Nov 9th, 2010

What’s that? Another giveaway? Of course it is. We’re back with more goods that you guys will get a kick out of. First up: more Isotoner smarTouch Gloves. These things are so popular with you guys that we can’t help but keep throwing them at you! It’s even colder in most places this week than it was last, so cross your fingers and pray you’ll get a pair of these if the climate in your area is starting to hit 30 degrees on a regular basis. (I live in Wisconsin. 60 degrees is warm to us.)


We’ll also be giving away the Game Gripper 2 for the Motorola Droid 2! Motorola made a slight change to the keyboard of the original Droid for the second edition of the phone and it deemed the original Game Gripper useless for those of you who have upgraded. Thankfully, the folks who created this bundle of joy for Droid gamers have not forgotten about you and has created a Droid 2 version of the Game Gripper to help make a more pleasant gaming experience. Kevin’s got a review of the new version coming up very soon, but until then, try and win one of these for yourself!


Finally, newPCGadgets has hooked us up with some Smartphone Coasters if you are the type whose phone is too good to sit on any given surface. Made with quality stainless steel, the idea and design is simple, yet oh so useful for phones that don’t have the luxury of coming with a kickstand preinstalled. (Yes, I know many of you EVO owners are cheesing cheek to cheek, right now.) Prop that phone of yours up on the stand and enjoy the comfortable viewing angle it provides for smartphones of all sizes. (PS: Yes, we are aware that that’s an iPhone 4 sitting in the coaster. You should already know how we feel about that!)


And then there’s the standard Phandroid pack, of course, that comes with a Phandroid-branded stadium cup, sports bag, pens, and mints to keep you all Phan’d up. Don’t forget that future giveaways will feature the Phandroid t-shirt that you guys selected back at our first ever Phandroid Live event!


Glance over this very short list of things you need to do to be eligible:

  • Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
  • Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 9th, 2010

We’ll contact the randomly selected winner on November 10th for their address and contact info.

Let the commenting begin!

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