Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders Begin Tomorrow December 9



What started as one of the most promising Android tablets, fell into the realm of vapor(hard)ware, and finally seems to have gotten back on track is on the verge of going up for sale to eager consumers. The Notion Ink Adam will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow, December 9th.

The first round of pre-orders are only available to those who are registered to comment on the Notion Ink blog, but will open up for more to order in the following days. Pricing will vary depending on which of the six variants you choose. Oh, and a Gingerbread update is already in the works, so this could get interesting quick.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Kevin, So slash gear site is the Adam site?

  2. So when will it actually go on sale?

  3. @Les

    No, that Slashgear article is from August. The Dec. 9 date came from something hidden in the website source, a binary clock counting down, but I’ve been subscribed to Rohan’s blog (the guy running Notion Ink) and he hasn’t officially announced preorders, only teases. So I’m sure his next post, sometime during the night, will have specifics. It’s of course only open to people who subscribed and posted on his blog prior to him announcing that you needed to be, in order to get access to preorders. I am looking for the Pixel-Qi one, and with the student discount he’s offering, it’ll hopefully be under $400.

  4. Forgot to mention. Here are the main site and blog. Slashgear isn’t Notion’s site.

  5. Well, I will rather wait till CES to see more tablets.
    I have to say that is not a good timing for Notion Ink.

  6. Actually holiday season may be their best… especially before CES when there might be better ones to steal their thunder…

  7. My main attraction to Notion Ink is the ability to from color to e-ink screen.

    You think that there will be other tablets around with that level of functionality?

  8. @ccongdon Basically as long as PixelQi keeps making those screens and sells to other ODM/OEMs, we will see more netbooks and tablets with that feature.

  9. I want to know whether or not custom ROM’s will be possible.

  10. @ArtV, yes, I understand that, but Kevin originally had a link to “the Adam site” but it was really the slash gear article.

  11. where does he say student discount is offered?

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