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Bolt Creative is announcing that Pocket God – a popular iOS game that sees you controlling an island full of beings called “pygmies” – is now available for Android. I’ve never heard of this game (I don’t know about most iOS games considering I’m strictly Android, for now) but our friend Phil describes it as “a new Sim City on an island,” except you get to play God. Sounds a lot like Black & White for the PC to me, but we imagine it wouldn’t be as deep. Still, for just $.99, I don’t think anyone was expecting as much. There should be no reason you can’ try out this affordable experience except for an inability to purchase market apps so be sure to look for it in your Android market today.

[Update]: Why am I not surprised that Galaxy S owners (on both 2.1 and 2.2) are having difficulties playing this? I tried it for myself and got nothing but force closes on two Galaxy S phones, and the same is echoed in the Android market. It’s a shame that it’s already subject to three stars because I’m sure most of the disgust came from not being able to launch the thing. We’ve contacted Bolt and ngmoco for comment. [Link to the App on AppBrain]

[2]: And it looks like it isn’t just Galaxy S owners, either. Desire HD, CLIQ, and other phones are having the issue. I can’t seem to pinpoint what it is but it works fine on my HTC EVO 4G.

SAN FRANCISCO – December 2, 2010 – Bolt Creative, the development studio behind best-selling iPhone app Pocket God, today announced that everyone’s favorite Pygmies will be available on both Android and Windows Phone 7 devices this holiday season. Partnering with ngmoco, a leading publisher in the mobile games space, Pocket God is the first venture into a platform other than iOS for both companies. Pocket God is available now on Android and will arrive for Windows Phone 7 soon.

“Pocket God has been expanding rapidly since its inception almost two years ago and we’ve always had our eyes on new platforms, to be selected as a launch title for Windows Phone 7 as well as hopping over to Android is something we’re truly happy about,” said Dave Castelnuovo, CEO of Bolt Creative. “Collaborating with ngmoco on these monumental launches is just icing on the cake, their expertise in mobile gaming is unparalleled and their outstanding reputation ensures that these new versions of Pocket God will be the same high quality fans have come to appreciate.”

“We were delighted to work with the Bolt Creative team on bringing their Pocket God IP to Android and Windows 7 Mobile using the gamemaking resources at ngmoco and we’re certain Pocket God will continue its success on these new devices” – Simon Jeffery, CPO at ngmoco

What was intended to be a small side project for Dave Castelnuovo and Allan Dye one winter week has turned into one of the biggest franchises on the App Store, with Pocket God becoming a smash hit just months after its release. With over thirty free updates, which have introduced mini-games, new islands to discover, and creative ways to smite Pygmies, Pocket God continues to impress day one fans and new players alike with its irreverent humor and originality.

Pocket God has also spawned its own comic book, a first for any franchise born in the mobile app space, expanding the Pocket God universe by providing a background story for the island and its seemingly immortal inhabitants. Carrying over the same diabolical themes that popularized the original title, Pocket God Comics has found a following of its own and consistently tops the charts with each new issue released.

For more information about Pocket God, please visit

About Bolt Creative
Bolt Creative is a San Francisco-based developer creating original iPhone applications and games, including 2009’s blockbuster iPhone game Pocket God. Bolt Creative’s goal is to create games that are not only fun to play, but fun to develop and make them laugh. For more information, please visit

About ngmoco
Ngmoco is a wholly owned subsidiary of DeNA Co., Ltd, the world’s leading social mobile gaming company. Headquartered in San Francisco and with studios in New York and Portland, ngmoco creates and publishes games for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android in collaboration with the best and brightest game makers in the world. To witness the lives and minds of the ngmoco team at work on the future of social mobile gaming, visit

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  1. Not showing in the market for me. UK Desire

  2. With all the complaints on the galaxy, I’m glad I didn’t wait for it over my dx.

  3. Well, I got it for my galaxy S (I9000) and it’s working fine, no FCs or bugs. (I have custom kernel/rom though)

  4. Got it. Its working fine on my Fascinate Galaxy S?

  5. No problems on my Desire HD, so far I’m glad I went for this and not the galaxy S. The game seems like good fun :-)

  6. Almost left late for work. Love this game. My daughters have my bro in laws old iPhone 3gs and we love it. But needs to go to the SD card being that big.

  7. Wont load on mytouch cyanogen 6 but I’m sure that maybe my hardware requirements not being mhzet though

  8. My son loved playing this on my brother’s iPhone and iPad. Great little game.

    Thankfully, I have a DX. Pocket God and Angry Birds both run perfectly. I just wonder how my fiancee’s Incredible might handle it.

  9. most of these phone along with mytouch usually spam most apps with low ratings and whining about apps not running or FC-ing.
    This is the bad fragmentation we’re talking about. Its not about the OS version, sometimes it works on a certain OS version for some handsets but it doesnt work on other handsets which happen to have the same android version.
    google has to do something about this.

  10. @maj

    No No No, it’s not fragmentation, it’s a feature, actually it’s an option, more options for the end user, that has to be good, right? Right? Between the os Fragmentation and all the custom ui’s by the handset makers as well as the carriers, no one will really be able to differentiate between actual android or other software and thus sully android.The masses will not know there is a difference, many many people will get frustrated by all these issues. Hell, Im a geek and android frustrates me…

  11. Won’t run on my Droid running CM6.

  12. most games are tested on galaxy s devices too

  13. Droid running BB v0.5 w/ a Slayher kernel OC’d to 800 Mhz. The game is unplayable, touch response is HORRIBLE and takes forever to load just to fail hard.

  14. Works perfect on Droid Incredible on both CM6.1 and Virtuous ROMs. New favorite game.

  15. I would have gone with an ad supported free version. Angry Birds did and look how well they are doing. I’ve had an android phone for 2 years and i haven’t paid for an app yet, the free stuff works just a well.

  16. @Darkseider Not being funny but do you seriously think the dev has time to test a rooted phone running “BB v0.5 w/ a Slayher kernel OC’d to 800 Mhz” You can’t expect to root and have EVERYTHING run 100% all the time.

    You were probably one of the people that rated at 1*

  17. The developer failed horribly with this one. From my own experience as well as others it looks like they went with a cheap and dirty quick port to try and get some extra Christmas money.

  18. @Luffy. It has nothing to do with the ROM I have two co-workers sitting next to me. One with a stock Droid and one with a stock D2 and they fail just as bad as mine. It’s just a horrible job by the devs. Stock phones, rooted phones, custom kernels/ROMs. Doesn’t matter.

  19. I have to say this “game” should be free. I checked out a video of it on youtube and it looks pretty boring. It would be something fun to mess with when your bored but not worth any money. Angry Birds is free however it at least offers some point to the game and some way to get points and progress to new levels. This came is just about different ways to kill your little village people. Just not enough in it to make it fun for me.

  20. Works fine for me on SGS running Docs V9 rom :)

  21. Works “fine” on my galaxy s. Just takes a while to start up.

  22. idleworship is making a similar type of themed game but it is going to be more on a massive scale. I saw it demo’d at AdobeMax by Kevin Lynch:

    The version in the video above is going to be released for Facebook but a mobile version of the same game will be released called “God on the Go” (yeah – I like the name too) and I’m psyched.

    Looking forward to play this game too though.

    You can follow IdleWorship on twitter at @idleworship.

  23. Syphon,
    I had this on my iPhone and the beauty of it is that the developer is constantly adding patches with new features. It’s a great little time waster, too bad it looks like the dev screwed up the Android version royally.

  24. (“I don’t know about most iOS games considering I’m strictly Android, for now”) What do you mean “for now”!Quentyn Kennemer. Are you having doubt about Androids future or are you losing trust in Android?

  25. Wow so many problems with android phones.

  26. @Quentyn Kennemer

    why you not surprised it does not work on all these other phones too then?

    Just to give another perspective, it works fine on my SGS but I uninstalled it because it is a facile, boring game.

  27. Works fine on my Captivate. Game is pointless and boring though.

  28. Android market just says “cannot find.” Motorola dext

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