Motorola CLIQ Eclair Upgrade Available for All


We originally heard it’d be here mid-November, and Motorola started seeking out testers late October for the update, but Motorola CLIQ users all across the country can now download the upgrade to Android 2.1 for their smartphones. You need to do it manually, however, so make sure you go to Motorola’s site to download the file needed and head over to their installation page for detailed step-by-step instructions. Here’s the full list of changes:


  • More Google apps – Google Speech-to-Text, Google Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Google Voice Search and others have been added to make your CLIQ even more functional
  • New Android Market – Access to a larger range of apps specifically designed for devices using Android 2.1 or later
  • Improved multimedia apps – Media Gallery and Connected Music Player have been enhanced for better interaction with your media

After the update, you’ll have more space on your Home screen, and more ways to customize it:

  • You’ll have 7 screens to make your own.
  • Resize your widgets! You can make them larger or smaller. They also rearrange easily when you drag them to new locations on your Home screen.
  • Customize your Happenings and Messaging widgets by selecting the updates and messages you want to display.
  • Have a few people who you always call or email or text? The new Contact quick tasks widget lets you put a picture of a contact on your homescreen and assign quick actions for that contact. So, with one touch you can call their cell or home phone, or start a text message. Talk about instant access! Resize the widget and you can add even more actions/quick tasks.

The update includes other great features too:

  • Use widgets to toggle Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi on and off; connect when you need to, turn it off to save your battery.
  • Task Manager – New feature provides information about programs running on your phone, eliminating the need for 3rd party task manager apps.
  • Find and play more music, get full screen lyrics, album art, song identification, and view what others around you are listening to with Connected Music Player (MP3 Player, and Internet Radio). You can also now download songs using Amazon MP3.
  • Save a quick note on your Home screen with the Sticky Note widget.
  • Try out these improved widgets: Calendar, and Weather.
  • Exchange now has Global Address Lookup, address history lookup, and Push ActiveSync. And now you can multiselect emails (if you want to delete a bunch at once, for example).

[Motorola via Androinica]

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  1. Happy for my fellow Android owners finally getting their long-awaited upgrade!

  2. what about Backflip? That was to be the 9th also, but not there yet

  3. I feel it should be noted that the JIT compiler from 2.2 has been included.

  4. when will the XT get the update??

  5. Can we use this upgrade if we took part in the soak beta test?

  6. Wow it took a year! Too bad cause I’m buying the mytouch 4g in a couple of weeks

  7. If you took part in the soak beta test and downloaded the update file directly from Moto, then you are good to go. If you risked downloading a leaked file from another source, you may not be on the most recent update. If you are unsure, the Moto forums have step by step instructions to downgrade your device to Blur 1.4.8, then you must update to 1.6.1 before going to 2.1.5. (Please note that downgrading your device wipes it clean.)

  8. worth it over a root? or can i DL it then just attach SU on it?

  9. Downloaded it the second i woke up. But, no freaking live wallpapers! That’s all i wanted! But overall, very nice upgrade. Very smooth and fast. Happy, but not as happy as i could be

  10. i was waiting for this for so long! but i just gave my cliq away! oh well, i hope that he enjoys it now. I have moved on to the new mytouch.

  11. I’ve had this official build (Motoblur 2.1.5) for about 1 month now and it’s worth it. Combined with LauncherPro it’s heaven! The original U.I. is kinda of laggy especially with 7 screens. Not optimized very well. Plus the Apps drawer is plain laggy as well. But this update combined with LauncherPro makes a HUGE difference in speed and usability. On the plus side LauncherPro makes your Apps drawer way faster & gives you the 3D affect that Motorola striped away for this version of 2.1 Eclair. Enjoy my Cliq comrades! :)

  12. @ jason..you only wanted live wallpapers? they aren’t even cool, and ultra battery drain. what a lamer.

  13. @iamsteventucker They don’t even drain your battery that much. And i exaggerated only “i only”. But i really do want live wallpapers!

  14. Anybody know if I can use it on my U.K. Dext running blur_version.1.3.39.MB200.Orange.en.GB

  15. I was one of the few patient cliq owners that wanted 2.1 but wasnt dying to get it. My cliq was in 10/10 condition. I have the case for it and also the screen protector. I dont put anything else in the pocket the phone is in. Yesterday morning I unintentionally dropped a business card in the phone pocket as I was walking out of a store. That card somehow got between the screen and keyboard and sliced the thin ribbon cable. I had the phone b4 the service so I didnt have an insurance option on my plan. Reading this just puts the icing on the cake… anyone know how anywhere that might have any info on fixing a ribbon cable? or possably a replacement.. the cheapest option was to jump on sprint and get the LG optimus but I would rather fix my cliq and take the sprint phone back.

  16. Looks like the Backflip upgrade is about to go live too. The link is on Moto’s support page, but doesn’t work yet. The link for the 2.1 release notes does work.


  17. This will not work on the DEXT.

  18. Will they send it over the air, directly to ur phone? Or wat cuz I honestly don’t feel like going on my computer & doing this

  19. This is done by downloading the file, hooking up your computer and running the update while connected to the Moto website.

  20. My Cliq recently started going haywire! Opening appps, calling/texting people,pressing buttons during phone calls, etc. etc. I have been waiting fort-mobile to send a new one but just found out its on backorder today!!Soo.. anxiously waiting.. Was thinking about getting a new phone and giving it to my boyfriend. Still a very good phone, and can’t wait to use the update! Which will delay my new phone so I can have an even better one! AWesome!

  21. @Kenny – I don’t believe it will work on your Dext. There is a requirement that motoblur 1.6.1 be present prior to placing the install package on your sd card.

  22. the navigation is a joke the rest is good i guess

  23. What about the Cliq XT? Anyone know?

  24. blur_version.1.3.39.MB200.Orange.en.GB

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