Millennial Media: Android Surpasses iOS in Ad Impressions and Revenue


It’s numbers time again! This time, Android has finally surpassed Apple’s iOS in Millennial’s mobile metrics report in two of the most important categories: overall ad impressions and ad revenue from apps. Android commands 46% and 55%, respectively, compared to Apple’s 32% and 39%. What’s more is that 16 of the top 30 devices all run Android, with products ranging from the likes of Motorola, LG, Samsung, and HTC.

Comparatively, iOS saw little growth from January to December of 2010: 14% compared to Android’s 3,130%. And from Q3 to Q4, Android saw a respectable 141% growth compared to iOS’s 12%. It’s easy to skew those numbers into positives for Android, though: it just shows that Android’s growth spurt really took off throughout 2010 while iOS was already established.

Some say iOS has hit its peak and that Android will continue to grow. While we definitely believe the latter part, the former part may now be influenced by one thing: iPhone on Verizon. Up until now, AT&T has been the only carrier in the United States to carry the iPhone 4. We have reason to believe that the device being offered on Verizon won’t create a huge swing in momentum, though: iOS enjoys homes on many carriers all throughout the world, with some regions having multiple carriers boasting the product.

If that doesn’t prove that Android’s success is more than just iPhone’s lack of availability on other carriers in the US, then Q1 and Q2 numbers definitely will. It’s going to be an interesting first half of 2011, that’s for sure. [Millennial via MocoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is almost EXACTLY the kind of thing which happened between Windows and the old Macs in the 90s. Android just provides much more choice for everything from manufacturers and carriers down to the average joe consumer and geeks.

    I just find it a shame that Nokia will not take Android onboard. I understand that they’ve already a spent a LOT of money on their own platform, but I seriously doubt there will be room left at the table for when/if Nokia finally get their more serious hitting products rolling.

  2. Tbh at this point it really doesn’t matter. It’s just like the console wars – it really only matters at the start. The dreamcast busted out too early, so people stopped making games for it. But once you get to a certain size, it really doesn’t matter if you “win” or not, because you’re big enough to support creators.

    That is, it really doesn’t matter, now, whether or not Android surpasses iOS or not. They’re both big enough to warrant app developers to develop for both platforms, just like the PS3 and 360 are both big enough for game developers to warrant spending the extra time to port from one to the other. As consumers, that should really be our only concern.

  3. Great way to look at it, Dan.

  4. @Dan Agreed.

  5. Dan, probably the most unbiased way I have ever seen someone explain it :) Definitely agree

  6. Android will continue to grow despite iPhone being on Verizon. I believe both platforms will grow, except Android will remain the market leader in the global market.

  7. These reports are begining to be a bit redundant

  8. Iscin, answered your own question. Nokia won’t produce own phone cox it only differentiate on price. What indenting for them to commodorize own brand?
    BTW ad impressions higher coz of all ad supported free apps. Rather paid apps with no ads as ads are shit.

  9. I would REALLY devote a lot of “impressions” on Verizons “Droid” commercials to the overall idea of Android OD

  10. @ DanGrover

    Excellent analysis. Sometimes on android forums and blogs, I hear people say that some new android device, or the next android version update, is going to “destroy” the iPhone, and point to the numbers showing iOS’s decline as proof.

    But you’re exactly right – iOS isn’t going anywhere. Android isn’t going anywhere. And like you said, both platforms are large enough to warrant significant developer support.

    It’s still nice to see how healthy the Android market is doing though. Go Google!

  11. Now imagine if iOS would be free to all phone makers…

  12. Very nice, Dan. But just like we have our favorite sports teams, it’s nice to see our side winning regardless of the fact that it just doesn’t affect us at all.

    Nick, if iOS were free and open source, there wouldn’t be an Android.

  13. @Nick
    Then we would see a hell of a lot more iPhone sales, but Apple would have to sacrifice their idea of complete compatibility between their products, and it would be much harder for them to keep the quality high enough while making sure the os is compatible with all the phone hardware available instead of just the hardware they control.
    All together i’m not sure they would do that good. There is a reason they haven’t done it yet.

  14. Also @dan I completely agree. I’m just happy Android have reached a point, where it is not preferable for developers to stick with iOS anymore. In order to get the full outcome, they need to go in both directions. Though i still think we will see android go even higher, as it seems to be everywhere this year(CES) ;)

  15. Nick it is still not FREE(libre), meaning they can’t change it nor can users make improvements too it.

  16. If iOS was open to all phone makers, that would be fair comparison. Of course that will never happen, because apple is … apple. Many people want iphone but with bigger screen for example.

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