What Are Your Favorite Android Games?


As the gaming experience on Android continues to evolve, we’re still plagued with one problem: we always want more! I was looking through my phone today, and while the games I’m currently playing are great, I could use a bit more. What do you guys suggest? I’ve already got the obvious titles down: Angry Birds, Slice It, Pocket Legends, and a few from the various OpenFeint updates. But what are some obscure titles you guys have found that you can’t seem to put away? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  • Matt

    Splode, WordFeud, My Paper Airplane (2?), SpeedX 3D.

  • http://booyah.net brad

    peggy for quick, stupid arcade fun, robo defense, spaghetti and marshmallows, angry birds (obv), doodle jump, alchemy, antigen, hungry shark

  • Illininat

    moblox – more addicting than angry birds IMO. Hope it is updated soon with more levels.

  • mobilejohn

    Mazeoid II, Angry Birds

  • GrapeApe


  • Alex

    Jewels, Doodle Jump, Galcon, Guns ‘N’ Glory, Flight Frenzy, Fruit Ninja, Mini Squadron, EA Tetris, Hungry Shark, Abduction, Rugby, Touch Racing Nitro, Wordsmith, Field Goal, Speed X 3D, EVAC HD,, Ghosts and Zombies, Football, Moron Test and Pocket God. That’s just the simple games too, none of the serious 3D games I have like N.O.V.A or Let’s Golf 2 (amazing)

  • WhACKO

    Battleflood, Alchemy, Abduction!, Flood-it!, Fruit Ninja…

  • teehee

    Hexage HD, Radiant HD, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Buka HD, Robo Defense.

  • http://proghouse.wordpress.com/ Beijner

    Robo Defense

  • frankie b

    Angry birds, reckless racing and super ko boxing hd

  • teehee

    EVAC HD, not hexage hehe

  • Brian

    Sky Force, LaserReflection, Guns ‘n’ Glory,Empire Defense, Atomic Bomber

  • Pimpstrong

    Out of the games I’ve downloaded I really only play Angry Birds and rarely. Games on my Vibrant are awsome but I just don’t get into em.

  • johnbarry3434

    Pocket Empires

  • Jada

    WordFued, WordUp, Angry birds, and Coloroid so far. I haven’t downloaded too many games yet.

  • Turner

    Rats Retaliation FTW! also Gish Reloaded, ScooterHero and City Jump

  • Jimmy Carrigan

    Impossible Level Game is really fun… squibble, Scooter hero, Slice it, Fruit Ninja, PSX4DROID.

  • Ray180


  • Eric

    Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile (free)
    Frozen Bubble by Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski (free)
    Scrambled Net by MoonBlink(free)
    Star Traders by Cory Trese (free, has an elite version)
    Solitaire by Ken Magic (free)
    Skip Bo by Onos (free)
    Mole Hunt by vitamin.se (free)
    Robo Defense FREE by Lupis Labs Software (free, has a paid option)

    May be worth noting… that all of the above have extremely minimal permissions required to play.

  • moises

    Glow puzzle!!!! You should make a post of the games you tried and liked :)

  • Black Kristos

    Guns n’ Glory is awesome. Hyper Jump is a good alternative to Doodle Jump.

  • Barwin

    (Not a gamer but) Angry Birds by far! Very addictive…. Even got my seven year old daughter on it ;-)

  • Ricky

    Cestos 2
    Jewels Online
    Block Battle Online
    Armored Strike
    Hyperactive Ninja

    Just to name a few

  • Ray180

    News Flash: Angry Birds is not an obscure game, folks. Try again.

  • joedon3

    Glow Puzzle – simple puzzle solving game.
    Reckless Racing…
    Super Tumble
    Fishin’ 2 Go

  • ManiacalShen

    WordUp! No matter what games I play and beat or tire of… I always come back to WordUp! At three minutes per game, it’s the perfect solution for short amounts of time to kill.

  • http://www.phandroid.com Alan

    Doodle Dash
    Angry Birds
    Scrambled Net

  • Andytrop79

    Fruit Ninja
    City Jump
    Angry Birds
    Hungry Shark

    missing fuzzle from iOS though!

    Great forum.

  • Adrian

    Pocket Legends by a mile. :)

  • http://rlocone.com rlocone

    Who sells that gamepad?

  • xerxes

    Check out Craniati… its free. Its a really” smart” game…

  • Jeff

    AB addict and Tesseract’s Solitaire if phenomenal.

  • Jeff

    is, not if.

  • v0lapyk

    Some great games that I didn’t see mentioned above.

    Bonsai Blast – Great Zuma clone
    Jewellust – Bubble
    Towerraiders – challeging tower game
    Pocket Empires – massive multi player mmo
    Build-a-lot – nice fun imo

  • http://uptheredesigns.com Kyle

    Island Settlers (Settlers of Catan remake)

    Am I the only person who thinks Robo Defense is one of the worst tower defense games ever? Maybe I’m just a TD-Snob, but I just don’t like it.

  • David

    Droid Mini Golf Pro. Simple game, with online tournaments, and is hard to put down.

  • Dnc

    Matrix Planet

  • bjoseph


  • http://stuartward.wordpress.com/ Stuart

    A vote for Unblockme addictive puzzle game

  • D

    Legends arcana
    Star trader

  • Hans Wurst

    Farm Tower

  • D

    Oh and leave devil alone

  • Aeires

    Graves Defense, Angry Birds, Storm8 games, POBS, and Zen Dice.

  • TheDrizzle

    “Leave Devil Alone.” It’s a great Plants vs Zombie Clone.

  • Ehhhh


  • j

    Angy Birds
    Word Mix

  • http://www.odaras.com r brewer

    My favorite is BoneYard3 the BEST Dominoes game. Because I charge 1.49 for it.

  • Phydeaux

    Surprised nobody’s mentioned Homerun Battle 3D yet.

  • http://Www.jetawn.com Jetawn

    Air Controller &/or (lite)
    Blow up
    Bonzi blast

  • anton

    angry birds
    pocket god
    reckless racing
    fruit ninja
    robo defense

  • jughed38

    The only game I play these days is…
    POCKET LEGENDS! I can’t stop playing this or spending money on plat for needless items, hahaha XD

  • Wagster
  • eddieistheillest

    Psx4droid wtf!!!!!!!

  • eddieistheillest


  • jdog25

    good games

  • TacoBot

    Bubble Blast and all its iterations.

    Also, that whack-a-mole game called Mole!Mole! is pretty lulzy and hard too. D: I replay it, to try and find out where exactly the the hitbox is.

  • milkbandit

    What the doodle, word up, monkey kick off, and alchemy are great time wasters for quick breaks.

  • Zrudo

    Snesoid, ConnecToo, U Connect, Reckless racing, Klondike solitaire

  • Dale

    Blackjack Attack

  • Alex

    ToddlePhone & ABC4ME for my little kids (shameless promotion)
    Angry Birds for all ages

  • Chris

    Robo Defense
    Pocket Legends
    Super K.O Boxing 2
    Bonsai Blast

    Outside of the obvious game featuring birds of the angry variety….

  • yapdakilla

    Word Zen

  • Franz


    Snesoid, Gameboid, and Psx4droid.

    Then get Game Gripper, and go nuts.

  • cyberrich

    Green Hornet game is like a PSP game but you need adobe flash and air.

  • Jared

    If you like Dominion, try out Androminion

  • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft
  • TSellers

    Hyperactive Ninja! A true gem that doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition it deserves.

  • Bryan

    I like a lot of the games Glu Mobile makes. My personal favs from them so far are Super Ko Boxing, Glyder2, Toyshop Adventures, and Deer Hunter 3D

    The great thing about these games is that they usually have both a paid and free version but the free versions are the full game with all the features, only difference is it has ads.

    I can’t think of any other developer out there that has produced this many number of free titles and they seem to come out with a new game every 1-2 months.

    Sometimes I’ll do a search for openfeint and usually end up finding some hidding gems from smaller developers.

  • Donatas

    Matrix Planet!!!

  • manus


  • http://www.thesecretpie.com thotep

    My favourites are: Zenonia, Galcon, Robo Defense, Replica Island, Gem Miner,Hyperactive Ninja, Caligo Chaser and, of course, Kilgamore Castle!

  • http://beesbuzz.biz/ fluffy

    I keep going back to WordUp by Anthrological, and the varous SunFlat games (especially SFCave). Also I find it strange that the highest-rated Solitaire game is that horrible piece of crap by Ken Magic when Softick’s is WAY better.

  • ozzzy3z

    4 great games I didn’t see mentioned

    Pool Break
    Play Curling
    Lock ‘N’ Roll

  • michael harary

    angry birds
    angry birds seasons
    word fued
    city jump
    slice it!
    fruit ninja!

  • dtrain

    Bebbled <- Great!
    Drop7 <- Great!
    Gem Miner
    Air Control
    Play! Curling
    Every single -oid emulator

    …and the obvious ones that everyone else has already listed

  • dtrain

    Ha! Two votes for Play! Curling within one minute. It’s the zeitgeist, baby.

  • Defacto

    Astraware’s Solitaire

  • Joe

    Subby and the fishes (hard mode)

  • bruce

    No one mentioned Air Control..?

  • LoLo

    1.Doodle Jump
    2.Asphalt 5
    3.Gangstar:West coast hutle
    4.Assasins Creed
    5.Angry Bird
    6.ROM buddy

  • manus

    “The impossible game” developed by flukedude
    is a popular iphone and xbox arcade game its 94 cents super addicting and awesome soundtrack.



  • Myles

    Dynamo Kid, great side scrolling game, 6 worlds, and freeplay for global high scores thru feint. I think its a must have for any owner of android
    Mini army
    Mini Plane
    Prism 3d
    Abduction 1 or 2, 2 is open fient
    The Moron Test
    Office Rush, little weird at first by pretty unique game
    Flick kick games are pretty fun
    Grave Digger
    Dot 1,2 and 3
    Cows Dont Fly
    Not Feint
    Drill Panic
    Mechanics Touch
    Homerun Battle 3d
    Cestos 2
    Gem Diger
    MXmoto, also anything else from Camel games, very good developer
    City Jump
    Lock n Roll
    Unfortunately most are not free, but most are only $1 or $2 and worth it

  • Dnc

    Matrix Planet – very addictiv!

  • http://about.me/jove jove

    None. Android ftw!

  • t-roy

    Radiant / Radiant HD
    Angry Birds
    Spaghetti Marshmallows <— very good
    Blow Up

  • nicolas


  • Romi

    My top 3:
    Angry Birds
    1 Minute Game