Xperia Range Receiving Maintenance Upgrades


Sony Ericsson has announced that their current range of Xperia products – namely the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, and the X8 – will be receiving maintenance upgrades to fix bugs and add new features. (Sorry folks: no Froyo for you.) The update will add Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Thai languages, will enable the ANT+ technology that we heard about yesterday, and more.

And most importantly, the Xperia X10 will finally receive multitouch. (Sorry, Minis: no love for you here.) A full list of changes can be found below. The Xperia X10 should be receiving its update starting today, with rollouts for the rest beginning within the week. [via Sony Ericsson]

  • Moxier in an updated version (2.7.13) that includes a great overview widget for e-mail, calendar and tasks.
  • Moxier e-mail shown in Timescape.
  • Possibilities of trimming videos in the phone.
  • Videos are transcoded to fit into MMS-messages even if they were recorded in high quality.
  • Minor changes to Mediascape with access to “Now Playing” in the top right corner.
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  1. Farsi support? Kewl!!

  2. The xperia x10 blog reports that the ‘video trimming capabilities’ as a ‘video editing app’ … it better be a little more than trimming -.-

  3. 3rd !!! yes!! panda power !!

  4. Which means NO 2.1 OR 2.2 UPDATE. just glad I return my X10. now ready FOR MY ATRIX.

  5. meh. too little, too late SE. i’ve been running zdzihu’s froyo beta for weeks on my x10. super stable and is in a constant state of dev – always getting better. XDA has gingerbread ROMS, CyanogenMod Roms and all sorts for FroYo roms for the x10 now – we dont need SE anymore. Oh yes, they all have multi(dual) touch also.

  6. Is this update avaliable OTA?

  7. @inspectorgadget

    x10 got 2.1 ages ago, late compared to everyone else but still ages ago

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