Dec 8th, 2010


The next generation of mobile processors is slowly starting to reveal itself, and the latest to showoff what they have been working on is Texas Instruments, whose dual-core offering is one helluva specced-out chip set. The OMAP4440 prcoessor is based on the Cortex-A9 MPCore and see both cores clocked to 1.5GHz. This equates to a 1.25x increase in graphics performance, a 30 percent decrease in webpage load time, and a twofold performance boost for 1080p video processing.

The chip’s power combined can handle 1080p stereoscopic 3D, 1080p video conferencing, two 12MP cameras at the same time, and just about any video codec you could throw at it.

Sample chips are being sent out to manufacturer’s during the first half of 2011, but don’t expect this chip to pop in phones until at least the second half of the new year. Hopefully we won’t drown in our drool waiting for a handset utilizing the thing.

[via BGR]