Motorola Droid X Receiving OTA Update, too?



A Motorola Droid update is definitely rolling out, but reports have also come in that a Motorola Droid X update is underway…or was. It looks like the update that was supposed to be sent to a test group only managed to work its way out to other handsets that belonged to folks not signed up to the Motorola Feedback Network (where Moto pulls its test users from). Since then, it appears the update has been pulled down for the time being while feedback is gathered from test users.

The update brings the DX up to Android 2.2.1, just like the update the original Droid is now receiving. With any luck, the full roll-out will resume over the next few days.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. got mine :)
    one good feature about blur…when an update is available u can immediately get it!

  2. Can’t pull it. I guess I’ll wait until it’s “officially” released.

  3. Just roll it out already…..

  4. Got the update this morning. I am now running 2.2.1 version 2.3.340. It broke my root access, but YOU ARE able to re-root. I used z4root app to re-root and am back up and running!

  5. Can’t wait!!

  6. I got it too. Other sites already broke the news that it was coming. I was told by a member of a forum that vzw tech support told them the update would start on the 17th.

    Whether that’s true or not, guess I’m lucky…

  7. @aleis Thats how it is on about every Android phone, nothing special. :)

  8. @ Digital312: Running 2.2.1 version 2.3.340? I don’t understand. Why are there two different versions? Isn’t 2.2.1 and 2.3.340 different OS versions? 2.2 being Froyo and 2.3 being Gingerbread?

  9. I got it, and it failed. Grrr..

  10. Got mine (Motorola Droid). Not sure what changed though.

  11. I got it. Lucky me.

    At least, I was able to update my first and main DX. After breakfast, I tried to update my spare DX on another line and it wouldn’t update. I thought something was wrong with it until I started reading the blogs later on.

    Oh, well….

    Geri O

  12. @MileHighDroid 2.2.1 is the Android OS version, 2.3.340 is Verizon’s System Version (their internal numbering). If the update had been Gingerbread, it would have been 2.3 Android OS version, which it is not.

  13. I certainty hope they fixed all the bugs this time around. I’ve had the bug filled version of 2.2 for so long I’ve forgotton what it was like when the OS ran right.
    We only had 2.1 for a very short period after DX came out, but it was right. Although, I’ll take a few OS bugs if it means I’ll have flash. ~(-:< this phone is capable of great things…

  14. Got mine too! Haven’t really seen much difference? Anything cool you’ve discovered?

  15. Got mine too. It seems to have fixed a lot of the little bugs 2.2. had .. such as SMS being ordered all wrong.

    It still has the craptastic skin on Swype but a quick root gets rid of that.

    All in all .. this is what 2.2.0 should have been.

  16. anybody know the force update code, *#*#??????? something

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  18. Does anyone know if this update breaks or fixed Exchange support? The last updated they pushed crapped all over my Exchange and I had to reload the former build…

  19. Got mine this morning and didn’t find anything new at first. @Amanda, it does fix exchange support. It also has Madden 11 for you gaming folks. You can see all the new features here. http://support.vzw.com/pdf/system_update/droid_x.pdf

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