Texas Instrument Unleashes Monster Dual-Core 1.5GHz OMAP4440 Processor



The next generation of mobile processors is slowly starting to reveal itself, and the latest to showoff what they have been working on is Texas Instruments, whose dual-core offering is one helluva specced-out chip set. The OMAP4440 prcoessor is based on the Cortex-A9 MPCore and see both cores clocked to 1.5GHz. This equates to a 1.25x increase in graphics performance, a 30 percent decrease in webpage load time, and a twofold performance boost for 1080p video processing.

The chip’s power combined can handle 1080p stereoscopic 3D, 1080p video conferencing, two 12MP cameras at the same time, and just about any video codec you could throw at it.

Sample chips are being sent out to manufacturer’s during the first half of 2011, but don’t expect this chip to pop in phones until at least the second half of the new year. Hopefully we won’t drown in our drool waiting for a handset utilizing the thing.

[via BGR]

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  1. Don’t they make calculators?
    What phone will this be in

  2. …and the drooling begins…

  3. @Reap
    They make calculators, yes.
    But they also make the processors that Moto use in their Droid phones.

  4. Reap, Are you serious that you thought TI only made calculators?

  5. This could make some really sweet phones once they are in the phones

  6. Maybe, just as phones have now replaced a number of other devices, calculators will replace phones.

  7. But can it play MKV?

  8. @G8D
    I think he was being sarcastic doof…. at least i hope he was lol

  9. What kind of power consumption will this thing have?

  10. TI isn’t just calculators, besides the cpus, they’re one hell of a MEMS company with chips used in car airbag deployment sensors, among other things.

    They’re nice, just too bad that the omap phones have atleast a year of lag (Motorola Milestone), before they are sold on contract here in Slovenia. We still haven’t gotten the Milestone2 nor the D2G :-P

    So we stick to Qualcomm :-)

  11. I expected this kind of hardware on Nexus S.

  12. Texas instruments makes a wide variety of things. not just calculators, they not only make a number of chipsets for mobile devices, but they were also the company responsible for the DLP technology that we seen in projection tvs and a number of digital movie theaters. that’s just a fraction of the things they do there!

  13. Drooling … now why wouldn’t Scamsung put this in the Nexus S?

  14. Who says it won’t end up in the Nexus S in the future? Or at least the successor to the Nexus S that is. According to the article the chip won’t be out until the second half of 2011. If Google were to put that chip in the Nexus S at launch it would be delayed until the second half of 2011. The 1 ghz processor in the Nexus S is PLENTY fast. This just means that we’ll all be looking to upgrade next year. But then again, isn’t this just par for the course with technology? Especially the mobile technology the way it’s moving these days?

  15. problem is too many people expected these to come out first quarter 2011…isnt gonna happen. We have some powerhouse phones lately that are a huge leap from last year so next fall should be interesting

  16. This is just a perfect reason not to drop $500 or extend your contract for a Nexus S. At least not until further notice.

  17. Damn, this kinda makes me second guess getting the MyTouch 4G now….. kinda, lol!

  18. it might be in the Nexus Two. It may bring the Android 3.0 aka Ice Cream to the mobile device scene!!!

  19. I excpect google to partner up with motorola for the next nexus. Seeing that they have been partnering with different companies.

  20. Regarding the calculator comments…they only make them for advertising purposes (so that consumers know their name). They are really a semiconductor company, like Intel.

  21. I’m amazed at the stupidity of the general public (although I shouldn’t be by now). The dual core chip was announced TODAY … and you expect Google to travel back in time to put it in the Nexus S? Heck TI isn’t even sending out chip SAMPLES until next year. And they won’t go into full-scale production until the samples are field tested.

    But hey, let’s blame Samsung/Google for not using a processor that didn’t exist at the time.

  22. My first pc was a TI-99 4/A

  23. Phones w/ this processor will double as pocket warmers.

  24. @ chaos
    “But can it play MKV?”

    My Samsung Galaxy S can play MKV files.

  25. “The OMAP4440 prcoessor is based on the Cortex-A9 MPCore and see both cores clocked to 1.5GHz. This equates to a 1.25x increase in graphics performance”

    Graphics performance comes from the GPU (PowerVR SGX540), not really the CPU. This chip has the same GPU as the year old Snapdragon in the Samsung Galaxy S. This seems to be a “catch up” processor by TI, but a year late. Hardly “one helluva specced-out chip set”. The dual-core Cortex-A9 at 1.5Ghz is nice. But, every other chip manufacture is going A9, dual-core, and higher frequencies on 45nm silicon.

    I’d really rather not see anymore brick-like Motorola Android phones. I can only imagine the battery that this thing would require. I’d much rather have a lite and slim phone that’s a little slower than another paper weight with a TI processor.

  26. Don’t all Android phones play MKV files?

  27. @teckel

    Not in the slightest. The Galaxy S phones are the only ones that do. I’ve been hunting for ways to make my rooted Incredible do it and to it well (with subtitles). Little luck so far.

  28. Right now I wouldnt drool over this chip.
    if those specs stay the same, it has the same gpu as the current Hummingbird…
    Samsung, for their dual core chip, has moved on to something thats supposed to be better than the gpu in the Hummingbird, the Mali 400.
    Maybe T.I. will move on to a better gpu like Samsung is doing.
    Dont get me wrong, the gpu in the Hummingbird is nice, but it will be old by the time dual cores come out..maybe it wont matter. we will see…..

  29. Didnt see teckel touched on this point… My bad…

  30. They could put this or a quad core 3.2ghz cpu in the Nexus S and there would still be people that find something to complain about.

    “It makes a boing when you click”
    “Samsung takes to long to upgrade”
    “This phone must be bad cause the moment sucked”
    “I’m sure the GPS sucks cause they did in their other phones”

    I personally couldn’t be happier with samsung, but yes they should go with at least a dual core to consider the Nexus S an upgrade to my Epic…

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