Dell’s Stage UI Comes to All Android 2.2 Devices



The verdict isn’t in on Dell’s upcoming Stage UI to be packaged with the Android 2.2 update to the Streak, but for a launcher it holds some promise. Think HTC Sense meets stock Android, and that looks like what you will get. But why wait? Or why even be relegated to the Streak? The folks at XDA Developers got a hold of the Stage UI early and created a port that will work on any Android 2.2 device, no root necessary.

To get UI looking right in landscape mode requires a bit of extra work, but so does anything worth doing. At the very least this offers a launcher replacement that won’t require the risk of bricking your phone. Pretty slick looking, though, right? Instructions and more at the link below.

[XDA via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Hmm…….. what link?

  2. what’s better, this or Sense UI?

  3. I have Sense and im willing to try this out, I always thought that a Sense+Vanilla=Hybrid Android would be sick. Dell way to be on the ball, Hope it doesnt suck.

  4. I would equate it to Sense meets webOS meets stock android. It’s not a bad skin/launcher.

  5. HTC shoul make Sense like this, too. Just a downloadable skin. Make phones with stock Android, and if someone needs the skin, they download it from the market. Simples.

  6. HTC is working on a market…it could happen.

  7. You can put the launcher on the DX but the phone button won’t work. I’d assume this is a problem on the droid 2 since they run the same software.

  8. doesnt size right on mdpi devices [g1, mytouch 3g, mytouch slide, aria, legend etc etc]even when changing the lcd density the widgets dont change to fit so no go on those devices

  9. I would use this daily if the phone shortcut worked (droid 2), and if the weather would pick up my location.

  10. I have seen that weather widget from at least two apps in the market.

  11. Useless on a Hero running 2.2. It’s just too slow. :(

  12. It looks promising I definitely like the web widget.

  13. it wont install with me on samsung intercpet froyo

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