Galaxy Tab’s Gorilla Glass Survives Point Blank Shooting


The following excessive test of the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s Gorilla glass screen isn’t a portrait of safety. Powerful airsoft pistol? Check. Standing less than a few feet from the object while shooting? Check. Doing this all in an enclosed room? Check. But one man’s risk is everyone else’s reward. Behold the power of Gorilla Glass:

And in case you had any doubts about the power of such a gun (it is in no way a mere toy):

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I would have expected to see the Tab move a little bit, so I’m not so sure the gun even fired. I’m not doubting the Gorilla Glass, just the experiment.

  2. I like the fact that you can’t hear the bb’s bouncing around the room. Having shot hard surfaces with them before, I can tell you they would have bounced back at him.

  3. naw the tab would be way to heavy to be moved by those small pellets though i would have expected tears on the plastic but since there wasnt really any air bubbles i’m not so sure that would have happened

  4. @barry
    you would think you would hear them but when he shot the glass you didnt hear them bounce either; however, that could be because the pellets were muffled by the plastic bag and slowed down by the glass

  5. Notice the lack of gas escaping the ‘pistol’ in the first video. The video with the glass clearly demonstrates the release of the pressurized gas. I’m calling shenanigans.

  6. This is your screen… This is your screen on GORILLA GLASS!!

  7. I feel like this is complete BS. Like has been previously stated the gun doesn’t show signs of gas being released from the barrel of the pistol nor did the tab slightly move when struck by the pellet and finnaly I don’t see any new marks on the tab from earlier footage.

    Damn did I offend that many people with my comments about the nexus 2/samsung hardware problems they had to go fake a brutal point blank shooting of the tab?…. Naw to be sure not.

  8. That is clearly a hoax. I have used that air pistol before, and it packs quite a punch. There should definitely be a slight recoil in the pistol. Not to mention movement in the tablet, and the sound of BB’s bouncing around as others have mentioned. Usually with that type of gun you can also see CO2 escaping from the nozzle in a small cloud.

  9. there are the three bullet hit places on the bottom of the screen it is visible but he is not focusing on that. i wonder if there is damage too…

  10. Yea, When he tightens the cartridge doesn’t seal right and is leaking co2 right from the start and doesn’t stop. If it’s not fake, it’s definitely flawed and should be considered so.

  11. This is BS. That tab would have moved. I’ve shot CO2 BB pistols before, and they are quite powerful.

    Also, what is up with everytime someone makes a video, it’s someone with creepy ass weird fingernails? Ugh! gross!


  12. Im also gonna call bs on this there is no reaction what so ever when hes supposedly shoots the tab which it would have had some sort of reaction and been able to see the pellet hit the tab or atleast bounce back

  13. Revised experimental protocol:

    Load 5 BBs. Line up the Tab and the Coke glass.

    Shoot the Tab, the glass, the Tab, the glass, and the Tab.

    Buy new Coke glass. Buy new Tab.

  14. simple test: put a piece of paper atleast 1/4″ off the glass and then shoot it. the paper will obviously tear, then you can determine the glass condition. theres plenty of ways to do this…i call shenanigans!

  15. I agree with Jonny5. No gas seen in first video and clearly seen gas in second video.

  16. warning!!! the video is BS. after seeing this video i decided to shoot my galaxy s phone with an air rifle. it now has a .177 caliber hole all the way through it. :-(

  17. lol @mike, truly you didn’t do that!


  18. I’m calling BS as well. You can “see” the shots in the 2nd video but not in the first….

  19. I agree with everyone here. The first video look very questionable. The sound of the pistol doesn’t sound the same, the tab does not even slightly move, and no CO2 gas escaping from the barrel.


  20. @mike i agree this video is setup. it’s a hoax, there are too many signs showing this. as for shooting your galaxy s phone? i hope you really didn’t do that. the galaxy s has a Super AMOLED screen, and the galaxy tab has your typical HD AMOLED screen. this test was to show the strength of the glass that samsung used on the tab. the tab’s screen is encased in gorilla glass, the galaxy s screen is not. so the pellet will surely go through the screen on your phone. as for someone else who mentioned seeing damage done to the screen… those aren’t marks from the pellets hitting it. from what i seen, it looks like bubbles from the screen protector.

  21. This is definitely fake. Notice the edit at 2:29.

  22. I thought it might have been real at first, but then I noticed something upon watching it again. Including what everyone else said about it, I noticed that at about 2:29 of the first video, there is, what seems, a break in the footage. i.e., it was paused, something done to the gun, then recorded again with everything in roughly the same area. If you notice, there are three strange things about it that lead my to believe this. 1) His hand seems to jump very quickly across the screen, 2) he’s making a sound, but it sounds very strange when this occurs, and 3) there is quite a noticeable difference in the lighting after the skip.

  23. @nemesys

    Actually all phones in the Galaxy S line use Gorilla Glass.

  24. lmao @ mike

    I think the S sports gorilla glass too. But no matter if it’s a hoax or not, gorilla’s one tough mutha. I know what phone I wanna have in my pocket if there’s ever a gunfight ’round me. :D

  25. I’ve been told by multiple sources that the galaxy s phones do have gorilla glass but yeah, the video looks fake.

  26. If this looks fake why not recreate the experiment yourselves and show us? Go grab a Galaxy Tab and a C02 Airsoft pistol and video tape the experiment.

  27. @Nemesys06

    Galay Tab doesn’t have HD Amoled it has Super TFT.

  28. I HIGHLY doubt the tablet should move btw anyone know the name of the pistol used?

  29. …and what is the fist thing you do with your brand new tab. shoot it with a bb gun. lol

  30. the guy in the video has some major nail biting issues

  31. He he nuts? He’ll put his eye out!

  32. of only Ralphie’s spectacles had been made of gorilla glass, eh ROM ?

  33. So this is what Peggy does in his off-time from answering those damned phones.

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