Clearing Up the “New Every Two” Confusion


Yesterday, we reported Verizon was ending their New Every Two option for all new customers, and for all existing customers after initiating one last “NE2” upgrade. Apparently, I wasn’t very clear on what this meant. My apologies, but allow me to clarify. I said that “…if you want to upgrade with a new two-year contract every two years, you’re going to have to pay the full subsidized price.”

When I say “full subsidized price”, I’m referring to the $200 it would normally cost you to buy, say, a DROID X or a DROID 2 after signing a two-year contract, not the full cost of the phone without signing a new contract. With New Every Two, Verizon customers upgrading were eligible for credits of anywhere between $30 and $100 on that subsidized price, so your DROID X or DROID 2 upgrade would be anywhere between $100 and $170.

New Every Two ending does not mean you can’t upgrade after 18-24 months and still get the phone at the subsidized price, it just means you won’t be getting an extra discount on top of it. I hope I’ve cleared this up for many of you as we received a barrage of comments from confused souls. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Thanks, cleared everything up.

  2. What about annual upgrade discounts? I’ve lived off those. If those are gone, it’ll be the final nail in the coffin to move to TMo

  3. How is it ending if it’s still in effect?

  4. @The Dude It’s no longer being offered as an option starting January 16th. Current customers can get one more NE2 credit whenever their upgrade time comes, but no more after that.

  5. @NoShftShck16 Annual upgrades are gone as well. On a two year contract you will get an upgrade every 20 months. On a one year contract you get an upgrade every 10 months. The only drawback to the one year contract is that you pay a higher price (usually around $100 more) for the device than you would on a two year contract.

    @The Dude
    It is ending for everyone that upgrades on or after Jan. 16th. If you were elligible for one when the program ends you will have 6 months from when your upgrade became available to redeem it or it will be lost.

  6. @ The Dude: It’s been “Sunsetted” that means anyone who was in the program can use it one last time and then it’s gone forever, new customers do not have the NE2 option anymore

  7. Sprint gives you a phone annually at the fully subsidized price a new customer would get. And they charge less for “almost” the same network. #Win

  8. You were clear originally… far too many people simply don’t seem to know how to read…

  9. Thanks. Yup, definitely switching to TMo.

    Even with all the perks I get at Verizon through knowing a bunch of people who work there, it still isnt worth it.

    TMo plans are cheaper and from what I’ve heard their customer service is stellar.

  10. Chris,
    The changes to Verizon are going to essentially make it so that the upgrades are like that of Sprint, they just take a lot longer to get. Sprint gives subsidized phones, but, to my knowledge, doesn’t do a discount on top of that. VZW used to offer a discount on top of that, however they won’t be doing that anymore.

  11. @Quentyn,

    I guess no one read your answer to my question in the original article… lol

    Thanks for clearing everything up!

  12. @Paul T haha, most people just skip right to the comment submit form.

  13. @Quentin totally unrelated… have you heard anything new on the Google music app? Just curious. It seems like there should be more urgency from Google on this.

  14. @Whap I’m hearing it’s still in development, but there’s no definite timeline as to when we’ll see it. There have been leaks on XDA, but the app isn’t totally stable. (This is assuming you’re talking about that flashy new music app Google showed off at last year’s I/O conference.)
    If you’re talking about Google Music – their music distribution and cloud service – rumors flared back up a couple of months ago, but have since died down. No word on when we’ll be seeing this. (Though we imagine it’ll be around the same time Google launches the new web-based Android market. Unfortunately there’s no timeline for that either, haha.)

  15. This program was drastically changed in the previous year anyway. It went from $50/$100 additional discount to only $30/$50.

    I know because because we were expecting that discount for the wife when they said the plan had changed last upgrade.

    What a great retention tool thrown away to achieve corporate profitability.

  16. Yeah,i fooled around with the apk file but it is pretty unstable. I was actually referring to both so thanks. I assume once released they well be one in the same…and yes your right, no breath holding going on here lol

  17. My friend works for Verizon, he says if you buy a phone before Jan 16th you will get one final NE2 discount. Not surprisingly no knew phones are coming out before than. But if you still gotta have that X, Do it soon.

  18. Not too shabby of an upgrade feature if you ask me. No other carriers offered that. Then again, each carrier has its little hidden perks.

    Like I got the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant for $75/ea using BOGO and Mail In Rebates

  19. I did NE2 for my droid 1 but i never got any discount besides my normal price for signing my soul away. Seems like big v is gearing up to host that new phone that i dare not say the name of.

  20. You forgot to mention that early upgrades are also going bye bye. Verizon used to let customers, with plans over a certain amount, upgrade after a year. Now you have to wait until 20 months. That’s the one that really hurts. I don’t usually wait long enough to even take advantage of new every 2, but I sure do love me some early upgrades.

  21. You go Bela. Tell these people.

  22. It was clear in the first post you made, people just need to work on reading comprehension.

  23. lol, i had to post this to my friends that i misinformed.

  24. My guess is this will be to peoples advantage in the long run. I think Verizon is doing this so they can offer deals to people sooner rather than every 2 years. I think they want people to upgrade more often! I was getting emails from verizon about upgrading early in November! That was only 1 year after I got my current phone as a new customer.

  25. It was clear before, but some people apparently only read every third word.

  26. @Dawn… I don’t understand your comment: “clear some only third”?

    What does it mean!?

  27. Mpls, took me a second but I got it. Good one. :)

  28. for all the people complaining about this minor thing…I would hate to be around your dinner table talking about health care or any other political topic…just saying!

  29. @Quentin Not your fault people don’t know how to read or use a dictionary if they don’t understand things.

  30. How come Comcast doesn’t sell me a new TV every 2 years at a discount? My cable bill is a lot higher than my phone bill and I use the service a lot less.

  31. didn’t even know they had that discount for current users

  32. @timmy
    Not all plans qualified.

  33. That’s this week. It’s strictly a market demand thing, though. If one year or two years from now Verizon is bleeding customers, or “the next great thing” is threatening to eat its lunch, you can bet those discounts will be back.

  34. are we still bound to our current 2-year contract or can we break it???

  35. Just FYI, Verizon phones are cheaper at Walmart than at the Verizon stores. V-store wanted $300 bucks for my “new every two” Droid 1, with a $100 mail-in to drop it to $200. Walked across the street to Walmart… 100 bones,out the door. Did have to show the guy @ WM how to process a Verizon upgrade. Didn’t have to deal with any mail-in’s or the v-store uberdouches.

  36. So if I have 4 phones, two which are available for yearly upgrades come February and the other two in November…will I still get to keep all four upgrades? Then once they are used I will not get an upgrade again until 20s months?!

    I could care less about NE2 discount!! I dont make it that far to use it, because I love my yearly upgrades. My heart is breaking by this news.

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