Phan Giveaway: Phone Coasters, Game Grippers, and Even More Isotoner Gloves!

What’s that? Another giveaway? Of course it is. We’re back with more goods that you guys will get a kick out of. First up: more Isotoner smarTouch Gloves. These things are so popular with you guys that we can’t help but keep throwing them at you! It’s even colder in most places this week than it was last, so cross your fingers and pray you’ll get a pair of these if the climate in your area is starting to hit 30 degrees on a regular basis. (I live in Wisconsin. 60 degrees is warm to us.)


We’ll also be giving away the Game Gripper 2 for the Motorola Droid 2! Motorola made a slight change to the keyboard of the original Droid for the second edition of the phone and it deemed the original Game Gripper useless for those of you who have upgraded. Thankfully, the folks who created this bundle of joy for Droid gamers have not forgotten about you and has created a Droid 2 version of the Game Gripper to help make a more pleasant gaming experience. Kevin’s got a review of the new version coming up very soon, but until then, try and win one of these for yourself!


Finally, newPCGadgets has hooked us up with some Smartphone Coasters if you are the type whose phone is too good to sit on any given surface. Made with quality stainless steel, the idea and design is simple, yet oh so useful for phones that don’t have the luxury of coming with a kickstand preinstalled. (Yes, I know many of you EVO owners are cheesing cheek to cheek, right now.) Prop that phone of yours up on the stand and enjoy the comfortable viewing angle it provides for smartphones of all sizes. (PS: Yes, we are aware that that’s an iPhone 4 sitting in the coaster. You should already know how we feel about that!)


And then there’s the standard Phandroid pack, of course, that comes with a Phandroid-branded stadium cup, sports bag, pens, and mints to keep you all Phan’d up. Don’t forget that future giveaways will feature the Phandroid t-shirt that you guys selected back at our first ever Phandroid Live event!


Glance over this very short list of things you need to do to be eligible:

  • Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
  • Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 9th, 2010

We’ll contact the randomly selected winner on November 10th for their address and contact info.

Let the commenting begin!

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  • Crystal

    Maybe for me?

  • Crystal

    Also, was the pic with the phone coaster taken in a Noodles and Co.?

  • joedon3

    I’m in it for the gloves! ….And of course the Phandroid gear to plaster all over my office. :-)

  • Matt

    How could I refuse Isotoner Gloves? Sign me up

  • MRock

    MMMMM…those Isotoners would sure make for a toastie winter droid experience…….that and Donuts.

  • watson111505

    Awesome ….

  • Shane

    If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit…

  • Duke S.

    MMMmm….Phandroid mints.

  • jinxygrrl

    It’s starting to get cooler here in the east, I need those gloves! Thanks for sharing.

  • Elsydeon


  • Kyle

    I need to get myself a pair of those gloves!

  • drd505


  • brad

    Yes, please! droid gamers ftw.

  • 7yrs in

    im good for the coaster or phandroid gear
    even if i dont win, keep up the good work!

  • Barry

    Woo-hoo! Sign me up!

  • Cory Rupert

    I’m in.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the chances to win stuff!

  • David

    meeeee thanks!

  • Tim

    I’d like some goodies for my new Evo 4g, most def.

  • Tony

    Sign me up! Thanks for the chance!

  • Mr. G2

    Please ROB let me win!!! I go way back with Android since the G1 came out with some apps on the market like pacman. The good old days =)

  • Min

    Here’s to hoping.

  • mercado79

    Birthday’s right around the corner and I was hoping for these!

  • Cliff

    I’m in. I love free stuff!!!

  • Tim V

    I live in Wisconsin too! (Madison, to be exact). Those gloves would be well used here.

  • Eric Nygren

    Want those gloves!

  • BigTechTony

    Great contest…thanks!

  • foo


  • Ghaleon

    A chance at Phandroid swag, and other glittering prizes? darn tootin’ I’m in.

  • Pete Kilburn

    GO WISCONSIN!!!!! Can’t wait until its cold enough to use the gloves…. so that should be a few months still. To all the pansies down south…. its not cold yet… take the winter coats off.
    oh yeah…. sign me up also….

  • Eric

    I’m a little offended by the box for the gloves… it having an iPhone on it and all. I’ll pardon the poor advertising with the right bribery, though.

  • Slackerjoe

    Phandroid is my #1 stop for all things ANDROID!! =)
    Thank you for all the free stuff you guys give away!

  • Alex

    Big money no whammies! Daddy needs some gloves and a Droid 2 gamegripper!

  • Andrew


  • Alex Amato

    I need the gloves! It’s getting cold up here in Seattle and still need to use my phone.

  • Cole

    Sign me up!


  • Mary

    Love the Smartphone Coaster w/ kickstand! Thanks guys!

  • CJM

    I want some gloves

  • Kevin

    Any chance for free stuff is great

  • Jeremy

    I wouldn’t mind one of those coasters. Those are sweet!

  • Sabrina Simmons

    I am absolutely addicted to Android. I would really appreciate some Phandroid Gear. You guys are my absolute favorite site out there. =)

  • Matt

    I’d like to have that!

  • TheBankMan

    Quentyn, your MN neighbors could use some of those gloves! I’d love to have my Droid sitting safely one one of those coasters too!

  • Brian Pope

    You know you want to give them to me… I’ve personally turned 2 people to this site and they read it every day now. If they tell 2 people and those 2 people tell 2 people, that’s like 10 people right there.

  • N1inAK

    I’m in Alaska. We already have 4″ of snow on the ground, and temperatures in the low 20s. I’m not going to see temperatures above freezing again until April.

    PLEASE hook me up with those gloves!

  • r_dub

    Those gloves look pretty sweet, oh and you got to have the phandroid gear!!!!

  • AS

    Gloves would be nice

  • Jonathan Drake

    I love android and free stuff!

  • Nicholas Moline

    I need those gloves!!

  • Adam B.

    Time for me to win

  • Brandon

    very cool.

  • Adam


  • flatline5

    Can I get a little PLINKO love, or you can just send me to the BIG WHEEL. “flatline5, Come on DOWN!!!!” (my bid is $1)

  • Henry S

    I’m a NeoPhan! Just started following on Twitter!

  • JonnyKs

    It’s cold up here by Lake Michigan and I was just thinking I should look into getting some gloves…

  • Chris

    Pick me

  • Daniel Faulkner

    Gloves = want

  • Adam

    If its free, its me

  • Miguel C.

    That’d be dope to win.

  • colojomo

    gimme gimme gimme

  • Cesardrgn

    Woot Woot!!!
    What did i win? :)

  • Ian

    Fellow Cheesehead here, really hoping to win any and all of this!

  • Jared

    Give this to me and all your wildest dreams will come true.

  • Kurt Schossow

    Sweet gloves

  • David O

    GameGripper FTW?!

  • Jim

    PLEASE PICK ME. Anything is fine as I seem to never win anything, You guys a phantastic!

  • Kirsty

    I would love the isotoners! Its supposed to start snowing tonight! It would be nice to have a pair so I am not freezing my fingers off! :)

  • Kaz

    dang, I need a pair of them gloves. it is COLD here…

  • Adam

    Would love those gloves!

  • Taylor R.

    Non-numb hands and droid is much desired.

  • Jason Rawlins

    Really could see myself using those gloves daily

  • RobI

    game gripper!

  • Taylor R.

    It’d be nice to be able to feel my phone while using it in the freezing cold.

  • Jeffery Bowling

    I never win but here’s to hoping.

  • Stephanie Smith

    Cool stuff, pick me, pick me!!

  • Sean Wright

    I have wooden hands that are filled with termites. If I had these gloves I could suffocate these damn termites.

  • XxSuntoucherxX

    You know what they say, 3rd time’s a charm. So given that it snowed here in NYC yesterday, I’m thinking I need those gloves now….

  • djdillon

    Can the comment be on any thread or just this one?

  • Willy900wonka

    Hmmm, was the comment here or on a forum thread? I’m in it for a pen.

  • Mark Sussman

    Love that phone coaster

  • jd baller

    I could use a new pair of gloves

  • StevO

    I love siracha sauce..mmm

  • Dawn

    Show me some Phan-love!

  • melba


  • Lulu

    Phandroid is awesome!

  • E.R

    i need those gloves….

  • Andy

    OOOHHH!! smartphone coaster!

  • Phillip

    All fun stuff. Though I keep wondering what it would take to create similar gloves myself…

  • Sierra

    Ok, I’ll join in.

    Long time reader, first time caller.

  • Gary

    Count me in!

  • Tim

    I’m in for some free goodies!

  • iamsteventucker


    i would enjoy some free shit

  • Alex

    Michigan weather and an addiction to my smartphone means that I need those gloves!

  • Josh

    Lets try this again

  • Rockatree

    are those gloves for eating gingerbread….cookies

  • Paul

    Hopefully the gloves aren’t the pink ones in the box shown… :p

  • Rockatree

    are those froyo eating gloves?

  • Theodoro

    Me need, me win!

  • Anthony

    That’s the first time I saw those gloves. They are pretty cool.

  • Susan H.

    Is this one giveaway with all 4 things, or 4 different giveaways? Awesome either way! Pick me! :-)

  • jakewoodblues

    Gloves would be really nice…please?!

  • mike

    Gloves Plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chandler ?=^)

    This is quickly becoming one of my must read sites.

  • Wes

    Yay Phandroid!

  • GC736

    Isotoners would keep my hands very toasty here in the frigid wasteland of Florida…

  • Colin Edwards

    Man those gloves would be nice, the Dots gloves company still has yet to ship mine from over 4 months ago.

  • Jacob

    Isotoners =3 me please!!!

  • Youngblood.N

    I just want the phandroid shwag… gloves are rather PiMp however.

  • P Robino

    Pick me! I love this site.

  • Jason

    Just got a D2 Global, want to try the game gripper…

  • vibrantgeezer

    Hope I win, its getting cold here in philly.

  • Luis Acosta

    my digits are frozen!!

  • Mason D


  • Ryan


  • Henry

    All this equals the greatest android gaming setup this winter

  • Sturta

    Good luck everyone. Those gloves look great!

  • Cameron

    Game gripper won’t fit my 3G Slide but I do want me some Phandroid swag!

  • nerdstaz

    Phandroid has came a long way…from free information to free stuff. DIBS!

    Too bad the gloves don’t have a phandroid logo =) It would be one more reason for my iFriends to groan at my Phandroidness.

  • Bunsen Honeydew

    Me too.

  • OpticQ

    Ohh, that Phandroid swag looks very nice. But I wouldn’t mind winning a coaster too. Haha.

  • Grandmadroid

    Old people need gloves for their arthritic hands!!!

  • Scalpel

    I hope I win the gloves!

  • Markley02

    I WANT those gloves.

  • dharr18

    Gloves, coaster or swag would be sweet. Do you have the gloves in XXL or a minimum XL? Big hands make any phone look small. :D

  • that_maynard

    The prices are getting cooler and cooler!

  • Reggie

    It is starting to get cold.

  • Jubbs

    I’m starting to wonder if people actually win these things…

  • Todd H

    Saweet, these would go great with my new G2!

  • David

    This time?

  • Ehab

    WOW really nice. Can I have it PLEASE!!!!

  • alok

    you mean EST. daylight saving time just ended the least to could do with check and see that it is now EST.

  • SPyKER

    Man, those Isotoners are some cool gloves! I wonder how well they would work as motorcycle gloves… Maybe with some fingerless leather gloves over them?

  • Specs

    those gloves are nice!

  • Bill__

    Put me on the list! Very cool.

  • Charles

    Can I haz prize plz? :D

  • Malcolm

    *crosses his fingers*

    Those gloves look incredible. :)

  • Savajio

    Very Cool. Game gripper would be nice for my Droid. :)

  • Jason

    Yes please.

  • Chris I

    I would love to get anything for free!

  • TattooMan

    One of the reasons I love living in the USA. FREE PHANDROID STUFF. Oooo Oooo….. pick me!!!! PICK ME!!!!

  • IncrediBill

    pick me.

  • Lynn

    I love free stuff – Sign me up, and Rock On!

  • Ryan

    Phandroid FL!

  • jeide68

    Cold MD weather + gloves + being able to use my phone = Good times.

  • Laz

    I want another game gripper because my wife keeps taking mine!

  • Bee


  • Daniel

    Let me be entered . . .

  • Colin Westwater

    I would love to win this!

  • Mario Camou

    If I win I’ll pay for the shipping…

  • HVG

    I usually never win anything, but maybe this is my chance. The phandroid gear looks nice

  • sae kim

    win please

  • Brad 2

    Wisconsin eh? I work in Madison – where you at Quentyn?

    Anyway I was just telling someone the other day about those gloves, that you can use capacitive screens with your gloves on if you have those. They unfortunately didn’t have an Android , but a Lenovo tablet of some sort.


  • Derek

    Wisconsinites Unite!!! Pick me!

  • Ken G

    In it for the coaster or swag! =)

  • Kunal

    All of the prizes look nice, but the gloves and the coaster especially look amazing!

  • Phil

    New York !

  • Naomi

    Quentyn, you are in Wisconsin, too? That is awesome! We love you here @ US Cellular!! I can have some free stuff!? :)

  • Elad

    my fingas r freezin

  • Pete

    ooh ooh pick me!!!

  • Michael

    Free stuff! :D

  • Kyle

    The 11th is my birthday. (hint hint)

  • Evan Kaufman

    Ooh! Me, me, me!

  • Dan

    “Way before OJ had Isotoners!”

  • Chris

    The gloves look good to me…but I like the coaster too.

  • Matt

    I hopes I win!

  • Chris

    Totally hoping I win! Those gloves would be really sweet when I have to be out the door at the crack of dawn and its freezing outside!

  • Tom

    I love giveaways!

  • bexa

    Me? I love all those Phandroid goodies…my EVO has a kickstand, it’s not a Droid and I’ll be darned if I will be using my phone when it is that cold!!

  • Caspien

    WOOT!! Once again, count me in on this one :) (perfect timing too.. Daughter has been saying she wants the Droid 2 instead of the old Storm.. GOOD BYE FINAL CRACKBERRY IN THE HOUSE!!)

  • su2lly

    Surprised by the lack of O.J. references on this Isotoner giveaway.

  • The Fish

    *fingers crossed

  • ToastnJam

    Gotta love the giveaways!! Thanks Phandroid! :D

  • charles

    I want to win!!!!! Would be a nice early Christmas gift.

  • JDMaker1

    Heck yeah!

  • Yoreel

    Jeez.. I can think of uses for every one of those prizes!!

  • coye

    i’d buy that for a dollar!

  • mapmaker

    Isotoner-lacking, numbingly cold fingers crossed for some smart gloves.

  • Busa05

    I haven’t won anything since…Can’t think back that far.

  • Mark

    Sweet gloves… Even O.J. wouldn’t have left these behind.

  • Dil

    Hi, did I win?

  • Marc

    I work outside I could really use those gloves they are pretty great for me…please select me…thanks…

  • Mark

    ;) su2lly

  • Lectrik1

    This sounds like a good giveaway. You can give it to me.

  • Mark

    OMG OMG OMG. YESSSSS! It’s not really that serious, but meh.

  • Kwaping


  • elijahblake

    pick me

  • TIm V

    In it to wi– well, you know.

  • OLAnt

    Can I get some droid accesory lovin’ QK??

  • syborg

    Okay, count me in the running.

  • kappy79

    As one of the few proud owners of the droid2 that game grip looks pretty sweet. Phandroid ftw!

  • Dave

    That coaster is pretty cool looking (minus the iPhone!)Thanks for the cool giveaways and the phandroid site!

  • Justin

    Mine please!

  • David M

    Wow, this list gets longer every time…
    Could use the gloves in Minnesota!

  • Abbe

    Toasty fingers = good…

  • Paul

    Why is everyone commenting?

  • Lou Ann Roulette

    I should win because when I go into stores and ask salespeople questions, they ask me where am I hearing this stuff they don’t even know about and I always say Phandroid. I spell it for them too! Please, Please cool Phandroid stuff for me!!!!!

  • Pete

    This comment FTW! :D

  • Rex Roof

    I enter comment!

    does anyone have a product link for those isotoner gloves?

  • Seth

    Yes please.

  • Matt

    Oh man, I’ve been commenting for the gloves until now. I want a game pad for my Droid!

  • QuantumRand

    One in ~200 chance? I like those odds.

  • Chris

    in for one

  • Adam

    One day !!

  • Dave

    Gotta get me some!

  • Hex

    Yeah, I want some free stuff. Phone coaster please!

  • DM

    My turn!!

  • Dave

    gotta get me some!!

  • KrisPeezy

    LET’ GO!

  • Aztec

    Yes please

  • Chad

    Third times a charm?

  • shinobi3432

    I sooo want those phandroid stuff!!! #1 XD

  • Kim

    Those glove would be nice for me in Texas

  • Harold Goldner

    When I told my wife about these gloves, she said, “that’s stupid.” I hope she has to answer her phone when it’s 20 degrees out and doesn’t want to take her gloves off. Good luck with all that.

  • Earle Zulueta

    Going to Canada at end of month. Could use the gloves…=)

  • Thomas S. Pangborn

    Love to have some of those Android goodies.

  • Jason

    You guys are the best. Especially if I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • srikanth

    Ah! those isotoner gloves! trying to get them from phandroid for last 3 weeks …. hope atleast this time I will the lucky one…

  • harika

    I will win it this time!

  • David H.

    Love the glove!!!!

  • J. Elliott

    This will be my first winter in New York. I’ll be damned if I don’t need those gloves.

  • Charles

    Looks great

  • KDroidX

    Did i win?! Yes? Awesome! Thanks!

  • Brian Inglut

    Please hook it up I live in Buffalo and it is cold as hell. Thanks

  • maddaustin

    Heck yeah!

  • Casey

    wOOt! Chance to win free stuff?!? I’m in!

  • Curtis Bascue

    Sign me up! I absolutely would love this gear!! :D

  • DroidCEO

    i’d love those gloves please =)

  • Matt

    Holy cow… a TON of comments!

  • BrianR

    Sign me up. I am love anything and everything free. =P

  • Fonedoc

    Just like Mike.. I’m missing a glove :)

  • ilhe1s

    All of these prizes look amazing. I could really go for any of them but those gloves look rather nice since it’s getting cold outside.

  • Brian Lewis

    Wow! Great stuff! I really hope I win…

  • Scott

    I’ve been drooling over those gloves for ages… I want! :)

  • yamiyaiba

    I can has gloves?

  • Jonathan

    Man the only time it sucks to live in Canada is this when phandroid have a giveaway :( Why always no Canadian shipping I mean it’s only like what 30$ for priority mail inside North America (and even then why go with priority). I can understand all the way in Europe and stuff but why no Canada. Plus in Canada I could really use some smart touch gloves

    Sorry if this was offensive to whoever is in charge of the giveaways but I just find it really sucks for Canadians.

  • RichV

    Oh man, I live in Wisconsin too! I need a pair of those gloves.

  • Jason

    Awesome! All those prizes are nice!

  • Chigreen

    my fangers are cold from using my phone in chicago. Gimme them gloves.

  • Mike A

    This Stuff is GREAT!!!!! I’M IN!!!!

  • Batwings1

    Come on baby, daddy needs a new pair of gloves!

  • Hilda

    I want, I want, I want, I want………THIS IS AWESOME ~~~~
    GIMME….GiMME…..hehe :)

  • Joshua Douty

    ahh that stand looks nice

  • LSxChevelle

    Yes please!

  • Jeremy A

    I swear those gloves are sewn from the finest unicorn mane. They are absolutely magical! The Phandroid gear is sprinkled with unicorn glitter!

  • Bulletproofheeb

    That’s a pretty impressive set. Count me in.

  • Nick Wheeler

    I was JUST about to order a game gripper for my new droid2 after discovering my old one doesn’t work! So, fingers crossed, only competing with 250-ish people so far!

  • Jesse

    I want to go to there!

  • WTFMoses

    do the gloves come a few sizes too small? you never know when they might become evidence. and if the gloves don’t fit….

  • dirrty Dave

    Me likey!!!!!!!!!

  • david

    I need this stuff haha.

  • Josh

    Pick me. Pick Me.

  • bryguy165

    sign me up! those gloves look cool

  • Thunderclaww

    I’d like to win. Please?

  • cookemandan

    Awesome stuff! Hope I win!!!

  • Russ Dill

    zhis zis zowsome

  • Yellowfrizbee

    Sign me up!

    Hopefully when you said “Provide an email address with your comment” you meant in that ‘Mail (will not be published)’ section above, not in the actual comment itself. :D

  • Todd Wieder

    Gloves make my hands look like fabric.

  • Droid

    Very nice. I can use a pair of these gloves when I jog on frigid days.

  • juanbiz

    I relly want the isotoners more than anything Chicago is no joke this time of season

  • Alan D


  • Saneok

    Its getting cold outside so i might have a use for those gloves “hint” “hint”

  • Chris

    Pick me, pick me!!

  • Shawn

    My fingers are crossed.

  • Anthony

    Would love a pair of those gloves!

  • Grant

    Looks good! I’d love any one of those.

  • Brad

    Oh please oh please oh please! I want some sweet gloves.

  • Susan G.

    The gloves would be great for my first ski trip in February!

  • John W

    I NEED those gloves. :D

    Also, my Evo kickstand can’t keep it in portrait mode like I really want, so…

  • Jacob V


  • catch

    I’m wearing my lucky underpants.

  • Carlos V

    264th!!! }:o)

  • Dave johnson

    Want me some gloves

  • Ben Marvin

    Hmm, two iPhones pictured in the post and not one Android phone…

  • Jakethegringo

    I would LOVE a pair of those GLOVES!!!! It’s getting cold down here and i work outside all day, but it LOVE my MOTO Droid! Keep up the good work guys… Even if i don’t win!

  • zach

    <— 1 cold randomly selected winner.

  • Adam

    Ill take one pa pa please…

  • Sean K

    I hope I win! I’m a huge Phan!

  • Jarred S.

    Those gloves would be awesome this winter! With all the non-stop news on phandroid I never put down my droid 2!

  • shmuelp

    The gloves would key for changing podcasts while walking to/from the office and waiting for the bus. Pick me please?

  • Michael

    Oooo.. pick me. I want the coaster and the phandroid stuff.

  • Mitchell

    Can haz?

  • Chris Gunter

    Im an original Phan-boy. yeah C’mon. :)

  • Paul

    Ive been a Phanatic for a long time….I definitely could utilize a stainless steel nightstand for awesome looks and uber coolness… gonna play my number at comment at # 270……………BINGO…

  • Mike

    Yeah Wisconsin is cold. I could use those gloves.

  • Alexis

    crossing my fingers!

  • Quentin Dewolf

    cool stuff

  • bubbasixx

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the great info and tools.

    Now please hook me up!!!

  • Ryan Ruth

    Awesome stuff, I’d love to win it

  • Chronos

    Woot another giveaway!

  • Sea

    I’ll take the gloves or coaster please. :)

  • RebelScum

    Stuff. Gimme it!

    Thanks ;)

  • Brian

    who doesn’t like free stuff? it’s going to get cold in chicago

  • 18+


  • Arun

    HOT gifts for cold weather – COOL.

  • splice

    Just bought an Evo 4g bookmarks your sire day one love checking in dail to see whats going on in the phone world keep up the good work

  • JhonathanM

    Im in.

  • Mr. Joshua

    Well, what do you know – two hundred and seventy something is my lucky number!

  • Sandeep

    I love me those gloves. Its getting cold as it is.

  • Mili

    Pick me. Pick me.

  • James

    Random freebie giveaways are always fun. :)

  • Kris

    Here’s hopin for some of those sweet gloves.

  • Dalton

    those gloves sure would be nice just in time for the cold weather, also my droid would look pretty “incredible” on that coaster..

  • Paul


  • John

    Those game grippers look amazing

  • John

    I live in wisconsin too!

  • Hector

    I want those gloves!!!

  • Ricky Jr.

    i wish i could win.

  • jacbo

    I need some cups and pens (black)!!

  • andulas

    gloves :)

  • Tim Kwong

    I hope I win!!!

  • Michael McCrary

    I hope I win! My hands are cold.

  • brandon m

    of course i want some cool stuff and then as soon as i look to enter its 12:00am….

  • Edward

    I want this for me even though my phone is eh “broken”

  • necroscopev
  • Jared

    i would enjoy this…

  • Adman

    those gloves look sexy.

  • KTP

    Get that iPhone out of that cradle!! Eewwwww

  • Craig

    Comment #285 is the winner!!

  • dbritton

    Sign me up all of those prizes look awesome

  • ontheFritz

    Don’t hold your breath on the coaster. I won the last giveaway and still haven’t received it yet. But hat tip to Jerry for keeping us updated! :)

  • Wayne

    Yo dawg, I herd you like Android, so I put an Android in your glove so you can touch while you touch.

  • Pleatherhand

    What? No more frostbite just because you gotta check GMail? Wow!

  • famished

    Whatever happened to the Android pillow?

  • sam villagrana

    wow i almost gagged,,, I can’t believe I missed this

  • Derek

    I think i want those gloves!! it was 40 degrees here in California this morning!

  • Y1337S

    It was my birthday not too long ago D: perhaps Phandroid could hook me up, yes? :D

  • Chris

    Pick me… Pick me!!!