Flash 10.1 Suffering Yet Another Security Exploit, Adobe Issuing Update November 9th



Here we go again. Just a couple months back Adobe came clean to reveal a security exploit within their Flash 10.1 for Android, but quickly followed up with an update to patch the issue. Guess in the rush to get that update out they didn’t bother to double check for any other such security flaws, and once again they are coming out to say a vulnerability has been uncovered in not just Flash for mobile, but also in the desktop equivalents and PC-based versions of Acrobat and Reader.

But don’t worry, you only need to wait about two weeks for the patch which should be out by November 9th. Pretty good they pointed out there is a problem so far in advance, you know, so once-unaware hackers can now exploit it until the update is out. Come on, Adobe. You sure aren’t doing much to prove Apple is wrong in their staunch stance against you.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Have to agree. Adobe is shooting themselves in the foot.

  2. Nothing is perfect… we can only hope they live and learn.

  3. /facepalm

  4. Wait, so it’s okay for MS and Apple to issue loads of security updates nearly every week for exploits that have been there for who knows how long yet Adobe is the only one that deserves flak? I hear none of this when Mozilla or Opera fix issues either. If anything it seems to happen less to Adobe than anyone else, people started freaking out about it only after Jobs started slenderizing all of his partners.

  5. I don’t see the appeal of flash, especially with these issues arising. They can’t even make the best PDF reader for Android. Why would this be any different?

  6. @Foxeh – It’s an Android site. Why would there be a need to discuss Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla or Opera?


  8. @kevinski
    I’m afraid you missed the point entirely.

  9. What people fail to realized is that every single thing on your computer or phone is exploitable. Some are just harder to penetrate than others. While it stinks that Flash is apparently easier to exploit than we’d like it to be, it’s a risk we take just like everything else.

  10. Foxeh is right on. I have never heard of anyone’s phone getting exploited by a flash hack… it seems that Adobe is acting very responsibly and getting things fixed before there is a problem unlike the usual methodologies employed by MSFT, etc. If you are even half involved in the tech world, you will understand that a vast amount of patches done to OS’s, database systems, webservers, and all other types of powerful software systems are ‘security updates!’ THIS IS A GOOD THING that they found this and are fixing it proactively!

  11. @SwampFox:
    It’s not proactively and it’s not some obscure security flaw that may be possible to exploit. It is CURRENTLY being used to download trojans and other viruses that log passwords and allow another to remotely use your computer or device. THIS IS A BAD THING…

  12. Wow Adobe, 2 weeks to patch? Who do you think you are, Apple?

  13. Bring on a sandboxed version of flash…

  14. i’ve got flash on my 2.2 Desire. When this is patched am I going to have to install another app? This is going to waste a bunch more memory/disk space than if Flash hadn’t been included in the OS as standard.

    Is it the next version of Android which is going to have less of this crap built in so we can download what we want ourselves and not wait for the networks to choose it for us?

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