HTC Knight/EVO Shift 4G Passes FCC, to feature Android 2.2 and Possible Dual-Core Processor



A new CDMA/WiMAX handset has hit the FCC. Use a bit of deductive reasoning and we can assume that the unnamed device will be headed to Sprint, the best guess being that this thing is the HTC Knight we have heard so much about lately. You know, the HTC Knight that is also supposedly going to end up with the name HTC EVO Shift 4G.

And while on the subject, BGR has acquired some new firsthand info on what we can expect from the handset. Their source claims it will feature a 3.7-inch screen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and 4G capabilities. It will ship with Android 2.2 and may even feature a dual-core processor at launch (for now it seems to carry a 1GHz chipset). Looks like the phone will be a modified Desire Z-style handset for Sprint. Word is also that the phone won’t be treated as a flagship device, which makes you scratch your head over just what Sprint might be working on that could be considered such.

[via Engadget, BGR]

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  1. if this has a front facing camera I might be willing to give up my Samsung Epic 4G. I would like to get away from Samsung and their slow upgrades.

  2. How many people do you think will complain that it has a slide out keyboard?
    but yeah this looks good. if it is similiar than the desire z (G2) which i have. then i can say u are getting one heck of a device if they do any modifications to it.

  3. How many people do you think will complain that it has a slide out keyboard?
    but yeah this looks good. if it is similiar than the desire z (G2) which i have. then i can say u are getting one heck of a device ans especially if they do any modifications to it.

  4. Yea…This is probably the Ace of Spades for Dan Hesse….He’ll play it in January..only to get his last book with the Big Joker in June.

    When the screens on your Touchscreen only devices go to shit and you cry when you can use your phone, Use Qwerty loving folk will keep it movin.

  5. @Phones–Exactly how do you plan on typing on that phone with a broken touchscreen with a slide out keyboard anyway?

  6. Why should I be complaining? It is not like Sprint has had more than TWO touchscreen only Android phones, and this will be like the fourth one with a slide out qwerty. I have the EVO, so no worries. I am on my third Android phone and no touchscreen failures yet. I even washed one of them.

  7. I don’t care that this phone is a slider what I do care about is the fact that sprint needs to have a balance between sliders and touchscreen only. Its gettin kinda ridiculous, and I’m starting to think I may need to switch to someone new…..

  8. This phone may get me to dump my Epic – mostly because o the 2.2 and that I have loved my HTC phones in the past.

  9. @DC why would you switch to someone else, if your complaining about more touchscreen phones, then why didnt you get the Evo? because no phone out their on any other company is any better than the Evo so your just complaining to complain because you have nothing else to complain about

  10. The Evo is pretty kick ass the only thing i can envy is probably nexus s but other than that no worries. Evo is easy to root, gets latest versions of android, does everything from the market, large screen, doesnt have a cheap feel to it. LOVE IT

  11. Speculation, speculation, speculation… it all really doesn’t matter until the thing is out there, the design and or specifications can change at any time. That said, it sounds like a winner! I don’t care much for the sliders, but wth, who knows, if it’s got that much horse power, I might just jump on it.


  12. Why can’t it be Clear’s phone?

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