect your phone to your PC.
  3. Install R291096.exe.
  4. Download SuperOneClickv1.5.1-ShortFuse
  5. Open SuperOneClick and tap the ROOT button.
  6. You should be all good to go!

Continue reading on the Dell Venue forums, see the specs, or find news and reviews.

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