Nov 9th, 2010

A small tidbit that eeked out of Samsung’s Continuum coming out party last night: shipments of the Samsung Galaxy S reached 3 million in the United States since its launch here. Regardless of how great it seems to be doing here (and worldwide, where the number of shipments looks like 7 million, last we heard), Chief Marketing Officer Paul Golden said they wished they had more supply.


He’s likely referring to the lack of AMOLED and Super AMOLED displays that affected other manufacturers, like HTC. And he’s probably saying this while realizing the one goal that most manufacturers have: to knock that damn iPhone off its modern throne, which sold 3 million in its first three weeks.

The holiday shopping season is starting to heat up, though, and this is the time where most folks get their new phones. We’ll see if Samsung can do even better than they already have as they target a crowd who loves to spend money right around this time of the year.

[via Reuters]

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