Unboxing: Droid Pro, LG Vortex, Samsung Galaxy Tab

It feels like Christmas! I can’t believe these packages were sitting on my desk for more than 5 minutes before I ripped them open. Definitely 3 android devices that will get their fair share of lovin’ this holiday season, watch as I unbox the LG Vortex (Verizon), Motorola Droid Pro (Verizon), and Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile).

While the LG Vortex isn’t exactly the highest powered Android in the world, it’s running Android 2.2 and is an awesome choice for first time smartphone users on Verizon. The Motorola Droid Pro should attract an epic mass of BlackBerry users to the Android platform as it LOOKS like a BlackBerryish phone… only it’s better because it’s packed with the power of Android. And the Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently the best Android Tablet on the market and, to be honest, the only real competitor to the iPad when looking for a fully featured tablet.

Stay tuned to Phandroid.com as we’ll have full reviews of these devices and more in the coming week(s).

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  • Nlsme

    No ty, no ty, and no f’ in way. Sorry.

  • Al

    Ill take the Galaxy Tab… 2 of em ^_^

  • Eli

    Woot! I really am loving the Tab more and more and my ipad less and less. The ipad is way too heavy and not even close to portable in my book.

  • imaricher

    @Nisme must suck to be poor. i’ll take all 3.

  • Aeires

    Love my Tab, beautiful device.

    Anyone catch what type of Android was featured on the last episode of Fringe? Saw Andy when the call was received by Peter, couldn’t make out the model of the phone.

  • bill

    droid pro looks like an oversized blackberry….the tab…what were they thinking? One fugly looking device, not impressed with the vortex

  • PimpStrong

    For $400 id be all over the Tab.

  • Nlsme

    If like the tab, just no way I’d take it from pathetic t-mo.

  • Dennis


    The Fringe phone.. did a screen capture.. It has the Sprint logo but does not match any phones they currently offer..

  • joaquin

    I love the droid pro, hope they’ll make a european version. but they probably wont.

  • Matt

    ^ looked like the evo to me.

  • http://gyratorytech.com GyratoryTech

    Well it’s great to see that someone is using proper grammar.

  • Simon

    I want your job Rob! Great unboxing keep em coming!

  • shawn1224

    Hmmm Giveaway?

  • androidtabletus

    Oh… I envy you. You are getting three very attractive devices to review. Samsung Galaxy looks really sexy. That LG phone looks really nice, too. I will waiting for your review soon. Thanks.

  • John

    I’ll give you 10 hours of voice-over work for the Galaxy tab…iffyou need anyone for voice-overs. :-)

  • Jubbs

    OFFTOPIC: Are those “Evily-Eye” coasters!? O_o

  • jeff

    vortex or ally??

  • Abrown

    @ Aeires;
    I saw that too and almost jumped up and down I got excited that Peter uses an android phone! As far as I could see it was the Evo 4G on Sprint…you can check it out on hulu.com here: http://www.hulu.com/watch/193317/fringe-the-abducted#s-p1-so-i0 go to 42:17 and you’ll see the Sprint logo in the corner and the huge screen. Need more proof that it’s an Evo? just check out the distinctive touch keys at the bottom. Happy android hunting:D

  • mthguy

    so no one else noticed that he said galaxy pad like three times?