Google Maps Updates to Version 4.6, Brings Real-Time Latitude Updates, New Search Filters, and Updated Places Reviews

Google doesn’t seem to rest when it comes to continually updating their mobile version of Maps for Android. Another new update is out bringing Maps to version 4.6 and refining the way you find nearby places and friends.


You will find that Place pages in the mobile app have been updated to reflect recent design changes to the dektop version of the service. Reviews are now organized between web reviews such as those from Yelp and Zagat and reviews posted by others using Google Maps.


You will also find new filters for search results. What used to only be sorted by distance and rating can now be filtered by what’s open, which neighborhood and establishment is located in, and also by related searches.

And for those using Maps 4.6 on and Android 2.2 device the experimental “real-time updating” option can be be enabled for Latitude users, providing quicker updating of location information.

Most people should be prompted to install the update on their handset, but you can always go to the Android Market to locate the latest version as well.

[via Google]

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  • J Ward

    Finally it gives real time latitude updates

  • Warren

    if you can download it… the Market is hanging on the download

  • Rollins

    I wonder if this has anything to do with my complete inability to download anything off of the Market right now. Been trying for the last 20 minutes to download a few things and it just stalls out. :(

  • Ian Roberts

    Definitely looking forward to the realtime latitude updates. It’s pretty much how the wife and I keep track of each other.

  • Nathanial

    Wont upgrade from 4.5.1 to 4.6 on my N1 tmobile. Just stops and never installs. Even when accessing the market the update is not available unless promted through the barcode provided.

  • z


  • Sherebyah

    I went to market and show Update Available. Clicked on update and it shows Download Unsuccessful. Tried multiple times – no help. Using MyTouch 3G Slide.

  • jon

    im getting the ‘download unsuccessful’ also.. on cyanogen 6.0

  • jim

    If you hate the new search bar that’s always on the screen since the 4.5 update star the issue here:

  • Colin

    Got it installed. Has Street View always been a separate app from Maps? If not… it is now.

  • Keo

    Won’t update on the Nexus One T-Mobile

  • E.R

    handing in the download bar…..

  • Gamal

    Can anyone please upload the apk file please , am in the middle east and google maps doesnt appear in the markt so i have to download the apk and install it

  • su2lly

    Everybody is having this problem. They will know about it soon

  • AndroidToy

    its not just Google Maps. I tried to download some other apps as well. no go. something is wrong with the market.

  • Korm

    Yep. The market is definitely down; I can’t download anything…epic fail, google!

  • Tony

    The market seems to be either broken or very very slow currently.

  • behold_this

    having the market issue too, and no it’s not just maps. finally got the maps update to download and install after trying damn near 20 times. still having the issue with other apps though. i think its clear the market is having problems for everyone.(on myTouch Slide)

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    I, too, am having download issues. Wanted to download the Dolphin update and this. Denied on both a CM 6.1 RC1 EVO and a stock Mesmerize.

  • Landlord

    I finally got it to download. 1:59 p.m. PDT. (after about 25 tries)

  • androidtoy

    working fine now 2:01pm

  • Matthew Wehrly

    Glad to see the updates to google maps. Maybe it won’t hang when I put it in the car dock now…

  • Gamal

    Can anyone please upload the apk file please , am in the middle east and google maps doesnt appear in the markt so i have to download the apk and install it

  • Tom Robson

    @z, hahahahahahaa!!!!

  • Gamal
  • Elijah Lynn

    Where do I enable the real-time latitude…I can’t find that option?

  • Tobey

    yea, where do I find the option to enable real-time latitude?

  • imdragon

    real time latitude can be enabled on a per friend basis if you touch their name on your latitude interface

  • dave

    Has google yet stated why Android Maps doesn’t do the same rotating circle thing that the iPhone version does, so north always points up? Have the apps been written by completely different teams who haven’t seen each other’s versions?

  • Elijah Lynn

    @imdragon – Thanks, that is very helpful!

  • Osirus

    Is the search bar still locked on the map screen in this version, or have they fixed that problem?