SE CEO Hints at February Unveiling [POLL]


What could Sony Ericsson possibly have to bring into the light? What, oh what, could it be? OH, PlaySation Phone! While I have to strongly remind everyone that nothing is solid, WSJ was able to quote SE CEO Bert Nordberg as saying “There’s a lot of smoke, and I tell you there must be a fire somewhere”. Now, there are some other things that could be scheduled for that February D-Day, like the Anzu; which would line up with nicely with a rumored launch early next year.

SE, a joint venture between Sony and L.M. Ericsson Telephone, has been afraid of using the PlayStation name in their devices due to Sony’s belief that it may dilute the PlayStation branding.

I haven’t done a poll yet, so let’s have some fun:
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[via Engadget | Eurodroid | WSJ]

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  1. Dumbest poll ever. No shit every1 wants to see the psphone. but i bets its the anzu

  2. With SE’s track record if they say February 2011 we should expect it be August. Running 2.2 of course.

  3. Anzu is just another high end phone, nothing special. But the Playstation phone…that’s another story

  4. What’s so special about this Anzu anyways?

  5. Will the Playstation phone be Android powered? If not, does it really belong here?

  6. @5.Ed

    Yes playstation phone was rumoured to also be an android device.

  7. Why is there not a both option?

  8. Sorry, I don’t understand the excitement about a PlayStation Phone. What are the advantages of it?

  9. may be anzu is playstation phone

  10. I cant vote in the poll because it doesnt have an
    “I dont care because I’m wouldnt buy either of the stupid devices anyway” .

    They will sell a billion of them to teenagers and 20 somethings but zero of them to people that use their devices for business.

    . .

  11. @going_home No @#$% dumbass, who uses playstation for business? Just as dumb as buying a blackberry for high end gaming. Use some common sense and realize that the phone is not marketed for business use. Im not saying the phone will be good, but seriously, why is business even brought up??

  12. SE has let people down for so long why would anyone believe them.

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