Samsung: Over 3 Million Americans Served with the Samsung Galaxy S

A small tidbit that eeked out of Samsung’s Continuum coming out party last night: shipments of the Samsung Galaxy S reached 3 million in the United States since its launch here. Regardless of how great it seems to be doing here (and worldwide, where the number of shipments looks like 7 million, last we heard), Chief Marketing Officer Paul Golden said they wished they had more supply.


He’s likely referring to the lack of AMOLED and Super AMOLED displays that affected other manufacturers, like HTC. And he’s probably saying this while realizing the one goal that most manufacturers have: to knock that damn iPhone off its modern throne, which sold 3 million in its first three weeks.

The holiday shopping season is starting to heat up, though, and this is the time where most folks get their new phones. We’ll see if Samsung can do even better than they already have as they target a crowd who loves to spend money right around this time of the year.

[via Reuters]

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  • zzx

    So , what samsung anounced yeaterday?

  • http://none zzx

    So , what device samsung anounced yesteray?

  • Chad

    And yet they’re about to be two versions of Android behind……

  • Sam

    i hate touchwiz

  • Michael

    Over 3 Million Americans fooled into buying a Galaxy S with Froyo promises.

  • jdog25

    Thats a lot of angry Americans. I got a friend who bought the Vibrant and when I told him about Gingerbread this week he said he is going to start using his Nexus One again and that he’s tired of Samsung’s bull.

  • BC

    @Michael: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Pimpstrong

    I have one big happy Samsung family that includes the TV, Reciever, Blu-Ray, and the Vibrant. I love being able to access the pics, videos, and music on my phone straight from the TV with AllShare without even touching the phone itself. I would consider Samsung perfect if they would just keep up with Google’s idea of open source and timely updates.

  • Aeires

    Is there a single OEM that has repeat customers on the level of Apple? Not sure, but I’d have to lean towards HTC being the best of the Android manufacturers. Until the OEMs start to give the customers what they want on a regular basis, it’s going to be hard to take the top spot. Bloatware and slow updates aren’t going to cut it.

  • Dan

    i am an epic 4g owner and samsung should just scrap the froyo update and go straight to gingerbread

  • Adam

    And after 3 Million devices, they’ll stop supported it and move on to the Galaxy Tab and next generation of Galaxy phones… just saying.

  • Karnka

    Samsung are a mess. Releasing the continuum with 2.1 just shows how inept their developers are. There are clearly bugs with the Galaxy S that they simply are incapable of fixing regardless of any discussion about Froyo or Gingerbread.

    Going on about how many Galaxy S phones they’ve sold, US or otherwise just rubs salt into the wounds of the poor fools (myself included) who bought one.

  • Big

    Well, I have Froyo on my i9000 since August.

  • Big Steele

    Froyo on Vibrant too…

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    What are you talking about. I have Froyo on my Vibrant right now. And yes…its stock!

  • plainbrad

    “Dan wrote on November 9, 2010

    i am an epic 4g owner and samsung should just scrap the froyo update and go straight to gingerbread”

    Agreed. Pisses me off that gingerbread will be launched before my epic gets froyo

  • Spencer

    If there was a galaxy s with stock android (2.3) i would buy it for sure, oh hello two

  • morph

    @plainbread @Dan in my mind, if you aren’t even within ONE of the latest Android release, your phone is NOT a top-end device. you’re midrange.

  • TigerPaw

    Headline should read “Over 3 million Americans ill-served with the Samsung Galaxy-S”

    or “Samsung sells over 3 million Galaxy S phones in US, proving that you can fool lots of the people lots of the time”

  • Chris

    Hardware wise, my phone, the Epic is not bad. The only gripes that I now have is the lack of internal storage, slow froyo updates, and the poor GPS.

    I really think that they need to improve support for their products – their hardware is otherwise not bad. In any event, XDA Developers and Cyanogen are the places to go for the latest Android version.