Feb 1st, 2011

So I just got done reading that 26% of all applications installed across iOS, Blackberry OS, Android, and Windows are used once and then uninstalled. That’s a pretty hefty chunk, but not too surprising. It’s interesting, nonetheless, and makes me look at my own habits: how long do I keep apps installed? Which ones do I tend to keep and which ones do I tend to discard?

Myself, I only download what I absolutely know I’ll need and use. I traverse every piece of information that the market entry provides – from the amount of users, to its ratings, to two weeks’ worth of comments – before pulling the trigger on an app, free or otherwise . My personal number would probably be less than 5% because I won’t even waste time installing an application that I absolutely can’t see myself using longer than a couple of hours.

What about you folks, though? How often do you download applications, and how often do you see yourself uninstalling them? Are you “no nonsense” types where you won’t even open the market entry for an application that has no practical use in your every day life? Or do you like to install random apps that you can get a kick out of at certain boring patches in a typical day? [via LA Times]