Sony Ericsson Launching Another Accessory: the Media Speaker Stand



Sony Ericsson’s been obsessed with making your life through the advent of unique accessories, lately. After introducing LiveView – a Bluetooth-enabled watch that does way more than just tell time – they’re introducing the Media Speaker Stand (MS430). It’s an external speaker that plugs into your phone and it doubles as a dock as its base will prop it up against the surface of your desk or table.

It’s not the craziest idea in the world: in fact, I’m surprised something like this doesn’t already exist. (If it does, feel free to point me in the right direction.) The device is made from aluminum and reportedly has a nice weight and feel. (And it certainly does have a nice look, but I did mistake it for a gun silencer, at first.) Unfortunately, you;’ll need 3 AAA batteries to power the speakers, but there’s no word on how often you’ll need to swap or charge batteries.

It works with the Xpera X10 line, as you’d expect, and should work with most other smartphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack. (Most devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack should work, in fact.) He also shows off how you can use a Bluetooth connector to beam music to the device wirelessly. It’s too bad that this functionality wasn’t built in. You’re out of luck if you have a phone where the headphone jack is on the left or right side opposed to the bottom, though, otherwise you just got this awkward “seesaw” effect. Look ahead for the video of this thing in action.  (Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any pricing or availability details, but we’re working on it. [via Xperia X10]

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  1. You’re out of luck if you have a phone where the headphone jack is on the left or right side opposed to the bottom

    The X10 has the jack at the top.

  2. That looks pretty neat. Maybe I will have some money once the thing hits the market, its something I would like for my droid!

  3. @Pallab I meant right or left side when you’re looking at it in portrait view. Most phones don’t do this, but some might.

  4. This is years behind! Check out the ‘BTube’ devices. They are only about 30 quid, have a built in rechargeable battery and bluetooth built in. Sound is great too

  5. That BTube doesn’t look like it acts as a stand though. I guess you could just rest your phone on it and hope it doesn’t keep sliding on ya….man that would be annoying.

  6. @jughed38 You are having a laugh? So, the btube does native bluetooth and re-charges. If you want a stand you are easily pleased!

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