Jan 13th, 2011

It’s numbers time again! This time, Android has finally surpassed Apple’s iOS in Millennial’s mobile metrics report in two of the most important categories: overall ad impressions and ad revenue from apps. Android commands 46% and 55%, respectively, compared to Apple’s 32% and 39%. What’s more is that 16 of the top 30 devices all run Android, with products ranging from the likes of Motorola, LG, Samsung, and HTC.

Comparatively, iOS saw little growth from January to December of 2010: 14% compared to Android’s 3,130%. And from Q3 to Q4, Android saw a respectable 141% growth compared to iOS’s 12%. It’s easy to skew those numbers into positives for Android, though: it just shows that Android’s growth spurt really took off throughout 2010 while iOS was already established.

Some say iOS has hit its peak and that Android will continue to grow. While we definitely believe the latter part, the former part may now be influenced by one thing: iPhone on Verizon. Up until now, AT&T has been the only carrier in the United States to carry the iPhone 4. We have reason to believe that the device being offered on Verizon won’t create a huge swing in momentum, though: iOS enjoys homes on many carriers all throughout the world, with some regions having multiple carriers boasting the product.

If that doesn’t prove that Android’s success is more than just iPhone’s lack of availability on other carriers in the US, then Q1 and Q2 numbers definitely will. It’s going to be an interesting first half of 2011, that’s for sure. [Millennial via MocoNews]